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How to Exercise Your Resiliency Muscle (By Ellen G. Goldman, Health & Wellness Coach)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Every now and then I come across a SparkPeople article that is SO good I want all my SparkFriends to read it. This is DEFINITELY one of them! If you are short on time, this link will take you directly to page three, where you will find "6 Keys to Resiliency".

But if you have time, start at the beginning:


Reading this paragraph on the second page really resonated with me (many of my SparkFriends have heard me say something very similar):

"Weight loss is never a straight path. Seldom, if ever, do you hear about an individual who makes the decision to lose weight and does so without ever having setbacks. You might lose three pounds one week, and be up one the next. You do a fantastic job sticking to a healthy diet throughout the holiday season, and then lose your job and start the new year soothing yourself daily with ice cream and cake. You were exercising consistently five times a week, and then realize you haven't been to the gym in months because you're overwhelmed taking care of a sick parent.

When you make a decision to try again, to get back on track after a setback or even start over, that's resiliency! You proclaim and you believe, "I've done it before and I can do it again!"

Intrigued enough to check it out? I hope you will - but even if you don't, now I'll be able to find it again when I need it. And sooner or later I WILL, because life DOES happen. That's why two of my favorite mantras are: "Never, never, NEVER give up!" (Winston Churchill) and "Its hard to beat a person who never gives up." (Babe Ruth) That is how we succeed at weight loss - by NEVER giving up!!

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