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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

emoticon 3-17-21 As of yesterday, I have been on SP for 9 years, 3,288 days EVERYday! I AM still wanting to get back to my goal weight. BUT I KNOW I will when I figure out how to deal with the stress level in my life. emoticon I am SO very grateful emoticon to have found this amazing way to my healing! emoticon Meeting so many wonderful SP friends, (I am not on any other social media) that truly understand how hard it maybe, to live the healthiest lifestyle possible! Through being positive, helpful, kind, compassionate & understanding. SP is THE place I can truly share the 'real' me, without feeling like I need to hide myself. AND the place I can support YOU! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon WONDERFUL years! Here is to the next 9! Have fun playing.... that is MY secret tip for you, reading this message. Just play! ! emoticon emoticon "Be the health with what you have to work with, and I will too!" (Quote by me) I'm off to walk our dog & maybe swing on the swings in the park! emoticon emoticon emoticon

(My SP headdress & sharing about SP)

(my before 3-16-12)

(at goal 3-16-13)

(Now, 15 # from getting back to goal)

(I eat the rainbow)

emoticon 3-18-21 I get to garden today, after work & walking LUCY dog! Woo Hoo! emoticon

emoticon 3-19-21 Sending you sunshine emoticon & birds singing emoticon emoticon ! Both are happening out my window, right now! Spring is actually here, in the SW! Glad to share it with you! Yesterday I played in our yard. Trimming a big bush & raking & cleaning & trenching each plant. Plus feeding & watering everybody! The birds sang to me while I was doing it. SO sweet! emoticon (YES! Pollen is starting to bloom, too, masks helps for that also! HAHA!)

Today is a photo shoot for DH business.We are SO glad to have his company getting us through the pandemic! emoticon It's a pretty day, so happy to go out!

emoticon 3-20-21 Happy Spring to this side of the planet! emoticon Hope you are all doing well! It is VERY windy here, 22 MPH, but sun is shinning! & I am happy to be alive! You, too? emoticon emoticon emoticon

(in our back yard, Fairy spot)

(I am!)

emoticon 3-21-21 to 1 of my Fairy God Daughters! She is 37 years old. A LOVELY woman! Got to 'see' her on Skype. emoticon

Today is house cleaning. Laundry; bathrooms; kitchen, etc. The sun emoticon is out & it IS actually Springtime, here. Not much wind!

Unfortunately, our neighborhood, has MANY Fruitless Mulberries trees, (1 of my favorites) . For 2 weeks they spread thick blanket of yellow pollen, everywhere. These trees were planted in about 1975, when the houses were built. They are AMAZING shade trees. SO BEAUTIFUL. They are illegal to plant now & for about 20 years, because they cause such bad air quality. Even with masks, I can get some pollen into my sinuses. Not good for LUCY, either. With yesterday's winds, the pollen is EVERYWHERE. So IF I do go for a walk in the park, it will be double thick masks. I'll see how it goes. Welcome to Spring in the desert! I love living here, learning to adapt!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

(our Mulberry from our upstairs bedroom, last year)

(from the internet)

emoticon 3-23-21 YES! Spring is HERE, in the SW! Yesterday I had my hair cut. emoticon My hairdresser, gave me a pink bunny & some" Peeps"(luckily I don't eat them, I told him I wouldn't but he said it's Easter. Splurge. I won't they make me feel awful!!) He is so wonderful to me. We have become friends. emoticon
Afterwards I went to Sam's club; emoticon asparagus; cauliflower (SO beautiful, it is like a pretty white flower! I will make pasta sauce with turkey meatballs, & put over the top of it, after I steam it. DH favorite! A little Parm cheese on top.) ; salads; yams; broccoli; bananas & huge oranges. A great day for fresh veggies! Greek yogurt & frozen mixed veggies. Then to local grocery store for organic bread; rainbow carrots; celery; potato; canned pumpkin; & turkey patties & things to round out meals. About 2 weeks worth of veggies! emoticon

I also 'played' at the dollar store. $6.50 I bought some silk flowers, daffodils emoticon & tiger lilies, & butterflies, to put into garden, while waiting for flowers to bloom. So fun, so pretty!

