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Thanks! 50 lb loss with the 5% Challenges!

Saturday, November 03, 2018

I changed my blog title. I realized I didn't write what I meant to say! Lol

Hi all! emoticon

I am humbled and honored. One of our leaders requested I put this in my blog.It is a post from the "General Team Discussion" forum from the "2018 5 % Fall Challenge" Thank you all for your wonderful comments about it.

For those who are wondering what this challenge is all about. This is a seasonal 8 week ( 8-10 week?) challenge. The goal is to lose 5% of your weight in that time frame. Members are assigned to "teams". Each team is a little different,in terms of their approach, but the goal is the same. All the teams compete to win points against each other. The points are done by reaching certain weekly goals. In each weekly goal are 3 team goals each member tries to complete to the best of their ability. The team is a fantasy type game, where everyone is trying to reach a weekly geographical destination (Paris or New York or anywhere). The first 3 teams to reach the weekly destination by completing the allotted number of points gets a first place bonus of extra points and bragging rights.

I like the 5 % challenges, because it is not very difficult to achieve your personal points, it is fun, you get a chance to enjoy each other as friends, give and get support, learn from each other and the leaders, post daily in your team chat and more! I has definitely made a difference in my life and helped me to reach my weight loss goal.

Maintenance members are always welcomed and have a part to play in the challenges, too. This is my 3rd challenge and I am still very much enjoying the venue.

Come join us for the winter 5% Challenge! emoticon

To my knowledge, Spark People members can join the 5% Challenge Team and receive a notification to sign up for an invitation.

Please correct me if I am wrong and I will edit how to get an invitation to participate in the upcoming winter challenge.

I am positive you will enjoy it. All you need is willingness and a desire to participate. That's it! Lol.

The following is what I wrote, as mentioned above, in it's entirety: I do hope you enjoy it

Hi gang!


I am SUPER impressed with the Firecrackers! I've never been on a winning team. I feel honored! Thank you all for your support. I will continue to try to inspire and motivate you guys, best I can

emoticon emoticon

To all the other great teams that came in second, third. AMAZING JOB! emoticon I congratulate you guys for working so hard not just for yourself, but for your team :)

To the rest of the gang. A big heartfelt and confident "Yay!". Everyone is doing their best. That's what counts! With a positive attitude and hard work you can go up the line, too! But no, matter, what is really important is you tried and did your best! I am proud of you!

emoticon emoticon

I remember my first and second time on the 5% challenges. I was far from educated about food, plans, exercise and a positive attitude. What struck me when I did not lose a pound and saw everyone else do everything different from me and did lose, was I needed to not look at myself, but follow in the footsteps of the members that had a handle on how to Spark! It was like being in a foreign country to me. Lol. Everyone was dancing and I was just jumping up and down going nowhere! Lol. I asked myself, what are they doing to make it happen? I had a hard time believing exercising, tracking, pre-planning meals, trying out meal plans and finding one that fit me was what they were doing that created their success. It didn;t seem possible. It seemed too simple! Hard to implement, but simple in theory, for sure. Little by little I adopted some of the lifestyles the 5 % members had, floundered around for quite a while. Failing and failing lead me to finding what worked for me. I am so grateful for those disappointing and depressing days, watching the members chat about what exercise they did, what food they ate, how the tracked and so on. There's nothing like a good mentor. Nothing better!

I'm just a few pounds from maintenance (about 7 lbs and itching for my maintenance party. Lol. I know this is not the end, but the beginning of hard work to find a lifestyle that keeps me going for the rest of my life. Of course I will change and so will the lifestyle, but I will learn to adjust and keep on getting healthier and healthier. Onwards and upwards! LOLOL.

Good luck, many (((hugs))) and prayers to you all!

emoticon emoticon

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