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For all you NURSES out there...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You know you're a nurse if...

You would like to meet the inventor of the call light in a dark alley one night.

You believe every patient needs TLC: Thorazine, Lorazepam and Compazine

You live by the motto, "To be right is only half the battle, to convince the physician is more difficult."

You believe not all patients are annoying ... some are unconscious.

You know the phone numbers of every late night food delivery place in town by heart.

You can only tell time with a 24 hour clock.

Every time you walk, you make a rattling noise because of all the scissors and clamps in your pockets.

You can tell the pharmacist more about the medicines he is dispensing than he can.

You carry "spare" meds in your pocket rather than wait for pharmacy to deliver.

You refuse to watch ER because it's too much like the real thing and triggers "flash backs."

You check the caller ID when the phone rings on your day off to see if someone from the hospital is trying to call to ask you to work.

Every time someone asks you for a pen, you can find at least three of them on you.

You can intubate your friends at parties.

You don't get excited about blood loss ... unless it's your own.

You've basted your Thanksgiving turkey with a Toomey syringe.

Your bladder can expand to the same size as a Winnebago's water tank.

You've sworn you're going to have "NO CODE" tattooed on your chest.

My hats off to ALL THE NURSES OUT THERE!!!

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