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Awesome weekend, need to do well this week!

Monday, June 20, 2016

This morning it was SO hard to peel myself out of bed. A long weekend of camping really takes it out of me these days. But oh man it was a good time! I love camping so much. There were 8 of us at our normal site for Fathers day camping.

Friday night we got up there around 5:30 and 2 of the 3 other couples were there and set up already. So I got to work popping everything up and getting settled so i could enjoy a beer! I brought the pop up shelter and it was a hit!

We got a fire going and relaxed a bit once everyone was there and set up! I brought along a pomegranate margarita mix (sugar and calorie free....) to drink from my giant 32oz bubba mug. I mixed it with white tequila, sprite and limes. It went down pretty well! I didnt get a great buzz from it through, i just felt relaxed and zoned out. For dinner I brought 2 tortilla crusted chicken breasts stuffed with pepperjack cheese, Josh brought a giant gourmet burger. We cooked them up and had with a Parmesan chicken bowtie pasta. I really only needed one chicken, but they were good! I was stuffed.

4 of us ended up going to the bar on site and had a couple of beers. We're getting old so we talked a lot about kids, old friends, getting old, having pets etc... we're not those young party animals anymore. I do miss those days.

Saturday morning I was mildly hungover, but I had to make breakfast burritos and coffee because I NEEDED them. The day ended up getting pretty hot- and thank got for the shelter from the sun! The guys went to play horseshoes while the girls stayed back and played a board game/ chatted. After a lunch of andullie sausage/pepper/potato hobo packs 4 of us went swimming at the quarry. OMG it was amazing. It's an old quarry that filled up with water, so there's no bottom and lots of cliff edges to jump off of! I had shark week hardcore in the morning so it felt great to wash off and feel refreshed! People die at the quarry because they are dumb, so I was too scared to jump off the 10ft cliff my friends did. I could only do it off the 3 foot- what the heck, im going soft! Dang husband making me responsible and a pansy. Maybe I should rethink this marriage to go be reckless... nah.

Dinner was amazing bbq chicken kebabs! Grape Tomatoes, pineapple, bell peppers, red onions and chicken breasts. They were AMAZING! And verrry healthy too. I also made a giant batch of buffalo chicken dip for the camp. That turned out amazing as well- everyone was excited to have it.

We played some fun dice games after dinner and kept on drinking. I switched to beer that night cause it was going down better than the margarita mix. I had like... 10 beers throughout the day. I felt fine yesterday morning, just tired.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed home! Luckily we can leave most of the stuff in Josh's car because we're camping in 2 weeks anyway!

All in all it was a great weekend. I feel like my food intake was above average, however, it was all relatively healthy aside from the buffalo dip, but I didnt have a ton. Beer and alcohol obviously, not great. Josh and I split a big frozen pizza last night, and I had a pack of poptarts (like 2, not the whole box) yesterday.

Aaand this morning I am up 5.5lbs from Thursday. WOW, right? I know at LEAST 3 of the lbs are water weight from the weeknd and shark week. It would be great to have a loss this week, but with all that gain, I wont expect it.

My plan for this week is to just kick azz, stay at or below calorie intake every day, and workout at LEAST 3 times. Oh- and chug a ton of water. Im already at 48oz this morning- im shooting for 100oz today.

Last week I walked with hubbs & did a kettle bell workout Monday, then Wednesday I did a 45 min interval workout with a new interval app- it was a great workout! Tonight im going to go for a walk/run and then do kettlebells during the Bachelorette :D

Yay Monday- im ready to have a great week!!
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