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Calories IN.......Calories OUT

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

I have decided to blog about this because guess I am feeling desperate.

I just saw a tv ad that was advertising "Lipozene". Buy one and get one free plus they will give you a free bottle of something that is suppose to increase energy (I think?) all for $29.95 plus shipping.
But I did highly consider it until I read the reviews. I needed a "kick start" and was willing to pay for it.

When reading the reviews....all said that they felt like their appetite was suppressed but they also cut calories and exercised.

BINGO!!! There it is............

Just what we all know....CALORIES IN.....CALORIES OUT

I have been on a weight roller coaster for over 50 years. My 1st remembrance of weight issues was when I was 10 years old. I can remember unkind remarks...I weighed 98# in the 3rd grade....the unkind remarks followed me all through high school and by the time I graduated high school, I weighed over 180#. I was once referred to as "Big Bertha " as I was passing by some boys standing by a pole. These remarks have scarred me for life.

My handsome husband (married at 18...met at 16) loved me for my heart.

He was shy and didn`t know how many girls liked him. We found out later as our oldest daughter had friends that their mothers went to school with him and they told us that they had crushes on him.

I had lost my 50# through TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) but since I am a caregiver (full time) to my husband , who has dementia.....I have been struggling ALOT because of stress. I know I am using that as my excuse and I am up 9# since the holidays of 2014.

A few years ago, I had lost 20# because I was going on a fabulous mini vacation to Santa Barbara and I wanted to feel and look my best.

I felt energetic and confident.

I have joined the 5% spring challenge and am excited to get these extra pounds off.

This was a 4 generation picture of me when I was within 10# of my highest weight of 205#

You see.....I have dreams that I weigh that again. In my dreams, I am only one day away from that weight. I wake up and am grateful that it is only a dream but I know it can happen...I am only one bite away..

This was taken St. Patricks Day 2015.....I have edited it as to hide my hips...that is where I carry my weight. It was taken at a very bad angle so I had to edit it.

As of this a/m...I weigh 157.4#...not a lot , you say, but enough to make me feel sluggish, no energy and losing my confidence.

I am only 5`2"...by insurance guidelines, I should weigh 105. I look absolutely horrible at 119# (I had been there when I was 25...I am now 64. My current weight goal is to be 145#.
I feel good at this weight and can maintain it easily if I keep watch of my calories and do exercize.

Before the holidays came....I was about 149# ...I sure enjoyed the holidays and ever since but it is time to get these extra pounds off.

I have no regrets about that...but it is time NOW to get down to business with
Calories in and calories out.....NOT with Lipozene.

We have a week in San Diego, coming up this June to celebrate 46 years of marriage.....once again, I want to feel WONDERFUL...energetic...and young.
To walk along the beach without feeling sluggish.

Oh, BTW....saw a recent Dr OZ episode .....a few weeks back...he said we lose fat through our breath...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am back again also. Sorry about your darling hubby. Well he has a good women who is faithful but will pray for you through all this. To have energy.

    I have problems with sciatic. So I do what I can and I thank the good Lord for spark people to encourage myself as you do..

    You look great and oh I have been called all my life the opposite of you.

    Legs 11 and skinny bones.

    Some days that enters my thoughts but then I say. I am a women now and school is not my priory nor the ones who tormented me.

    Matter of fact I have gained weight. For the good for me as I have been very ill.

    Now I am on the mend. And am eating healthier.

    1914 days ago

    Hi and blessings to you. I am back on the site -- trying once again to take care of myself. I want to send you apologies for not keeping in touch. I was working like crazy and taking care of my grandson -- still guilty on both counts. This week the kids and grandkids are in Connecticut so I have a break. Jacob (14 months old now) is a handful and then some. But I adore him and we have a close bond. Tuesdays and Wednesday are still my Jacob days ordinarily. I will take care of him til he goes to pre-school for Kelly my daughter. Still doing my online business (out of necessity) but I simply have to start taking care of myself once again. My heart goes out to you in your caregiving task. My mother had Alzheimers for 16 years so I know a little bit what that's like. Anyway, Hope this finds you doing well. You are a blessing to so many others.