(photo from my friend, just before she gave her Spring equinox sermon! SO beautiful!)

emoticon 3-24-21 Day 3,295 SP everyday! I had a navel orange, yesterday, from CA. It was 2.5 servings of fruit! emoticon As big as a grapefruit! Today, Breakfast was My homemade green drink! Chocolate protein powder, unsalted plain pumpkin, non fat Greek yogurt, super green powder, almond chocolate milk 40 cal. a cup. Yummy, satisfying & energizing! emoticon

Also, I have bought something from my 'bucket list'! A small digital piano, to learn about music! Fun! It is arriving today! Woo Hoo! (1 of my bucket list, accomplishments was walking a 5K! I do this several times a week! emoticon )

1 of my SP friends suggested I put the dryer 'lint' into the yard for the birds. emoticon I had a 'net' from apples & now I have it hanging from our big pomegranate tree. I keep watching, but no takers yet. What an amazingly wonderful idea!

DH got his 2nd vaccine shot, yesterday. The Doctor also did MANY x-rays on his right side, neck. Since his first shot he hasn't been able to move. March 2. REALLY sucks! Hope he heals soon.

The wind is calming down from 45 MPH emoticon to about 10 MPH, later. Hope to get out to walk LUCY dog & me! I miss being outside. I double mask when I go out, because of the VERY thick pollen. I do not take medications, just vitamins, so preventive for me is the way to go! I also, oil down my sinuses before I go out. A couple drops of olive oil into each nostril & then a little water to move it into the deeper parts. REALLY helps me!

Hope your day is FABULOUS!!!!! emoticon Today is a red letter day! I re-started Sheppard Pilates!!!!!!!!!! It has been since I was injured jumping in Zumba! , Jan. 19, 2019 emoticon emoticon emoticon

(photo of my lunch a few times a week)

(I try to eat the rainbow!)

emoticon 3-25-21 yesterday I re-started my Sheppard Pilates DVD. 2 yrs. ago I hurt my knee JUMPING in Zumba. emoticon I had a real fear emoticon of not being able to get off the floor, or worse, hurting myself again. I have been doing SP Nicole's 12 minute core workout, 3 times a week. BUT, my measurements (I measured myself today, could be a prettier picture! emoticon emoticon ) prove I need the floor exercises, too. I have been walking a lot more, instead. I know my heart & legs are strong. But for me, NOTHING helps my measurement like this Matt program. SO I hope to get back into it, 3 times a week. At this point I am only up to 22 minutes. But the full hour is in sight! I will take it VERY easy & not stress my body. I had not planned on sharing this with you, but it will help with my en-couragement! It WILL take courage on my part. I'm off to it, thx for reading! THX for your support! emoticon

(my Sheppard Pilates body pre-injury, & Fairy God Mother costume, 10-31-2015)

(cover of DVD)

emoticon 3-26-21 Day 2 of beginning Sheppard Pilates!!!!! This time 30 minutes & rest afterwards, on computer. WOW! Intense! But feels good! The saying' use it or lose it' comes to mind! My goal is 3 times a week for the entire hour. (2 years ago I could do it 3 times a week, Intermediate & 1 hour. PLUS my hip measurement was 4" less! LOL! ) BUT today is emoticon steps! My body remembers from 2 years ago, (after healing knee from ZUMBA jumping), but my legs didn't want to move that way. Need LOT's of stretching & focus, especially in my knees. emoticon emoticon because I AM! THX for the en-couragement! emoticon

Date night tonight. I have been REALLY focusing on EVERY bite, down 2.5 #'s from last Friday, my weigh in day! emoticon So I am making in crock pot, my pasta sauce with turkey meat balls & pumpkin & spinach, over Cauliflower. We each get 1/4 of the cauliflower, (it is the most beautiful 1 we have ever had! Only $2.50 at Sam's club!) no pasta. DH favorite! emoticon Have a GREAT weekend when it comes! Hope to hike tomorrow! emoticon depends upon weather. We had blessed rain last night & 35 MPH winds..... zoom!

