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"I'll take potpourri for $200, Alex" (RIP)

Friday, November 27, 2020

You know how on Jeopardy "potpourri" is a general mix of topics? That's what this blog feels like it's gonna be, LOL.

My Thanksgiving was a bust. My daughter and son in law were supposed to come over but one of my son in law's students (he is a high school English teacher) tested positive for Covid and it was recommended that those around her, be tested. So my daughter and son in law were tested last Friday. They are both feeling very well, thank God... but still don't have their test results, and we had to postpone Thanksgiving. I cooked and kept waiting for " the news"...but it never came. We will celebrate another day, but it's not the same.

I ordered an artificial Christmas tree from Amazon yesterday. This will be the first year without a real tree. I just can't allow my 65 year old hubby, plagued with shoulder and back issues, to drag in ONE MORE heavy, real tree. So that was sad, and hard, but a good decision and I did it so matter-of-factly that I could tell that it didn't hurt his ego at all, which made me so grateful. He lost his mom just a few months ago, we had to close the office for three months due to Covid, he is so worried about my health.... my poor guy doesn't need ONE MORE THING to be sad about.

My rheumatoid arthritis medication seems to be working. I am so cautiously optimistic! I love my new rheumatologist and am so happy that I switched. She is very careful, constantly monitoring blood work and answering every single question. My pain has dialed down since the summer and I can only pray that it even get a little better. Also... I am getting used to it. I am adapting. I am "making it work". So that is comforting, too.

There is only one way I am able to adjust to having RA. Take it one day at a time. Just like every other thing in my life! One day at a time is all we should focus on, giving that one day, our best. Do our best, then rest.

It reminds me of this wonderful story in the Bible (in Exodus), about the Israelites' 40 long years in the desert. Every day, God sent down something called "manna" for them to eat. "Manna" is basically a word that means, "what is it?" Everything I've read about it says it's like coriander seed or something like that. White like snow, falling from the Heavens. It tasted like wafers and honey... sounds good! God sent just enough for every belly to be filled but instructed them not to gather it for more than one day. When they tried it? It just rotted before their eyes, full of maggots. They were told to collect double portions before the Sabbath, when there would be done. Those days? No maggots!

God provided. And they were forced/INSPIRED to trust Him.

And that is what I must do, too.

How about you?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • FRANKIE2019
    Sue, you are so encouraging. Adapt and move on. Hope your daughter and her husband are okay health-wise. I have a fake tree this year and keep wanting a real one. It's ok let it go. No extra cleaning up with a fake tree or watering every day. I hope Christmas will be better and all of you can be together. Take care, my sweet girl!
    154 days ago
    Thanksgiving was certainly one for the strange and bizarro world. We ate at home alone but at least we had each other. Funny we got an artificial tree a few years back and we love it. It's much easier and no stress to put up.
    I am glad that you are feeling better with your RA and that you like your new doctor.

    165 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Sue, I am so happy to read that your meds are helping your RA, that you are feeling better, and that you like your rheumatologist!!! That is wonderful news! A good doctor/patient relationship, and trust, makes a huge difference.

    On the other hand, I'm so sorry to read that your Thanksgiving was a bust. I do hope and pray that the test results come back negative. That would be a definite reason to celebrate!

    We too, have a large artificial tree, and we just leave it up all year long, and decorate it for the whatever the season. It's a tradition we started with our grandchildren because they loved the tree and had so much fun using their imaginations on how to decorate the tree. Even though they are no longer living near us - we have continued, and I even added a snowman tree, and a Halloween, and Thanksgiving tree this year. They loved seeing the new trees on FT. I am hoping this is a memory that they will cherish and remember always.
    165 days ago
    I'm glad you all are staying safe.

    That sounds like good news, about your RA and treatment. I like your attitude about making the adjustment to it being part of your time. I absolutely agree with wonder how He provides, just as I learned as a girl. emoticon
    168 days ago
    Sometimes it’s simply moment at a time. What a blessing to have a good fit on both doctor and meds. Hope your loved ones stay well so you can celebrate your own personal day of Thanksgiving.

    emoticon I love Christmas decorating, and husband humored me for many years. Eventually, I gave away the outside lights, and he’s off the hook except for setting up the candeliers in the windows. I pretty much stick with indoor decorating and outdid myself this year even though no one will see except me and husband. The lights cheer me up, and I’m posting pics.

