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Island Spring!!

Sunday, April 04, 2021

The calendar says "spring" but the weather says cold cold cold!! Another sprinkle of snow this morning and pretty fierce winds roaring from the north and ruffling up the white caps. It's time to up my game with duck and geese identification as the migrating flocks return.

We do have a pair of crows building their nest in a tall black spruce overlooking the water. Flying in to their "front porch" landing branch with pretty hefty sticks in their beaks: the actual nest appears to be under construction closer to the centre of the tree. Presumably there will be some softer lining installed before their eggs are laid and due to hatch!

Yesterday we explored a local Farmers' Market: lots of interesting items on sale! Turnips and carrots and potatoes, maple syrup and frozen blueberries, hot waffles or sausage rolls for people seeking breakfast: but also knit and crocheted items, leather ware, birdhouses . . . a big range of highly individual and quirky offerings. We're trying a bottle of local dry rose and another of gamay noir. DH also bought six cans of local beer . . . he had one with supper last night (Atlantic salmon with imported asparagus and my own dauphinoise potatoes!).

And I've been watching YouTube clips on the Island way of preparing lobster, oysters, mussels . . . I would be very happy eating fish every day, and there are lots of delicious PEI recipes on line! Need to find some nutcrackers/picks which apparently are useful with hard shell lobsters -- a pretty messy business which looks like lots of fun. Frozen shelled lobster meat and mussel meat is also readily available and it's quite highly recommended . . . so I will be thinking about expanding my soup repertoire too.

And I've been exploring a local seed company's catalogue . . . they've been in business here for about 150 years so probably the best source for climate-friendly flowers. I'm wanting to create a little naturalized carpet of lupins at the road side (like the neighbour's property to the north) . . . Lupins generally don't bloom until their second year but I'll get started this spring anyhow. And of course there will be lots of nasturtiums, those fat round seeds which I've been planting every spring as far back as I can remember as a tiny child, and which will grow reliably just about anywhere -- blooming even more prolifically in less rich soil.

Just about finished reading the first Anne of Green Gables book which is every bit as delightful as I recall from my own childhood: LM Montgomery was Victorian in outlook certainly and so the novel is quite different from the Anne with an E Netflix series with its updated themes (which I also loved). But the original Anne was an absolutely irrepressible character and her love of nature resonates with me still, six decades later.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes, I could eat fish every day, too. Glad you are getting ready to enjoy.

    It will warm up soon enough. Enjoy your crows and all those other birds, planning your garden, and your reading! Thanks for sharing a bit of your PEI life with your SparkFriends.
    39 days ago
    We had a cold north wind when we walked this morning. 55 degrees, partially sunny and blue sky, and 2-4 mph. Needed our jackets to avoid suffering... emoticon
    40 days ago
    how exciting to have crows building a nest! We had some some small birds not sure what type that started a nest last year - but never had eggs. My sister said sometimes they do that to attract a mate!
    40 days ago
    (((HUGS))) emoticon
    40 days ago
    Gosh, I love fish! Sounds so wonderful.
    41 days ago
    Old Man Winter doesn't want to let go...
    Seafood every day, yay!
    41 days ago
    Lovely to be out and about, reminds me of Whakatane my birth town, we foraged in the ocean and rivers a lot, mussels, pipis, trout, fish caught on a long line kon tiki sent out into the ocean, fires on the beach and Mum's overflowing laundry basket used as a picnic basket with all the trimmings of a picnic.... happy days
    41 days ago
    I expect Spring on the Island is much different from the springs you experienced in Ontario. I know that I appreciate Spring here because it is so much earlier than it was back home although this past Thursday was colder than some Winter days.

    I like the way lupins spring up and fill the ditches.

