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Monday, March 09, 2015

I had a pleasant surprise today. For my insurance, I had to get a blood draw and check cholesterol and sugars, waist measurement, weight....you all know the dread of it all! Well, I knew last year my total cholesterol was 260 and my blood sugars were 101. I have been eating pretty healthily most of 2015.
So today, I got new numbers. I haven't been perfect by any stretch, but I keep at it and have been eating a lot more fresh fruits and fresh veggies. I have been exercising ....sometimes. I have days that aren't great, but not weeks that aren't great, so that is good.
Cholesterol 219, down 41 points!!
Blood sugar 91, down 10 points.
Weight down 15 lbs from my last year's physical.

I was surprised. The weight loss has not been phenomenal, but the other numbers are really a shocking improvement just from diet alone, and a little exercise. No meds, just some supplements and vitamins.
I could say, wow, it could be so much better, but I won't. I am thrilled to be right here.
I am just excited that these small changes (Beth Indygirl this summer said, Do Something, start Somewhere), and that was what I did, and I am getting to see some results pretty quickly.
Do something.
Start Somewhere.
You can surprise yourself! I did!
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