(photos from a friend! Tulip field)

emoticon 3-28-21 I DO seem to be figuring it out. For me it is about fun & frolic! More than having to exercise. emoticon emoticon AND eating GREAT energizing foods, emoticon just not too much of them! HAHA! emoticon In the past 12 days I have released 3.2 #. (since my emoticon Sparaversary). I did NOT like that I was over my goal weight, by 13-19# for several years. SO.... I have been REALLY focusing on every bite. Re -measuring etc. I've been eating REALLY good, since I joined SP, just too much. I also measured myself, first time in almost a year. 4" bigger in my hips. (Pilates REALLY works for me, with measurements) CHANGING-TURTLE pointed out to me, that on our START page, it shows how many calories I have eaten & how many I have burned up with exercise. I realized I have been keeping at my high calorie range, but exercise burning has been less. Focusing on this tiny key, has changed ALLOT for me this past 12 days. I am VERY proud of myself, saying no, more & more. REALLY listening to my body if I am hungry, or have exercised too much. I do that quite often. I have been eating at the lower end of my tracker AND added Sheppard Pilates, for strength. It IS working! I am playing at getting back to my goal, by Mother's Day trip to see my own. emoticon emoticon It has/is changing my life & other's around me. emoticon for being my SP friend & sharing your journey with me. I can honestly say, I couldn't do it with out you! On this my 3,299 days of Sparking, EVERYDAY! Have a blessed week, ahead! emoticon

(yesterday's hike in Nature Preserve)

emoticon 3-29-21 So, YES! I am so happy to be getting back to my 'old' normal, as far as SP land goes! I've re-started measuring & that has helped! When I cook, I wear a mask, so I have to take it off, if I want to eat something. Little bites all day long, (SP coach talks about this all the time, I am finally listening!) REALLY kept me over goal! HAHA! Also increased exercise, watching my numbers on my START page, I've been here 3,300 days & never looked at it! I'm down another almost 2#, since Friday's weigh in. I eat ALLOT of veggies. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon But am adding more when hunger hits between meals, green tea emoticon as well as my regular water. emoticon Sorry to go on & on, but I've been waiting years to feel this way again! emoticon

The weather is beautiful, so getting outside is easier. Except the huge Pollen pods, I'm wearing double masks, so not to get it into my sinuses. There is yellow pollen EVERYWHERE in our neighborhood. It only last 2 weeks, but I want to get out side & garden. Patience is not that easy for me, but we live in paradise, can't really complain! emoticon

Another AT GOAL photo: 9-28-14 walking miles through Wild Animal Safari, San Diego CA 15 pounds to go to get back to it!!!! GREAT inspiration!

emoticon 3-31-21 My goals for April, to continue to release weight, I'm down 5.4 pounds for March!!!! It's been years! 11.4 pounds back to goal! I am measuring EVERYTHING, once again!!!! EVERY single bite. That is why my weight is balancing out!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
(me balancing, haha!) I have also been adding little bursts of exercise here & there. It is all working for me, since my emoticon Sparkaversary March 16!

200 SP minutes a day & 200 fitness minutes a day. As usual!

emoticon emoticon Happy 'playing' with your goals. Play is my only way to be healthy. IF I think of things as exercise, I won't do it! emoticon emoticon Tomorrow I am doing a PSA for the nature preserve. Sure would like to be back to goal, for the filming! Oh well, I AM doing good! emoticon emoticon

(photo taken 11-2019 on a trip with my beautiful Mom, this is 'who' I am taking tomorrow, The Scarecrow. We made him in 1968! photo 19 pounds above goal emoticon l)

emoticon 4-2-21 I had an opportunity to preform yesterday!!!! emoticon First time since 2-2020. It was for a PSA for the nature preserve. SO fun & lot's of exercising! Just a few children, we were outside. SO happy to be able to bring joy this way! emoticon

Also, release 2# this week!!!! FOCUSING is really doing it for me! I'm off to Sheppard Pilates DVD! Already gardened & housework. Tonight is DATE NIGHT. Going to "Panda EX" I will be VERY careful all day. They are high in calories. I will break my meal into 3 servings. Ordering Greens(as side dish) ; string bean chicken; orange chicken (REALLY careful here) & Mushroom chicken. Whole brown puffed rice sticks for desert as well as, unsweetened pineapple! emoticon YUMMY! Have a great FRIDAY, everyone!!!!

