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My Life!

Saturday, December 07, 2019

This is just one of many life experiences I have had and I believe I am supposed to share this one.

On Oct. 24, 1984, at 12 noon I was robbed at gunpoint on a hospital parking lot. I was walking to my car when a vision came to me that I would turn around and see a gun, that is exactly what I did and what I saw. I wasn't supposed to see his face as he was going to stick the gun in my back. He pushed me in my car and had me give him my purse and all of the jewelry I had on.
The police came and they took me home to meet a locksmith as he took my car keys and my purse had all of my other keys in it.

This happened in Tulsa, Ok. At this point no one but the police knew what happened. I had not called my office or my husband as he was out of town. When the locksmith opens the door of my house my telephone is ringing. I answer it and it is a wonderful friend in Mississippi.
Mary's first words to me were "Praise Jesus, you are okay!" My reply to her was of course I was fine why would you think otherwise. Mary said, "Jesus has had me on my knees since 9:30 this morning praying for you. He doesn't usually make me get on my knees but this time He did. At 12:30 he released me and I have been calling you ever since!"

Yes, Jesus does watch over us.!

That evening I went to my neighbor's to ask him to walk with me while I walked my dog, of course he said he would but he also said something else. Tex said " don't forget, fear is from Satan and if you fear the enemy wins!" Dear sweet Tex, I walked my dog that night and everynight by myself. I was the winner, God watched over me!

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