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March 4-...Winter returns

Thursday, March 04, 2021

After the lovely teaser days in the mid 60's with sunshine..Winter decided she needed to flex her powers to remind us...Not done with ya 'al yet!! Smells like...feels like snow out there..so far just some moisture on windows but I expect to wake to at least a dusting of the white stuff!
Spent most of the day going thru more stuff and boxing it up..then finding places to put the empty boxes till I can fill them. So tired of not being able to walk into my closet due to boxes living there!! So they are on the back porch, for now and I can walk in and actually turn around!!
Molly investigated each box, empty or full to make sure they were all as they should be. She lost interest when the empty ones came out. That means that those were there for the cats amusement. They checked the boxes out ..declared none of them cat worthy and went on their way. Poor sad boxes sitting there empty...don't worry I will soon fill you up and take you to a new home!! hee hee
This AM I opened the Duck Shed door and the boys looked at me then scurried to a corner. I backed off a bit so they could get the idea it was ok to come out, but they were still hesitant. Finally after some coaxing and talk they decided to make a dash for freedom. As soon as they were out they hit the water for their morning bath ..Neighbor hasn't come for her's yet today...thas ok..if she doesn't make it tomorrow I will haul him over there. Got to get Yacky in there so they can get acquainted.
Then I sat out there talking to the girls for a bit. One big red hen will talk back for a while, no matter what you say she must agree as she always replies with a positive tone to her voice. Then the one that likes to taste test my clothes showed up..just lil peck peck pecks on my pants legs mostly..but she keeps eyeing my lap. Not sure how much longer it will be before she makes that move!! I have tried putting them on my lap..that doesn't work as well as if they decide it is the thing to do. So I will wait for her to decide to come visit.
Threw toys for Molly for a bit..then decided since I do prefer to have feeling in my fingers that we should just give it up and go inside. Not getting better out there for sure!
Ought to be a good night for sleeping! Nite to all...rest well and wake with a positive thought tomorrow. I found if I write down a positive right before going to bed..it is there to greet me in the AM!!
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