(geese on the pond, on hike after PSA)

(humming bird on trail)

4-3-21 Happy Easter if you celebrate! emoticon off to hike! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 4-5-21 MY DH is STILL hurting from first vaccine March 2. It's been REALLY awful! LUCY is not standing well at all. Yesterday, before her magic pill, she couldn't even stand. I put some adhesive strips near her dog door. That gave her traction. Once the med kicks in, about 1/2 hr later, she can stand. We went for a walk this morning, then I brought her home & went for another 45 minutes. Also did 33 minutes of my Sheppard Pilates, DVD. Those are HARD minutes. BUT I can tell, already clothes are fitting better. So I am a little tired from all the things going on at home. Also, laundry.

We had a lovely Easter. Grilled chicken; asparagus; pineapple slices; & 2 deviled eggs. Rainbow carrots for an appetizer. Lemon meringue pie for desert. I kept the calories REALLY low as possible. We ate about 3 pm. I didn't eat anything afterwards. Up about 1/2#. Then, just before bedtime, DH surprised me with another Easter gift. (I didn't pick it out, haha!) A HUGE Reeses Peanut butter egg, 800+ cals. It WILL go into the freezer. Can't even see it, with out salivating! Also, a lovey Guarding Angel for my car's visor. AND a darling card. I was VERY surprised & VERY happy! I stayed true to my health, yesterday. Glad for it!!!

THX for reading! Hope your world is doing GREAT! Have a good week! emoticon

Our Easter table

emoticon 4-6-21 Happy Spring! emoticon I am DOING IT! Down 5.4 pounds since March 16, my 9th Sparaversary. emoticon for me! Baby steps, right? emoticon Tracking EVERY bite & EVERY fitness minute! I was tracking, just generally, over the week. But for now, it is everyday, every bite. emoticon At lest for 21 days. Happy I am feeling the difference. ALL info from emoticon & Spark Coach emoticon

I truly hope you find the WAY to YOUR goals! I'm here to help you, just ask! emoticon

(wink, wink)

(Fairy Granddaughter Easter)

(Fairy God Daughter & Fairy God Son, Easter, hope to see them 1 day soon!)

emoticon 4-7-21 Today has been VERY hard, so far. LUCY dog, fell down the stairs. She just doesn't have the hip mussel to lift her, anymore. It is so sad. She's ok, right now, but we are defiantly needing to decide about her quality of life. She was good on Easter, even came upstairs & went for a walk with me. She walked yesterday, too. But it was hard for her. She seems ok in every other way. 16 years is old for a dog, I keep hearing, but she has been doing good, so far this year. emoticon emoticon sorry to share this with all of you, you have your own situations you are dealing with. Thx for 'being there' for me.


(4-4-21 Easter)


emoticon 4-8-21 Our beloved dog, baby, LUCY, passed this morning. Thank you for all the support. This website is the MOST compassionate. emoticon emoticon emoticon

(Lucy smiling)

(Lucy & the doll my mom made for her)

(Angel dog)

My favorite photo of her, Xmas 2017)

emoticon all for your support emoticon 4-9-21 emoticon Down 2.2#'s this week. 198.8 (HIGH goal is= 189.0, medium goal is= 184, & low main goal is= 179)
I believe nothing dies,but not being able to hug LUCY emoticon is hard,

(10-10-2019 our walk in the park)

emoticon 4-10-21 Still grieving, miss LUCY dog so much. sad face {;~( emoticon going for a long hike in nature today. Hope it helps. emoticon emoticon

