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DH lost 10 lbs, did huge lowering of blood sugar, A1C, triglycerides & VLDL in 2 months

Sunday, January 03, 2021

I previously wrote a blog that DH and I were using Continuous Blood Glucose monitors that measured our blood sugar often 24 hours a day.
DH used an app/program that gave him instant feedback on how well he did each meal/day, where as I used a less expensive one where I had to export the data into excel and examine it to see how my blood sugar was doing.

What led us to this was DH fighting type 2 diabetes (his fasting blood glucose had been 100 +-5 points for years and he just couldn't get it lower despite cutting out processed foods, eating lower carbs, etc.

Now, with out counting calories, by only using the Levels program to see what foods spiked his blood sugar/glucose and what foods were better for him, and making just a few changes, he not only dropped his blood sugar a lot but also cut his triglycerides and VLDL in half. All of these are now in normal ranges, after a decade of fighting to get them there (and previously not being successful).

With just 2 months of using Levels (Dr took labs in Oct, Levels was started end of Oct, labs were repeated end of Dec), which include time to figure things out (so much less than the 3 months normally needed to see the result of changes):

Fasting Blood glucose dropped from 98 to 83.
A1C dropped from 5.9 to 5.6 (now NORMAL).
We expected those drops seeing his daily blood sugars drop, and we expect the A1C to drop down to the low 5s in another month or two (it goes by 3 months of glucose averages).

However, the wonderful and unexpected surprises are:
Triglycerides, which have been high for a decade now, fell 50% (from 272 to 128) and are now in normal ranges.
VLDL - the really bad LDL (small particle, small enough to reach your heart) also dropped 50% (from 55 to 26) and are now in normal ranges.

A nice side effect, DH is also losing weight without counting calories or feeling food deprived. He has lost 10 lbs in 2 months. Yes, he exercises as that makes a big difference on if he loses weight or not, but he has not changed his exercise. He does minimal logging of foods (timing is critical and basically what he ate as well as quantities, but this is done with a picture and a couple words in the app). Food logging is mostly done to help figure out what is creating blood sugar spikes, so he can avoid those foods (everyone is different so you have to figure out what works for you).

Now we have him well on the way to losing his weight and getting much healthier, I just have to figure out what works for me. My body, unfortunately, is much more complicated, since Cortisol (not insulin) is what drives my weight gain/loss and there is no continuous cortisol tester. So I have to look at results and try to figure out causes when it is not that easy to figure out. I have some insights with my new tools, I had one great week but then changed something and progress stalled and I have not gotten back to that place yet. But I continue to push on.

For those interested on information on the app DH used, and the lower cost one I use, I did a blog including the pros/cons and what the app gives you. They both use the same Continuous Glucose Monitor (so same data on your blood sugar levels), but one is much more user friendly to figure out what works for you and what doesn't so you can make the changes that will create the health improvements. www.sparkpeople.
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    That's wonderful news about your husband's test results! I hope you can figure yours out more consistently going forward.

    124 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Congratulations to your husband. I am glad that the cost of the Levels program was worth the money. Good luck on your own journey.
    127 days ago
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