    One recipe site I follow is: https://myislandbistrokitchen.com/
    41 days ago
    How wonderful to research the PEI ways of preparing seafood. Sounds delicious!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

    41 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Breaking down shellfish is time consuming if you want to cull every delicious morsel out of it. My hands pay a price when cracking the shells open. The gifts from the sea are truly to be savored.
    41 days ago
    There's much to be said for buying local. Especially for your gardens. The local seed companies will only stock and sell what they know to be successful crops. Enjoy learning about your new locale. Happy Easter to you.
    41 days ago
    Hoping spring suddenly springs forth soon emoticon
    41 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Well, the crows are building their nest as y'all feather your new nest. Our State Flower is the Bluebonnet, a lupine that happens to be in my favorite colors, blue blooms and green stems -- earth colors. I enjoy reading about your retirement adventures.
    41 days ago
    It all sounds so delightful! I could eat fish every day, also; there are lots of varieties.

    Love the idea of a naturalized carpet of lupins!

    Happy Easter!

    41 days ago
    If it is like here you will discover "wild" lupins everywhere by late May, almost like coltsfoot they will pop up in the meanest soil conditions, even coming up in the gravel shoulder along the roads.
    We have ice everywhere here, thankfully the streets were passable so was able to get out to enjoy breakfast with my son. The rest of the family are stuck up in Cape Breton but hope to head back early tomorrow. It's been a doozy of an Easter weekend! BTW, don't consider summer tires until much later this month or even early May. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    41 days ago
    I'm looking forward to hearing about the new menu items as well as the additions to the garden. My Austrian mother loved lupines and they always made her smile when she'd see them. We have a lot of crows around here (including three who think our backyard is theirs) -- they are very territorial during nesting season, don't want people even walking near "their" trees, and will dive-bomb any invaders. We even see "nesting crow" warning signs or tape around trees, and most of us know to give them plenty of room.
    41 days ago
    Yes, yes! Updates with the times are nice, but looking back to the original roots is equally edifying! Comparing side by side, adding a bit of logic... and we have... life's, and society's evolution!

    I'm enjoying every new entry as you explore and have your very own Island adventure! emoticon
    41 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    41 days ago
    Mom loves lupines! My favorite is nasturtiums, they are such a bright, cheery flower and have different varieties with variegated leaves.
    You are going to up your healthy food choices with the local abundance of seafood!
    Anne was one of a kind to be sure. So was Shirley Temple, enjoyed watching those movies.

    41 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I'm not sure I could do seafood/fish everyday, as I just started eating fish. I love crab. I've tried mussels and really like them a lot if they are done right. (Garlic and butter sauce) You are going to have a Spring with so many new adventures to enjoy. Life is Good!

    Happy and Blessed Easter to all of you!
    41 days ago
    41 days ago
    You are living in a charming place that is like a fairy tale. Sweet.
    41 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Your new haven sounds so perfect for you and I too love hearing of all of your new adventures.
    Thank you for your sweet words about my little Juno! Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do, but in the end, the right thing for our little girl.
    Have a wonderful day and stay warm. Sending hugs!
    41 days ago
    Mmm, seafood!
    I remember several times a week in the summer we'd have blue claw crabs we caught ourselves and clams from the store on the bay. Our steamer clams were the small ones the fit in the palm of your hand added to the pot of herbs, potatoes and corn. A plain old nut cracker works fine on claws and we used fingers for picking and dipping it all into melted butter!
    I learned to let the clam broth settle and pour off the top or you'd get a jar full of sand!
    41 days ago
    I am reading Anne’s dream house. Read books 2 & 3 just before. Book 4 isn’t in our local library so I’ll have to see if I can get it from a Sister library...and the original book, too!
    41 days ago
    You have landed in a perfect place and I love hearing about every aspect of it.
    The migrating geese are never appreciated here as they stop to rest on their journey.
    Many unfortunate people have wide open yards that attract them by the hundreds with obvious results.
    Not a problem for our wooded lot.
    We are awaiting the arrival of the goslings from the "halfback" couple.
    Lots of ducklings in the spring but we have never had goslings.

    41 days ago
    I would love to eat fish and seafood everyday! Very expensive in Ontario! Enjoy!
    41 days ago
    She was something else that Anne who was so wise in so many ways. Wish I had visited the Island when I would have been able to move around. Thank you so much for making the whole life on the island come to life.
    41 days ago
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