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on being a warrior

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Being a warrior can embrace so many things, It's certainly not for me to define what being a warrior looks like in your own life.

I think a warrior is someone who simply REFUSES to give up, no matter what. You can be a loud warrior who screams out to the world, "I've got to do this!!!" or you can be a quiet warrior who has experienced something that would DEVASTATE another, knock them to their proverbial knees... yet you still go on.

You know who you are! Death, illness of all kinds, even the changes in life we have all experienced due to this pandemic.... they offer us all the opportunity to let it defeat us.... or WARRIOR UP.

Warrioring up is attitude. Doesn't matter one bit what your personal story is. It's "simply" (it's so not simple!) the desire in your heart and soul to rise above. Rise above because allowing the world to consume you will lead to your demise, even if it's your emotional demise. And oh my gosh, an emotional death can feel worse than a physical one I imagine.

I feel as if I have no choice but to keep rising up. On the days where I use my ticket on the pity train, at the end of the day I am not glad about the journey. I just feel washed up and hopeless and infinitely saddened. Even today, looking at a beautiful weather-day here in New York, seeing that my front lawn needs cutting.... I make the decision I make ten times per day, probably. Do I love myself by pushing myself to do it? Or do I love myself by allowing myself NOT to do it?

I smile, realizing that each decision can truly be an act of love towards self.

So today, I decide to mow the lawn. It was tough to do, I won't lie. My hands and feet are swollen and painful, my swollen knee clicks dramatically at every step, yet it felt so good to be out there. It felt normal. And I want to do "normal" for the rest of my life. And later today? I will rest. I will take a warm shower. I will just heat up leftovers for dinner. I will find balance.

Love yourself, Warrior.

Rise, and rise again. Rinse and repeat, folks, just like shampoo.

You are so valuable. You so deserve to take the best care of the mind, body and soul you were born with.

Fight on. You are worth it. And so am I.

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