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Freedom from "the Creep" (lbs that creep back after reaching weight loss goal)

Saturday, June 15, 2019

As a member of the SP team At Goal and Maintaining or Transitioning to Maintaining, my teammates and I struggle to stay within a reasonable number of pounds of our goal weight. We call it "the Creep" because those lbs can creep up so stealthily and turn into that dreaded yo-yo weight gain. Some struggle more than others. My struggle started 6 mos after reaching goal on June 15, 2011. Despite all my truly disciplined compliance with all the standard maintenance tips, eating clean and daily intense exercise (crossfit), the scale would easily creep up on me and I felt like I would be at goal for a "minute"--the next day the scale would bump up, seemingly for no reason.

Until .... drum roll... last October. I discovered the secret for me and this body! It started with my husband's colonoscopy and my decision to "sympathy fast" with him prior to his procedure! Without drinking all that icky stuff, though.

I felt better after fasting a day or so-- and I discovered Dr. Jason Fung's books and podcasts about "hormonal" model as opposed to "calories in, calories out" model. The hormone most responsible is "insulin", which tells our bodies to do one of two things: store fat OR burn fat. It tells our bodies to burn fat when we have burned through the readily available glucose and must seek out our stored energy reserves, namely, our stored fat. Check out Fung's website for details.

What happened to me when I changed my way of eating to 18-6 (fasting for 18 hrs, eating my two meals during 6 hrs, that is one at noon, one at 5:30), no snacks, no sweetner in my coffee: I dropped over 10 lbs, body fat decreased from 27.6% to 19.7%, muscle mass increased from 61.7% to 63.5%. AND the fat came off my trouble spots, hips and thighs. The scale rarely moves now. I cured my insulin resistance. The inflammation in my shoulder is basically gone. Autophagy ate away the icky cells. The increase in human growth hormone did its magic with muscle increase. I'm rarely sore after intense workouts, done at 6 am during my fast. Mental clarity has increased. I don't get sleepy after lunch like I used to. At age 66, I feel the best I ever have.

Learning WHEN to eat was the key for me. Stopping the stevia. I feel like I am taking better care of my body and my brain. My blood results are great. No downside, no expensive diet plans or food. Actually buying LESS food, so spend extra savings to buy BETTER food. I have extra time since I'm not making/eating that third meal or any snacks.

I wanted to share how I have slayed "the Creep" in the hopes that it could help someone else who has struggled with weight loss or maintenance.

Here's to good health for all!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is very interesting, thanks for sharing. Are you still doing the Noon and 5:30 pm mealtimes?
    305 days ago
  • CARD512002

    Thank you for sharing

    357 days ago
    Hi there! I just happened onto your blog nearly a year after you posted it. Enjoyed! I hope that you have found your “sweet spot.” Your IF routine sounds healthy and successful. How is it working nearly a year later? I am always looking for tips on weight management, “the Creep.” Not sure where I picked up the term but have used that exactly as you described here. Life is ever changing and so is my sweet spot on the scale. I forge on! I have found my way to “intermittent fasting” without the research...I also eat two meals and no snacks now on most days. It’s given me some food freedom. I’m not fully consistent with eating times especially on out of the ordinary days, like events, holidays, travel. I do feel better with an IF routine. Thanks for sharing this!

    Cheers to health and happiness!
    612 days ago
  • MEMEQ2
    I'm very inspired by your post. I just started IF. I have notice the mental clarity already. Since dementia runs in my family this is my new life style. Thank you for sharing.
    616 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1987279
    emoticon emoticon
    773 days ago
    Woo hoo - this really has done the trick for you. Congratulations - and thanks for the blog post.
    777 days ago
    Thank you for mentioning Jason Fung. His name is new to me but I have ordered his book from the library. And congratulations on your maintenance - you've done brilliantly!
    778 days ago
    JEANKNEE, who celebrates your maintenance anniversary with you, tagged this great blog. I must check out Dr. Jason Fung!! Congrats to you!! You look terrific and even more important are clearly FEELING terrific!!
    781 days ago
    Wow, intermittent fasting with 2 meals works wonderfully for you!
    Congrats to your 8 years of maintenance and to curing insulin resistance.

    I'm doing a similar thing: 3 meals between 9 am and 8 pm, and absolutely nothing in between meals, and it is a lot more pleasant and easier than the 3 meals - 2 snacks - and eat-this-and-that whenever I want... no more creeps! : )
    781 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    Thanks for sharing and I am glad that you found what works for you!
    782 days ago
    Congratulations on your 8th maintenance anniversary, lady!!!

    Absolutely fabulous that you've found the intermittent fasting supports you. emoticon

    WHEN I eat matters big time to me too. My body fat % is like yours. I tend to be more 16-8: fasting for 16 hours and eating 2 to 3 meals during the 8 hours … no snacking … no eating after dinner. It works for me. Although, I frequently do go 18-6 with 2 meals during the 6 hour window following the 18 hour fast.

    Despite eating well and well timed meals, health challenges remain for me. Carrying excess weight is not a contributing factor and for that, I am grateful.

    Wishing you a continued sense of ease with your maintenance journey after slaying "the creep."
    782 days ago
    782 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    wow, that is awesome. Glad to hear this working for you!
    782 days ago
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