(This VERY graphic xray, before & after is not me. BUT the obese woman weighed 280#' s I think. Sorry I don't remember who shared it. WOW! Talk about a wake up call! I started SP at 238#)

emoticon 4-11-21 I've been walking emoticon 2 hours, gardening emoticon 1 hour, shopping home depot, lot's of walking, doing laundry & just being happy with the weather. emoticon I have 'planted' some tiger lilies. In hopes that the will help inspire the Bird of Paradise to bloom. It's been 4 years & still nothing. (they are from the Dollar store! Haha!) Keeping busy helps me keep my mind off of LUCY, dog. I also made her favorite Chicken soup, (I needed it too) emoticon So we are set for the week! Strange to make it without her. Anyway, we are getting through it. With YOUR help! emoticon

(lucy's remembrance spot for now)

(before tiger lilies went in)


(another after)

(from upstairs)

4-12-21 emoticon everyone for your AMAZING support & love of our cherished LUCY, in dogie heaven emoticon emoticon emoticon . SO many of us, have been in the same place. I would not have given up 1 day of her 16.5 years, for anything. Our sweet JOY dog. emoticon SP community has become more & more important to me, especially since the pandemic started. Between ALL of you, my devoted DH & our precious LUCY angel, I have come to this point, a little easier. My gratitude goes beyond language. Again, emoticon

emoticon I walked in our beautiful park this morning & played on the swings emoticon SO VERY fun. I used my CORE, as Pilates teaches. emoticon Then got into our backyard garden. emoticon Mainly removing weeds from the 'fairy' emoticon garden spot. (I'm going to put LUCY's paw placket there, when 'she' arrives back to our home.) emoticon I also planted some pretend flowers, yesterday. Read my latest blog 3-16-21 if you want to learn more about me, this past 3 weeks. emoticon emoticon emoticon I'm back to work & still have Sheppard Pilates to do today. emoticon I made chicken soup... so ready for the week! Have a GREAT 1 everyone. IF I can help you in anyway, just ask!

(Love goes across the universe)

(I believe in this SO much! Food IS our medicine)

emoticon 4-13-21 I've been in the backyard gardening, today. After my hour walk. Taking out weeds, getting ready to pick up "LUCY" pup ashes, today. & Making a memorial for her in the Fairy Garden section. BITTERSWEET. Also, DH & I are working for his business, in the field, this afternoon. Before the winds arrive.... 55 MPH expected. YIKES! emoticon Hope everyone is doing great today. Make good choices for your body & I will too!

(our pool today, looking towards the Fairy Garden Spot)

(This flower is on a plant that is over 20 feet tall! The birds & bee's love it)

(bougainvillea on back fence)

emoticon 4-15-21 emoticon it's been a week today emoticon still trying to keep my vibes up. & remember the life all around me. There is SO much to appreciate. emoticon Hard stuff. emoticon

(LUCY last month watching me Spark)

emoticon 4-16-21 I LOVE my water room temperature. I guess I'm kinda boring! HAHA! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon My green drink: Ice; 1 serving chocolate protein powder, 1/4 cup unsalted pumpkin; 1/4 cup non fat Greek yogurt, 1 cup chocolate unsweetened (40 calories) almond milk, 2 TB. Super greens powder. (sometimes black coffee) YUMMY! emoticon

Happy TGIF, Date night with DH! I'm off to walk & garden, in LUCY's emoticon Fairy Spot. Beautiful day in the neighborhood. Be happy & I will try to do so, too! Day 9 years & 1 month Sparking, EVERYDAY 3,318 days. Down 7# emoticon from last March 16. REALLY tracking EVERY bite. (I DO wish I didn't have too, but it seems to be the only way for me to stay at GOAL! As SP always say! 10# more to high goal, 16# to actual goal, emoticon AND stay there!)