    Sheila emoticon

    2156 days ago
    Those diet crazes really scare me. There is no substitute for a lifestyle change.
    2177 days ago
    You are doing a great job. No Lipozene. Regardless of what they say there is no magic fix, it still come to calorie in calorie out. We have to balance this equation.

    emoticon emoticon
    2177 days ago
    Callie your were beautiful then and beautiful now inside and out. God bless you in your challenges. We have to learn to love in the face of hate....right? Every good thing we learn must be in the face of opposition. That being so because if we learn to do good in the face of opposition that means we really have learned it. You are doing great. Keep up the good work.
    Love, Charlene
    2219 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15169916
    We are all fighting the good fight. That's why we are here, to help support each other girlfriend. Look how far you have come! You are looking F A B U L O U S! You are getting creative on your exercises and next thing I will be hearing is that you bought a game of TWISTER!

    We are all gradually learning good and new habits to create permanent lifestyle changes, changes that will benefits us in the long run.

    Keep up the good work!

    Hugs, Nancy
    2222 days ago
    Very nice pictures Callie ! You both are a very handsome couple both then and now ! Your right there is no magic formula for losing weight ! I had actually thought about the pills ALI even with the leakage ! emoticon but decided I couldn't handle that !
    2236 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14386678
    Callie Sweetheart you were beautiful (I am not biased- seeing through a mother's eyes) and David being the wonderful man he is saw that beauty and chose you. Bot of you look amazing.... emoticon emoticon emoticon to my wonderful Daughter & Son-in-law.

    Well I have the same problem about all the fat settling on my hips and support and encourage you to do something about it. My Hips were the ones that damaged my knees and made mobility difficult as I got into my 80's...so shake that off while you still have age on your side and Momma's is rooting for you. emoticon emoticon

    But one this for sure you, you must know and believe and that are simply the best...and you are doing a wonderful job.

    God Bless You.

    2236 days ago
  • BEBARB149
    Callie, I think you're husband asked you to marry him because you were the one he was attracted to, not all those girls' mothers. And I think he is a very lucky man to have chosen you. You've been good to him and stood by him and what you weigh hasn't affected your love for him or his for you. I can see it in your faces. I'm glad you've realized that the weight you're comfortable with isn't necessarily the weight on the charts. Those diet pills are just a waste of money. And if we ate everything Dr. Oz says we should and did all the other things he suggests we do, our days would be nothing but eating, exercising and shopping at weird little herb shops. Balance your diet but don't let worry about it stop you from enjoying your life.
    2237 days ago
    I am glad you decided not to purchase the drug to lose weight and do it sensibly. You will get there! I am right there with you on this journey and I struggle with yo-yo-ing. I am hoping to get it off for good this time to and finally become a maintainer. I am glad to be your team mate on the Firecrackers and we will finish strong.
    2237 days ago
    Callie, I saw my new internist yesterday and now need to work on my cholesterol and blood pressure, something that had never been in the unhealthy zone before. But I knew I was doing this to myself over the last several months. I had been neglecting my workouts and feeding my urges to binge. Hospice care kitties and a husband who really can't walk with me anymore, had a large part in my slacking off but I can't use those things as an excuse anymore...it does me no good to do so and actually does me great harm.

    Wrapped in this has been my depression. My thyroid meds need to be upped because my thyroid is working less than ever. The doctor says that getting my thyroid meds where they need to be will help with depression and tiredness and my thyroid problems can actually cause depression and tiredness.

    I have a lot of areas I can make improvements and that is actually something I can look at positively. It's not like I'd been doing all the right things lately and gotten to this point. I've been doing a lot of things that were not good for me and I'd neglected my exercise, so by doing healthy things, I think I can turn things around.

    You are in inspiration to me Callie. emoticon
    2237 days ago
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