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Tomorrow is my Birthday!! Woo hoo!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


..things have calmed down a bit here and I am healing up nicely lol!! The hand is almost painfree!..all that remains is the lump on my finger and a lovely shade of yellowish greenish purple...lol

The head is also hurting less all though I do still feel nauseated....and there is more...this morning when I woke up and was still in bed I gingerly touched my temple where the worst of the hit was...still swollen and scabbed over and something new...a wood tick embedded into my temple...groan...we are used to them here so I just pulled it off...and got up to squish it and hubby said...have to pee? I said ..no going to kill a wood tick...the country life!! This caused hubby to tell the story from yesterday and helping the neighbor haul some loads of cattle to pasture...the neighbor had a tick crawling on his jeans and he freaked out....some of us are just tougher...lol

Today I did a little early birthday partying...hubby took me out for dinner..since he needed parts anyway...

We had another calf this morning...down to 3 left but this momma didn't want her baby so into the barn with them and I gave the calf a bottle to get it started....when we got home we put them back together and she accepted it now...thank goodness...we are too busy with field work and break downs to mess with cows that don't want their calves...

Tomorrow is my Birthday and I get to go on a road trip!! Off for a 5-6 hour drive to stay with my oldest granddaughter while her mom is doing paramedic practicum....I will stay for 2 nights and come home Friday after granddaughter leaves for school. Then next week I will be back up there for 6 days....May will fly by!

It will be fun to spend my birthday with my granddaughter! I think we will go out for supper when she gets home from school!

I',m not sure if I will be online or not while I am away...either way I will keep up with the challenge as I can post Friday night when I get home and will be home Saturday too...

Thanks for all the kindness shown over my klutziness!! I am really on the mend and 3 days R n R will be just what I need! except for the driving part...not much rest or exercise there...

All the bath suggestions really hit the mark as I love love love to bath but unfortunately our bathtub has been out of commission for almost 2 years...oh we have a shower but it is not the same as bathing!! Luckily my daughter has 2 bathtubs at her place!! I can't wait!! I told my granddaughter I will bath the whole time she is gone to school!! lol

Well better get to bed as I want an early start to my road trip tomorrow!

Keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon

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