    168 days ago
    So sorry about your Thanksgiving not turning out the way you hoped. It's been a strange year.
    I was wondering where you were going with the Exodus story. So true. God always supplies our needs. We remind ourselves of that frequently.
    168 days ago
    169 days ago
    There will be more Thanksgivings. Glad you’re feeling better. Sorry to hear about the loss of your MIL. God is in charge...
    169 days ago
    sorry about thanksgiving hope they come back negative . sorry about your mil and your husband and your ra, hugs
    169 days ago
    Covid has certainly found a way to gt everyone's attention in a bad way. I hope a good vaccine arrives soon and we can put this all behind us. I'm so relieved that you are coping better with R.A. It is difficult at first but has gotten easier with time for me, though I still have flare ups. Hugs.
    170 days ago
    emoticon Hugs and I agree to the one day at a time. Perfect for me too. Oh before I forget, yes I also have learned to get used to the level of pain I have everyday and still have a life. Not ideal but it works! :-)
    170 days ago
    One day at a time with faith, gratitude, and trust is where I find peace and ease! We had a Zoom Thanksgiving with our 3 boys and families. We changed our expectations and settled in acceptance of the situation. It was good.

    I’m glad your RA is manageable. That’s so good to hear! We succumbed to an artificial tree years ago. Now we’ve even substituted a smaller one that sits on an end table.

    Wishing you and your family good health and happiness...........(ODAAT-One Day At A Time)
    170 days ago
    That "one day at a time" approach, plus gratitude for all the good things that still happen when we make a point of noticing them: yup, a great recipe for resilience and contentment.

    We know now that we will not be celebrating Christmas with family -- and we're also trying to be matter-of-fact and accepting. Our sacrifices are small in the grand scheme of things. Better times to come.
    170 days ago
    Oh I am sorry to hear about your SIL being exposed to the virus. Prayers that both their tests are negative. It’s daunting! DD was sick for 3 weeks w/covid pneumonia. Just back to work on this past Monday. She’s a long’hauler . . . lung issues due to the virus. Makes me sad, but for sure, she’s not the only one.

    My condolences on the loss of your MIL. So sorry.

    It definitely sounds like your hubby has had plenty on his plate (YOU, TOO!) Prayers that things settle down.

    I am so happy that your meds are helping your RA and that you like your rheumatologist. That makes a huge difference. And the fact that you are adapting and ‘making it work’ is fantastic. ((HUGS))

    Yes, I think it is so important to have faith like the Israelites did when they were in the dessert. And seems like there’s a message there about hoarding, too, eh! **SIGH** Breaks my heart to see carts stuffed to the brim and nothing left for someone else to have a chance. I refuse to hoard and have gotten by just fine since March.

    HUGS and blessings. Wishing you health and peace.

    170 days ago
    Our Thanksgiving was non-traditional, but I refuse to call it "a bust." Maintaining my husband's health is more important to me than maintaining the appearance of traditions.

    It's a blessing your pain is reduced. I'm so glad your new doctor is helping.

    I applaud your solution to the Christmas tree issue. I haven't been as successful helping my husband adjust to his newfound physical limitations.

    I can't imagine what the rest of the year will bring -- it's always something new here.

    You're in my prayers emoticon emoticon
    170 days ago
    Sorry about your Thanksgiving plans falling through. It was probably different for lots of families. We're resilient people and with God we can make it through anything.

    Great news that you have an ra dr you like and are doing better. Prayers for you and your loved ones. God bless you!
    170 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    170 days ago
    I am so sorry that your Thanksgiving was a bust. My daughter does supply teaching and I babysit her wee one on the days she teaches. We worry because she is in different schools and classrooms. And although we sold Christmas trees for many years we finally made the switch to artificial too. Getting older seems to require giving in gracefully to those things we cannot change! Hugs, Kat
    170 days ago
    A shame about thanksgiving, seems this is being repeated across the world. Next year WILL be better.
    I sincerely hope the tests come back negative.

    stay safe hun, have a great weekend emoticon
    170 days ago
    It's a different Thanksgiving. Our son and wife has vivid, so we could only wave through the window.
    170 days ago
    God is good, He always helps us at the perfect time. emoticon
    170 days ago
    Change is hard. I resist it so strenuously that those around me get very impatient. (It took me years and years before I was willing to start using email. My brother finally blew up when he had to keep sending me long documents by fax.)

    What a sweet image--to imagine you handling the new normal--artificial tree--in a way that made it seem matter-of-fact to your husband, too! You are very thoughtful and considerate.

    I completely agree about any kind of pain and any kind of hardship--one day at a time is the only good way to get through. When I taught the Lord's prayer to Toshi, who grew up Buddhist (though like most Japanese, not passionately so), he was so impressed and delighted with "Give us this day our daily bread." He and I are both such worry warts, sometimes obsessing about every possibility, that we often have to stop and remember that line. We have been so fortunate in our lives never to experience material hardship, but there have been many heartaches and uncertainties. The "daily bread" line, which came to mind when I read your explanation of manna, always serves to lessen our fears, and we are always for some mysterious reason taken care of.

    I am so happy to hear you've found a good doctor who prescribed the right medication. That is so wonderful. I hope you get better and better, as well as more used to living through the bad moments. Take care, dear Sue.
    170 days ago
    emoticon Sorry about thanksgiving...but better to be safe emoticon Praying the tests come back negative
    I will trust in God. He has all of this. I will praise him emoticon
    170 days ago
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