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Chigger Bite Relief

Sunday, June 17, 2018

If you have ever lived in the South and hiked in Summer, picnic-ed in meadow, walked thru high grasses, watched fireworks from a pasture.... chances are you are very familiar with Chiggers.

If you're not... may you never make their acquaintance.

This... lemongrass oil... is the best Chigger Bite remedy I've ever tried... treat once, and you're done! It even works on my dog. Bc, yes, they get them, too.

While you don't end up smelling like a rose... more like a basket of fresh picked lemons... your liver doesn't have to deal with drugs like lidocaine, hydrocortisone...other chemicals and their side effects.

I've tried these before and not found them particularly effective. There's not a Summer that goes by where I don't get a few bites... Ia portion of my yard, that try as I might, is infected with Chiggers... I simply cannot get rid of them. I simply elect not to go in that portion of the yard from May until the first hard freeze. This dilemma has provided plenty of opportunities to experiment.

So lets get down to it.

How I treat is to first rub the wounds raw in a hot shower, flushing with plenty of hot water and soap.

This is contrary to any advice you will see on the internet.

But my logic is this... rubbing raw in a hot soapy shower helps to wash away the digestive enzymes the chigger has spit down into one of your skin's pores, causing the welt.

You're not going to heal while that stuff is still in there... or its going to prolong your healing at best.
Chiggers... they're like microscopic spiders, injecting enzymes and digesting you, then sucking most of their saliva and liquified you back up as a human milkshake.
Some of it stays behind.
That's what causes your body to welt up and itch.
So get that stuff out. If you dare... just be smart about it using plenty of hot water and mild soap.

Dry off.

Rub some lemongrass oil directly into the bites.
Stay away from eyes, mouth, nose and um... privates.

If you elect to try this, PLEASE TO A PATCH TEST at least 24 HOURS BEFORE you ever even get chiggers, to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to the oil.

CAVEAT: I am not a doctor, I am simply sharing what works for me.
So proceed with this in mind, at your own risk.

Be well, choose health...

: )
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