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Taking Stock

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I've been back on Sparkpeople for about 9 weeks now and am taking stock of my progress. In terms of weight loss, I see very little. (Unless I can count the total of the same 3 pounds that I have lost repeatedly!) In fact, the first thing I did after stepping back in was to loss a few and then gain a few more. It was a typical quitiing point for me. Like many here, I have a long history of starting, stopping gaining, losing, then gaining again. But this time, I didn't drop out. I stayed here, started reading articles, blogs, doing challenges, logging in every day, "playing the game." And it has helped. Although the content of these things is helpful to varying degrees, the greater benefit is that the act of doing those things keeps me focused, in touch with my desire to lose, and makes me feel like I am actively working to accomplish my healthy life goals. So, in terms of weight loss, progress may seem insignificant, but in terms of changing the old patterns that lead to weight gain in the first place, I have made a great deal of improvement. And, the sense of being more in control, taking positive steps toward positive changes, and feeling good about what I am doing are all things that are necessary for any subsequent weight loss to be permanent. So, after 9 weeks, how am I doing? Just great!!
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