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If you chew gum while you run/work out, READ THIS!!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

I don't chew gum while working out but I do have several friends who do, so I decided I'd put this article into a blog so my SparkFriends will (hopefully) see it.

Here is the article: www.sparkpeople.com/blog
and here is the paragraph that truly shocked me:

"I certainly didn’t know, and would have remained unaware if it hadn’t been intentionally brought up one evening in class. In fact, during this particular lecture on the dangers of chewing gum while exercising, Dr. Abbott (the president and chief instructor of the school) informed us that while discussing this topic in the past, three of his students admitted to having witnessed someone choke on their gum while working out in the gym--and all three died."

In this ONE class THREE students knew someone who DIED from chewing gum while working out?? WOW - I read all sorts of articles on exercise (and have been doing so for years and years) and this warning is new to me!

So if this is a habit of yours, PLEASE read the article and discontinue the practice!! I need ALL my friends!! Hugs, Marilyn
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