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Valentine's for Me!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Valentine to myself was a milestone of sorts. My first 10 lbs. off in 2015! How did it happen? I am joyful!
First a commitment, that I knew I could do things differently.
I had lots of help in 2014 to prepare to start, start again. I went to a Spark Rally in Indianapolis in August. Great motivator. I got on Spark people and checked in with people. I trimmed down my teams to those that I really feel connected to, and read those postings.
I researched stress eating, and the idea of increasing my stress tolerance, rather than always focusing on decreasing stress. I decided some things would always be stressful, and that was OK. It didn't mean I had to cave to that stress and get crazy emotional, but ride through the emotion to the other side.
Then I decided on a plan for me, and I frequently chart what I eat to see where it is in the nutrition ranges. If my calories are too high, you can bet my nutrition ranges are low for the things my body needs.
So Happy Valentine's weekend. I hope you can care for your body as much as you care for others.
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