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More Guideposts from My Personal Journey

Sunday, October 16, 2016

More reflections:

9. Success cannot be defined by others or even put into the hands of others for evaluation. If left unguarded, your success could be taken away at any moment. If you equate success with your intrinsic worth (even subconsciously), then you will be left broken apart. Own your success - do not hand it over to someone or something. Be the captain of your own ship.

This is so true and something I've talked to SparkFriends about at length. I strongly believe we need to love ourselves AS WE ARE NOW and not as we will be when we achieve weight loss or any OTHER kind of success. When we love ourselves it is so much easier to take the time to treat ourselves well and do the things (like exercise) that will lead to success.

10. Be more proactive and less reactive to better align your reality with your vision. Reactive will only lead to loss of control. How can you be more proactive in your journey?

One of my favorite ways to be proactive is to look at online menus ahead of time before eating out. Oh my the things I learn that way! Like that the Oriental Chicken Salad at Applebees (my 'go to' meal before I began tracking) is over 1000 calories!! Who KNEW? Also that almost ANY fast food meal is loaded with sodium even if the calories are ok. Sodium is a fact of life with restaurant food unless you choose salad (and even then you must be very careful) but being informed can help you plan it into your day.

Another way to be proactive is to eat a healthy meal BEFORE attending a social event where food is part of the venue. If I'm not hungry I can make better choices. I also try to avoid alcoholic beverages at these events not so much because of the calories in them but because experience has taught me my ability to make good choices flees when I imbibe LOL.

11. Attempting to avoid negative events and situations proves an exercise in futility because negative things happen to everyone. However, adversity can often provide an opportunity to strengthen character, deepen emotional fortitude, and increase your overall sense of self and self-worth. These life lessons can only come when you decide to channel through difficult circumstances while relying on the gift of embracing self-empowerment. Prepare for events and situations that may be out of your control. Know what you can eat before you agree to dinner or lunch dates. Assert your independence by selecting the time and place of food outings.

I pretty much addressed this above, but I will add that just because a girl friend suggest a buffet restaurant where you KNOW you will have a difficult time eating reasonably does not mean you have to go there. Most of our friends are happy to accept a change of restaurants if we ask.

12. Time and energy are not equal. Improve their interaction by learning their unique characteristics.

I'll be honest - when I first read this I intended to skip it because I didn't understand what the question was getting at. Then my team captain Roxy (Rox5car) shared this article in her answer to the question AND pointed out that we get 100 bonus points for answering all 18 questions - have I mentioned I BLOG for points LOL?) Here is the article: www.productiveflourishin

LIGHT BULB moment! I love this article! And NOW I 'get' the question! I'm going to pick one point from this article (I highly encourage you to read the full article - I've been a student of goal setting and time management for years and feel it does an awesome job of summarizing a complex group of thoughts) to comment on for my answer.

"What could you do to increase your available physical, emotional, social, mental, and physical energy?" Again, I'm going to focus - on PHYSICAL energy. All the time in the day is of no value if we don't have ENERGY for the task at hand.

Eighteen years ago I had a virus that led to a bout of chronic fatigue syndrome that hung on for 4 years. I managed to never quit working (I was an accounting manager before I retired 9 years ago) but it was HARD! Mid afternoon (or earlier) I'd experience a crash of energy that would leave me just wanting to lay my head down on my desk and go to sleep.

Some experimentation led me to the understanding that to continue to work effectively I had to get up from my desk, walk around the building (stopping by the break room for a cup of tea or a soda with caffeine at the end of my walk before returning to my desk.) The time it took for this break was more than out weighed by the energy that little bit of exercise brought. Sometimes I had to do this several times a day, but doing it allowed me to continue working.

So what I'm taking from this question is that we have to make the most of our energy while we have it and find ways to increase our energy when necessary.

13. Don't get stuck within the details. Whisper to yourself the words of Terri St. Cloud: She could never go back and make some of the details pretty. All she could do was move forward and make the whole beautiful. This goes hand-in-hand with #s 11 and 12. Use your time and energy wisely, minute-by-minute, move forward toward your goal by taking small steps. If you make a mistake, stop and regroup.

Ok THIS one I understand. I know ALL ABOUT making mistakes and having to regroup having done it many, many times! It takes me to my very favorite quote from Winston Churchill: NEVER GIVE UP!


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