(before of LUCY's Fairy Garden spot, panorama)

emoticon 4-17-21 THX everyone, your support is HELPING! emoticon ! Date night was Olive garden. I ate with in my food tracker & went DOWN 2 oz today!!! (DH is still hurting from vaccine spot. 3-2 REALLY hard on his neck. I checked the spot yesterday, there is a bump growing there. YES, he has been to several doctors. My close friend can't get vaccines, because where the shot is, grows a huge growth. She has to have surgically removed. She thinks that is what is happening to him.) But he DID come downstairs for our lovely dinner. I skipped lunch, knowing we would be having take out. Parmigiana chicken & salad, no bread sticks for me. I get 4 servings from this 1 meal! The we watched YOUNG SHELDON & BULL. Talked & relaxed & missed our LUCY.

I am REALLY being focused, in honor of LUCY. emoticon I promised her I would get as healthy as I can. So I can take care of her & DH. Several months ago. (I even added a task on my Tracker goals- other: "I will honor our LUCY pup & find joy in everyday" 4 times a week. It IS helping!) She was so full of JOY, daily. Even her Vet came & talked to me about how everyone in the office loved her. It will be hard to replace that kind of loving spirit. But we are actually thinking of getting a new rescue, in a few months. I KNOW I go on & on about her, but grief takes on it's own life.

I'm off to hike & go grocery shopping today. The nature preserve store is opening, again. masked of course. But it is a start!

(a cute idea on SP)


emoticon 4-19-21 Yesterday after several loads of laundry, (I like doing our laundry, like to play with fabrics! I'm weird!) & Sheppard Pilates DVD 34 minutes & cleaning 2 bathrooms, I was getting ready to dress for a walk, I had a lovely hike on Saturday 4 hours of movement. Talked with my lovely Mom about our upcoming visit emoticon I was so tired & hadn't eaten enough at the correct times. I've been keeping at about 1,400 a day. It was about 2 pm I had only eaten 200 cals for breakfast. I skipped the walk & went downstairs & had my Sunday Brunch. About 600 cal for that 1 meal. I was feeling like a wilted flower. But felt a little better after I ate. Then several hours later had Naked POP corn & dried mango. I thought I was going to gain weight. BUT I released another 1/2#!!!! So in the last 30 days I have released 8#. With 9# to go to high weight goal.The human body is so fun, right? I just need to keep my timing a little better, over the day.

Today is hair cut day & I'm running late..... more another. Stay happy, stay safe & I will too!!!

(for MILLER)

(I am thriving because of this quote!)

emoticon 4-20-21 Hair cut yesterday. Looks 'sassy' as my beauty guy says! Today I am catching up with work. My pile is getting big!

I am down another 1/2#. (I finally stopped following the "CHARTS" & am doing what I feel my body needs. I am NOT a # on a chart. In the mid 1980's I was briefly a model for a magazine called BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. It helped me understand people are not all what others think. Health is my goal, always, now. I am almost back to my high goal weight. 8# to it. IF I went by the CHARTS, I would be 54# over weight. I have been at that weight, but could only keep at it, by eating under 1,000 calories a day! Made me weak. I am 5'9" tall & very active. It is just not enough food for me. Lately I have been REALLY focused on eating in balance, by my food tracker circle. I ALWAYS eat GREAT foods, just too much of them. So I am stopping that. emoticon) I truly wanted to get outside in the garden, plus walk & swing in the park. BUT the air quality is VERY unhealthy, emoticon smoke from another state. So inside DVD's Zumba emoticon , house cleaning, emoticon & SP Nicole's 12 minute seated core workout. emoticon Really need more cardio, so I might do ZUMBA early, today. Have a blessed day! You are all so important to me!

(I like myself with makeup, none here when I go to him)

(hard to see I am down 8#, but it will show in the next 8#!)

emoticon 4-21-21 I am back to REALLY tracking EVERY bite. emoticon Down 8# in 30 days!!! YES! For me! emoticon SP works, just follow it. emoticon THIS 1 book, by founder Spark Guy, Chris Downie has/is keeping my health in check. I can't recommend it enough. There is even a SP team about it. emoticon 14# to get back to goal! I made a promise to our Dog LUCY, that I would get back to goal, for her & my DH. She has passed over, but I am keeping my promise.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Today= emoticon = emoticon = emoticon = emoticon = emoticon =working emoticon Have fun!

(LUCY's last photo, Easter 2021)

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