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My 5% Challenge journey

Thursday, November 26, 2020

I had heard about the 5% Challenge from a Spark Friend and I finally decided to try it. I wanted a blog that would track my progress.
I joined SparkPeople in December 2012. My highest weight ever was 234. When I started with SparkPeople, I weighed 228. I have had a history of losing weight and gaining some back since I became a member. I would get on track and lose, get off focus, and gain back. I always caught myself before I got back up to my highest weight.
I was at my lowest weight in a very long time (171) when Hurricane Michael hit in Oct. 2018. Having no power for 8 days and other life happenings got me off focus...once again.
I was invited to join the 2020 5% summer challenge and I decided it was time to get back to taking control of my health. I am so glad I did. It keeps me motivated and my team, The Walkers, Runners & Joggers, is a great group to belong to. I also got a Fitbit and my team has some fun challenges I participate in to keep me moving.
My stats:
Start weight: 204
5% Goal: 10 pounds - 194
Actual weight at end of challenge - 195.
I reached 194 the following week. I signed up for the in between challenge for continued accountability and motivation.
Start weight 188.4
5% Goal: 9 pounds - 179
Actual weight at end of challenge - 179.4
Goal met....well, close enough. I feel good about it.
Now for the in between challenge and the Winter challenge coming up.
WINTER 2021 CHALLENGE (starting 1/9/2021)
I stepped up and volunteered to be weight leader for the WRJ&G team.
I am beginning the challenge at 175. I lost 4 pounds during the in-between challenge, even with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year being in that time frame. I am good with that.
Start weight: 175
5% Goal: 8.75 pounds - 166.25
I just got a treadmill, which will help me with my step goals and will make it easier to walk when the weather is bad.
March 6, 2021: Weight at the end of the challenge: 165.8
GOAL MET!!! I am very excited.
I will do the in-between challenge and then join the summer challenge. When it ends, I will have done the challenges for a year. I have 15 more pounds to lose to get to my goal of 150. I will then be in healthy weight category (I cross that milestone at 154). I will evaluate how I look and feel and decide if it is enough or not. I might shoot for 145 so I won't be so close to the high end of healthy weight. Then it will be to new territory: maintenance.
On 4-3-21 My weigh in was 163.4. I am 9 pounds away from crossing over, out of "overweight" category! My weight loss is slowing down, but I will stay on task and reach my goal. So many people are saying I look good like I am, but I really want to get to 150.
5-29-21 - My weight has stagnated this challenge. I have gone as low as 160.6 and ended at 161.6. Only a 2 pound loss. Plateaus happen, and I also had some events where I did not follow my tracking closely. I don't feel like a failure. I will continue to move toward maintenance. I am still getting compliments on how I am looking and I am fitting into size 14 pants now!!! So lets see how the summer goes!
6-19-21 - I went on vacation and did not track. I am starting the last and final 5% challenge at 165. I really want to get in the 150s. I know I can do it. We will finish this challenge just before SparkPeople shuts down.
Thank you Spark Guy for helping me so much with this website. I will wait and see if the new one will fit my needs. I have learned a lot and have come a long way. I will continue to track my food intake and stay active.
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