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Make your own MulberryTea!

Monday, June 18, 2018

If you're a heavy tea drinker like me, you may have some concerns regarding use of illegal pesticides, its lead content, or with getting too much caffeine or fluoride, not to mention the cost. I sure was.

What I did in response, was to create my own blend, with herbs that add their own special qualities. One of the ingredients is Mulberry, which I wild harvest from the creek area in late spring, before the leaves become too tough and leathery.

Mulberries are mostly known for their sweet Spring time berries, which come in white, black and red versions. That's how I find the plant every year, that and its golden bark and mitten like leaves.

Here's this years haul:

I harvest after a rain, when the rain has dried on the leaves.

Hang the branches upside down in bundles until the leaves have wilted, indoors.
Remove all the leaves, lay them on large roasting pans in my oven set at 190 degrees...periodically open the oven to release steam and hurry the process along.

Here's a shot of them drying at 190 degrees in my oven:

When they are done, they are light and crunchy.
Crumble them, any that don't crumble strait off are returned to the oven for more drying.

Store the crumbles in a glass jar and zip lock bag.

Mulberry leaf tea has a reputation for helping keep blood sugar levels down.
Does it? I don't rightly know.... but what I do know is that I've got a product that is both pesticide and lead free, for the cost of my labor alone. And that's a good thing.

Be well, chose health!

: )
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