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A Day in the Life of Two Old(er) People: Memories of Mom

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Today the sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, the birds were singing and the snow is melting! Just a gorgeous Iowa Saturday. Today is also my Mom's birthday--she's been gone 5 years now, but is always in my heart and memories. She would have been 99 today. She grew up during the depression and I know that for her, as with so many of that era, among other things, she learned the value of hard work, kindness and persistence. She certainly taught me many lessons.

Living through the depression meant that she and her family did without many things, of course, and I know that some people in their later years became hoarders or started keeping an extraordinary supply of food or clothing, etc. Mom's only weakness seemed to be white slacks. Why? Beats me!! When she moved from her home to the retirement apartment at age 80, we sorted through 22 white pants!!! Oh my gosh! LOL! We had quite a fun discussion about that. She patiently told me that she had dress slacks, "knock around" slacks, every day slacks, slacks that used to fit, slacks that aren't quite white anymore, and slacks that are out of style, among other things. We sorted and donated and kept a few. When she died at nearly 94, she was back up to 10 white slacks that I sorted out of her closet. She dearly loved those white pants!! I sure miss her and her loving ways.

Here's a photo of Mom about the time she and dad were married in the early 40s. I think she's beautiful.

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  • JIBBIE49
    emoticon Motivator of the Day emoticon

    I'm 71 and lost 50# after finding a doctor who put me on Metformin, so my blood sugar went from 115 to 84 and I no longer have cravings that ruin my diet and I'm able to stop eating the moment I know I've had enough and I don't finish what is left on the plate.
    58 days ago
    Beautiful tribute to your mom may her soul rest in peace
    59 days ago
    She is beautiful. So nice you have those memories !
    71 days ago
    Your Mom was definitely beautiful! She was also five weeks -exactly- younger than my Mom! My Mom passed away at 69 in 1991. Fortunately, we can each remember specific things about our parents that make us wish that our parents were still with us! emoticon
    76 days ago
    You favor your mom. The depression left an indelible mark on that generation. I can't help but wonder how much effect Covid will have on the young people of today.

    Thank you for sharing your memories of your mom. It's a blessing that you have such loving remembrances of times gone by. emoticon
    77 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Your mother was certainly a beautiful lady. I had to laugh about all the white slacks she had, and all the categorises she had then in. But then, that does go back to the depression days, as my mom had some clothes for certain categories too, and she was born in 1923, so was in the same era as your mother. My mother also saved a lot of stuff, again back to the days they grew up in, having not a lot, save something because you may use it again. I must say thought that she had made some beautiful quilt pieces hand sewn, which my sister and I found when cleaning out her stuff, and some nice vintage material some good size pieces, that I have been proud to finish the quilt, and have another one to put together yet for either my daughter or granddaughter. That is what I tell my husband is see those things came in handy to finish.
    Have a beautiful Sunday Jeanne.
    77 days ago
    Oh Jeannie she is beautiful and she looks kind. My Mum has been gone over 20 years and I still think of her too.
    77 days ago
    Your Mom Jeannie is very pretty!! Isn't so cool how they taught us the life lessons? the IMPROTANT things,, I know my Mom taught me "its nice to have a big house Diane, and new cars, but those are really extra's not necessaries, rather to be kind and proud, happy with yourself based on how you treat others." I think our Moms KNEW IT RIGHT!!

    My Mom was young I believe she was telling me how scared she was ,, age around 8 to 10,,, they too lived on the harbor (Down the road from where I do now). At night she said they were allowed to run ONE light bulb in a room that was very darkened actually ALL Rooms had to be darkened (even with no lights). How it terrified her!! My Gram at that time had 2 or 3 kids, she was a terrific seamstress (likely because she HAD to be) and yes, even as she aged, more so as she aged, she had a ROOM FULL of misc. material.

    I too, miss my Mom she's been gone for a very long time, I was 32 when she passed. I MISS that grand lady!!

    77 days ago
  • JAMER123
    You have a beautiful mother, Jeanne. I chuckle at the white slacks. After nursing school, we had to wear white dresses. A few yrs later we could wear white slacks. I had just a "few" pair and usually only worn for work. When we went to color coded scrubs, the whites left my house. A couple yrs. ago I did buy a pair of white jeans but again don't wear them often.

    Sure nice memories you have of your mom. Blessings to you!
    77 days ago
  • JILLIAN0216
    Your mom was beautiful. What great memories. Happy birthday to her. It was warmer up in MN too.
    77 days ago
    A beautiful Mom, I always thought my mother was beautiful, and she has been gone 45 years. and I still think often that it would be nice to call her and let her in on what I am doing, but her heart just didn't make that possible. Enjoy your memories.
    77 days ago
    What a lovely young woman! My mom’s been gone for over a year and a half. She was a child during WWII, and I heard how my grandparents’ friends and families shared around their ration cards. Keeping shoes on growing kids was tough.
    77 days ago
    Going through the memories keeps the heart happy. Thanks for sharing one of yours!
    77 days ago
    Such awesome memories. Its always the small things too.. Nice photo. She was very beautiful.
    77 days ago
    Your mom is beautiful. We had a warmer day here too.
    77 days ago
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