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What Can Happen in 100 days?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I have had weight loss success and weight loss failure. After joining Spark People in December of 2012, I lost a lot of weight. I gained most of it back. I lost weight again, and gained most of it back. When I finally woke up (again) 100 days ago and realized I must do something about my health and weight. I had to have a meniscus tear repaired in my knee. My 65th birthday was looming large. Did I really want my retirement years being so limited because of my health? NO! I reconnected with the one place I get my best support. Right here with Spark People.
When I look through my blogs of the past, it is rather sad that I made it so far and learned so much…and then just turned around and tossed it all out the window. Whether I had good reasons or bad, it is my history. We can learn from history. I am not going to beat myself up. I am just going to start one more time and finish! Of course, I know that I will never be “finished.” I will have to maintain a good weight through wise food choices and having an active lifestyle. I want my remaining years on this planet to be the best they can be.
A good Spark Buddy recommended joining the “100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle” to get going. I joined the team and downloaded the book onto my Kindle. My friend told me I could participate in the team without buying the book, but I wanted to have the daily reading so I could respond to each day’s assignment better. Linda Spangle’s book is not a diet book. It is a motivational tool. It helps you think through your struggles and gives words of encouragement. You can be on any diet plan you choose and still use this information to help keep you focused. It has helped me. Reading the team posts help a lot as well.
I have just finished my 100th day and am 23 pounds lighter. I averaged 4.6 pounds every 20 days – a pound every four days. So what is next? I have printed out my 100 day journal and I will review each day for another 100 days. I have joined the “Walk Away the Pounds” team and I am putting my attention to increasing my exercise program. I have gone through the snack challenge and am doing the plateau busting challenge. There are so many helpful challenges, information, and teams on Spark People. A local friend of mine and I are going to go through a devotional entitled “Lose it for Life” by Stephen Arterburn. I like having daily journal cues. It keeps me focused.
So, if you have tried and failed again and again, don’t give up. Join in one more time. One of the best thoughts that came from the 100 days is – don’t think about what you are depriving yourself of as you change your eating and exercise habits. Think of all the things you are depriving yourself of as an over-weight, out of shape person.
The last day writing cue Is “This is How I Live.” This is how I am going to live from now on:
I used to say “I know what to do but I don't do it." Now I say "I do it!"
1 - Stay focused on my promise to God and my 10 reasons
2 - Stay in calorie range
3 - Drink 8+ glasses of water every day
4 - Do a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise every day
5 - Eat a balanced diet. Watch the nutrition tracker
6 - use my STOP sign
7 - eat slowly
8 - Savor and pause
9 - Enjoy two bites every now and then
10 - Kick the Can't!

I still have 50 plus pounds to lose before I am in a normal BMI weight range. This time, it will happen. I have kicked the can’t!
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