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where has the time gone

Saturday, October 21, 2017

I see it has been nearly a year since I posted a blog, if there is anything I am good about it is procrastination,
I do keep a full schedule, trying to make life a bit easier but nothing yet. My husband needs lots of my attention, and I have gradually found myself as the one that makes all the decisions, and all the household chores, yard work, putting out the weekly garbage etc. and we have always shared this, so I am having trouble taking it all on.
I go to the gym 3 times a week, and this is very important to me, my away, social, and exercise, I belong to silver sneakers, it is great a 60 minute low impact aerobics class, we work according to our body, and I am one that always pushes, hard not to.
I walk at least 30 minutes every morning, usually in my house, if the weather permits (it has been so very hot here this year) I go outside, but find my stamina (ability to walk distances and do stairs) has pretty much gone out the window, having tests run this week, and next week, lungs and heart to try to pinpoint my problem, I keep asking if it just my age, but doctors insist that it isn't so we will see, my treadmill performance is outstanding, my blood pressure just goes so high they have to pull me off before I really have reached my peak, or so they tell me, I love yard work, the weeding, digging in my beds, and a bit of raking, I have a gardener who does the mowing, edging and raking up the main leaves.
I guess my mind needs to come to the conclusion that something has to go, it will not be sparks, I enjoy it, not my gym, I do very little reading anymore, and when I am relaxing, I like to crochet, I have been working on my Great grand son's afghan since about May, still not done, but maybe by Christmas, so that has cut into my reading time, and of course the computer is a real time sapper, games, articles, etc. so I need to limit my time on that, I have been on it for 2 hours today already, that should open my eyes, and I am not the best housekeeper in the world, so I can not do less than I do. my husband is easy about his meals, is happy with about anything I fix.
I need to work more on my de-cluttering my office/junk room, this is a daily chore that I really never seem to get caught up with, this is paper, as well as clothes, and little doo-dahs that I can't seem to part with.
I need to get off, fix our breakfast, and finish cleaning the bathroom, so I will try to do better on my blogging, and work hard at staying away from this candy, I bought for the little trick or treater, and it is a losing battle so far, I have a realy problem with candy.
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  • OOLALA53
    I hope you can find a way to afford to delegate some of the work to others. Kudos on the weekly gym visits and walking indoors or out. Not that you asked, but I agree that keeping candy out of the house until the day it's been planned to eat it and even then only the amount that's reasonable is a good idea, and it's really not outlandish since just a few generations ago, no one had access to so much sugar, yet they seemed to enjoy their food! And in the early 20th century, there was even less. Each generation raises its baseline, ours to the point at which not getting to eat sweets often seems like terrible deprivation.

    I'm a terrible housekeeper, and I've had to wait until I take a leave of absence to start making a dent in it and I don't have anyone else I'm taking care of! I don't use Flylady's system exactly, but I'm using the 15-minute timer a lot of times a day and it's helping.

    Warmest wishes to you!
    1222 days ago
    My goodness, but you are busy, I'm worn out reading. We have many of the same problems-we need to switch houses a few days, you clean my clutter, I'll clean yours! It's easier with no attachments. And the heat and crocheting, not a good combo. I had started a fall scarf, ha-ha, it's cool enuf this weekend to work on it.
    Hope you got some answers at the doctors.
    1274 days ago
    Your amazing Mary, your plate is full but the lord holds you steady to guide your busy day. I will keep you in my daily prayers. emoticon
    1283 days ago
    You have a heavy plate but seem to be doing well in prioritizing and adapting to the changes. Hope your doc can figure out what is ailing you and it's a quick fix. emoticon

    I'm glad I live in a building that doesn't allow trick or treating cause if it's in the house, I eat it. The only way I could cope would be to buy a kind I don't really care for. That would mean chocolate free, too sweet or something like licorice that wouldn't tempt me.
    1293 days ago
    emoticon from a fellow procrastinator!
    Sounds like you are doing an amazing juggling act.
    Wishing you good news on your test results.
    Let me know how it goes.
    1294 days ago
  • PATTI24
    I know what you mean about not blogging for a while. I have not blogged in quite a while. I should start to do that on a regular basis
    1295 days ago
    When we age it takes a toll on us,we want to continue doing all of
    the things we have always done,but it gets harder on us.It really
    makes it hard when it is all on one Spouse to do.I keep my candy
    out of sight until Halloween,then bring it out.Out of sight out of
    mind,it works for me.Wishing you the best prioritizing!Take it one
    day at a time! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1295 days ago
  • MISSY455
    Mary it sounds like you are very busy, but glad you aren't willing to sacrifice your time at the gym. I think it's important to keep up with not only the exercise side of the gym, but also the social time.

    The thing that I have found about housework, no matter how much we do there is always more. When I retired I decided that I would only clean house once a week. That doesn't count keeping my kitchen and bathrooms clean which I do every day, so only takes a few minutes. Anything else that can't be done in that one day, has to wait until the next week. It works for me :-)
    1295 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Just bought a nice simple hutch that is sitting in the back of my car because I can't get it in the house, but am procrastinating on cleaning up the house which I MUST do before I hire anyone to help me move it in! I keep thinking there must be others in my neighborhood with similar problems. Why can't we band together to help each other in person? I used to offer to trade with a friend (who moved away and is starting to accumulate again) but she always just wrinkled up her nose. Sigh. Online bolstering just doesn't seem to be enough.

    P. S I never buy candy until the appointed day. It doesn't cost as much as it does to buy it, eat it, and have to get more. emoticon
    1296 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    I have issues with candy too. Just wiped out 8 minature Hersey bars mindlessly. Glad I woke up before I ate anymore.
    1296 days ago
    1296 days ago
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