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Fourth of July Quiz.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

1. What is the main reason the U.S. fought for independence?

2. How many people signed The Declaration of Independence?

3, In what city was The Declaration of Independence signed?

4. Whose signature is the largest on The Declaration if Independence?

5. How many hotdogs are eaten each year on the Fourth of July, in the U.S.?

6. Who invented fireworks?

7. When did the Fourth of July become a national holiday?

8. What bird was first considered for our national bird?

9. How many red stripes are there on the American Flag?

10. On what date is the American Flag celebrated?

11. Why are the stars in a circle on the first American Flag?

12. In what year did our current flag, with 50 stars and 13 stripes, become
our current national flag?

13. Who wrote the words to our National Anthem?

14. Who wrote the words to our Pledge of Allegiance?

15. Who sewed the first official American Flag?

16. How tall is The Statue of Liberty?

17. What country gave us The Statue of Liberty?

18. Who wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense" which argued for American independence?

19. Can you name the original 13 colonies?

20. When and where was the first U.S. Independence Day celebration Held?


1. Taxation without representation.

2. 56.

3. Philadelphia, PA

4. John Hancock.

5. Over 150 million hotdogs.

6. The Chinese.

7. 1870 - Unpaid holiday for federal workers.
1938 - Paid holiday.
1941 - Declared a federal holiday.

8. The turkey.

9. Seven.

10. June 14th.

11. To show that all the colonies were equal

12. In 1960, when Hawaii officially became the 50th state.

13. Francis Scott Key.

14. Francis Bellamy.

15. Betsy Ross.

16. The Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall.

17. France.

18. Thomas Paine.

19. Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
and Virginia.

20. July 8th, 1776, in Philadelphia.
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