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Muscle to fat - Nay. Fat to muscle -Yay!

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Aims for January, February and probably forever onwards.... Combine cardio with strength work.

It's starting to make sense. Check out these facts:

1lb Muscle burns 75 cals a day.
1lb Fat burns 8 cals a day.
1lb of Fat takes up 5x as much space as 1lb of Muscle.

After age 40, inactive women can lose 8oz muscle each year.
Less muscle means less fat burning.

So could we just increase our cardio to make up the fat burning deficit?
Let's face it, we can burn more cals with 30 mins cardio than with 30 mins strength exercises.

We could... but it makes more sense to build muscle strength as well because:-

Aerobic exercise burns fat for up to 8 hours after exercise but anaerobic/strength exercise builds muscle, which burns cals from stored fat even when we are asleep (when the body uses energy to repair and 'grow' muscle).

I've been reading up...These facts are from a Tufts University study:-

Two groups of women - 30 mins daily exercise over 8 weeks.
Group 1; Aerobics
Group 2; Aerobics and strength combined
Group 2 lost on average 7lbs more fat.

Thinks... Could you probably lose 7lbs by diet only and save the hassle?
Yes, but Tufts had a look at this one too:-

Two groups of women -
Group 1; Diet only
Group 2; Diet and weight training twice a week
Both sets lost 13lbs.
Group 1 lost 3lbs muscle amongst their 13lbs so lost muscle and fat.
Group 2 gained 1lb additional muscle so their loss was purely fat - 44% more than diet only group.
Body measurement taken showed Group 2 hadn't simply reduced size - but that they actually changed their body shape. They also had built muscle, which would sustain their ability to burn fat for longer.

So if you have ever wondered (as I did) why, at my advanced age:
I can eat little sometimes and not lose weight;
I can run around like a headless chicken for weeks, lose weight, start to eat vaguely normally and slap the weight back on within what seems like days;
I can lose 5lbs and the floppy tum and upper arms seem no different....now we both know.

So, can you see why SP, being infinitely more learned and well-researched than yours truly, encourages Sparkers to combine strength and cardio?

It's all about the muscle, Honey!!

(There are other factors.. stress/cortisol, insulin resistance etc but I've just isolated my own 'Eureka' moment. Sources of my info were lots of googling (International Journal Sports Nutrition, www.marilynglenville.com plus others if you want to research further.)
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