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Ashley in the hospital

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Friday I took Ashley to the dr. again. His left thumb joint, right foot were red and swollen. Apple Care told us we needed to go see his oncologist so we went to Waycross (40 min. from home) to see Dr. Sri but he was gone and we saw his partner Dr. Jha. He wanted him admitted to get IV antibiotics. I had to come home after I answered all questions for hospital intake (remember Ashley is totally deaf and has to read lips), get some clothes for him and all his meds (wouldn't accept our list). My son-in law drove me back as it was 4 pm by the time I got everything up and we planned on delivering it and coming back home by 5:30 or 6. We finally left after 9 pm as Ashley's heart was acting up (a-fib fluttering). After I got home, Teresa (nurse) called and they were moving Ashley to PCU to monitor him while giving IV med to slow his heart rate down (over 130 and up to 150-160). She assured me he was doing fine and understood what was going on--she wrote notes to explain it all to him so I was back this morning about 8:10--had to get gas in the car first and couldn't leave until daylight. I can't see to drive in the dark. Today they do have the heart rate down to 80 to 105 but still giving the med. A cardiologist consult is coming (?), they won't know what is causing the infection is until Monday when the lab work comes back. Friday is white cell count was bottomed out, his new blood cancer med had reduced his platelets to 15 (suppose to be 150-350) so that med is out for now.

I am taking a break from SP until I get him back home and things calm down. I leave home at daylight and get home about dark. Donna, the local daughter who normally takes care of Rascal is in the hospital from emergency surgery, so I have to take of our Rascal and her Prissy. Life is busy and stressful right now.

Hope everyone is planning on watching the game tomorrow night and have a great week, I have got things off my chest and now will go to bed--hopefully will sleep better tonight than last night. If you pray, please say a little prayer for Ashley. As the grands said today--Pa, you are not suppose to get sick or be in the hospital--others do that,.
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