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Monday, December 15, 2014

Yesterday I walked our local hill with my sister.I hadn't walked it in months.I always had to stop twice to catch my breath. I took my fat Beagle Bailey and was fighting him as we walked. It had been raining and I had shoes on that were wore out(no traction)It finally dawned on me that I was almost to the top and wasn't panting or had cramps in my legs.It was the first time I ever climbed the hill with out stopping.Half mile up and a half mile down.My sister said the 86 Lbs I lost over the last year made a difference.
Several weeks ago I noticed that I could go up and down the 7 decks on my Mexican cruise ship with a minimum of effort.
The hill was such an ego boost that I took the dog on our regular 2 1/2 mile walk after the hill.Bailey was thrilled but a tired puppy after our hikes.Me,I went Christmas shopping. This morning I got into a size 6 jeans.In May I wore 18s.Merry Christmas to Me! emoticon Happy Holidays everyone!
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