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Miracles do happen

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Hello friends ~

A week ago tonight I held one of our beloved dogs, Maddy, in my arms and watched him head towards the Rainbow Bridge. The image you are seeing was sent to me by a good SparkFriend and it has brought me great solace.

John and I have received many, many beautiful expressions of sympathy. I thought you all might want to hear the story behind our great love for Maddy. I posted this on Facebook and friends said it helped them "believe" so here it is.

As many of you know, my father passed away in July of 2006. A few months prior, Dad and I were in a St. John’s pet store that sold puppies. Dad was so smitten with a particular puppy that I reluctantly agreed to go to the back of the store to see it. I can clearly remember being more than a bit bemused by Dad’s sudden love of this puppy. I exclaimed in protest, “but it’s white”, “but it’s a boy”, “but it’s $1200 and finally “but it’s a Pomeranian”. (As a side note, I have no issues with any of those things but up until that point we had only Peaches as an example of the “perfect” dog. LOL) On the drive back home next day, Dad kept bringing up this puppy to the point I asked if the radiation had affected his brain! Yes, we had that kind of relationship – thankfully. I questioned Dad as to why he wanted that dog and he responded, “Susan, I know I’m dying so just think of the happiness that little dog would bring into our lives over the next few months. He even got Mom to agree and they had me call out to see if the puppy was still available. Alas, it had been sold.

Fast forward to the day before Dad was brought to the hospital that last time. I was in the bedroom talking away to Dad and he made me promise I would never commit suicide. He told me he was going to be living in my heart and would always be there for me. I turned to him and said, “Dad, sometime in my life I will have a Pomeranian. I told him I wasn’t going to buy one as I would rescue one. I even told him I had the name picked out (Maddy) but figured I couldn’t because John’s mother’s name is Madeline and she might be offended.

Two years past and out of the blue I received a call from a friend’s mother. She asked if we dog sat for people as she had to go to stay with my friend for a while. I was surprised she even had a dog and she explained how she adopted it after it had been given up. We went to her house to meet her dog. Honest to dog, this bundle of fluff and fury ran out to greet us. Not only was it a WHITE, MALE, POMERANIAN, but his registered name was Maddison. She told us her grandson called the dog MADDY thinking that Maddison was too girly.
Anyway, he came to our house and had such a good time with us that he didn’t eat or drink for 48 hours when he returned home.
A few weeks later we received another call from my friend’s mother and she told us her doctor had told her she was allergic to her dog and would have to part with him. Believe it or not, I wasn’t in agreement. I did not want that dog at all. John was the one who wanted him and very reluctantly I agreed to taking him home. Even when John took me by the shoulders and asked, “what other sign do you need from your father”, I balked. Like I said, it was a WHITE, MALE, POMERANIAN who just happened to be called MADDY. It took me a full week of denial before I decided that maybe Maddy was meant to be our dog and it took a trip to the vet to find out he had been born less than 2 weeks after Dad died.

So, as you can tell, Maddy meant the world to me for many, many reasons. His daily antics reminded me of Dad’s wonderful sense of humour. I hope they are reunited because there is no doubt in my mind that Dad sent him to us.

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