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Diary of a "woman of a certain age"

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday, Nov 30, 2014 - the following is what actually happened this morning to me. Can you relate?

OK... so first day that I have actually slept over 5 hours. Yeah!!! This "of a certain age" is tough some days. So I got up intending to work out for an hour... no major workout for a few days. Did snowshoe on Friday with the kids- was a blast! Anyway, I went to find my Little House in the Big Woods book to read while on the stationary bike - love to read while working out. Anyway, can't find the book. Had looked last night to no avail. Got angry at poor Jim, knowing he had put it somewhere right? Went looking in the guest / craft room. No book, but saw the material I am using to make something for my Bible Study friends. Ooh... where's that ribbon I'll need for those? Went downstairs, maybe it's by the gift wrap and maybe the book series is down there. No ribbon, no books but I did spot a Christmas angel and a wall plaque I'd like to hang in the office. Grab them. Go upstairs to office and hang plaque. Now where is that ribbon? Started looking for ribbon. Then I thought, those books have got to be on the bookshelf in the living room. Looked again. No books. Maybe the books are in the guest room where I have Christmas presents? No books. See the material again. Where are those ribbons? Look again. Oh drat it's 7 am. And I need to work out. But I need to read that book... I'm taking a class online about Laura Ingalls Wilder... interesting class. Maybe more than I really want to know about who she and her daughter Rose are, since they really were such private people. So I go to the computer. Oh I need to cut out card stock for thank you notes for my Sunday School class today. Did that. Where are those books? Got my work out clothes on. Went downstairs for water to drink while working out. Looked at bookshelf one last time. I say outloud to myself, "where are those books? They should be right here or ... here" as I point to THE BOOKS on the very top shelf. There they are!!! Go upstairs to work out but now it's 7:35 am. Jim wakes up and I tell him the story and say that I should put this on FaceBook because it is LIFE for woman "of a certain age". Now there is no time to work out. Hopefully we can go snowshoeing this afternoon after church. But I still need to find those ribbons.....
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