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Mowing season begins... not

Sunday, April 18, 2021

It seems I have a little bit of time on my hands this afternoon so I'm going to write a (short) blog about... you guessed it... mowing the lawn. You are probably reading this because a) like me, you enjoy mowing your lawn and are happy when the mowing season begins OR b) you don't have a lawn to mow and wonder what all the excitement is about. Those of you who don't like to mow probably didn't even read this far.

As mentioned, I enjoy mowing the lawn. Fortunately, I have a fairly small lawn so it is not a huge chore. I enjoy looking at the mowed lawn and get a sense of completion/satisfaction. Even better, it's good exercise - lots of steps and even a bit of cardio if you have a push mower which is what I have had up until the present.

Got a call from my lawn mower fixer guy a while back with some bad news. The large back wheels on my 20+ yo push mower couldn't be fixed and the replacement cost was much more than the mower was worth. Not to worry. I happen to own a second, but rarely used (at least up until now) mower. It's a power mower I bought from a neighbor when they moved to Florida a couple of years ago. It's nearly new and with an electric start. Back when I bought it, I figured some day I would be old enough that I would need this kind of mower. Little did I know when I reached a milestone birthday a week or so ago, it also meant I would be graduating to the power mower.

So that brings me to today. Seems a bit early for mowing season to begin but the grass is lush and bright spring green and you can practically see it growing. In anticipation, I filled up my gas can this week. This afternoon I put on some sunscreen and my work boots, took down the dog pen to get it out of the way, rolled out the mower, filled it up with gas, pushed the start button and ... almost... tried again. Pulled the chord. Again. Again. Sounds like there will be no mowing today.

As I rolled the mower back in the garage, I decided to actually look at the manual that came with the mower when it moved to my house. Yes, I know... when all else fails, read the directions!!! Apparently, the battery has to be plugged in more than just a few hours. Am hoping the suggested 24 will do the trick. If not, will keep it plugged in 48 which is what is suggested after the long winter. And if that still doesn't do the trick, I'm hoping my lawn mower fixer guy can squeeze in a house visit this week.

Oh well, it's supposed to snow Wednesday anyways.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ah yes. A fellow lawn mowing fan. Everything you said about mowing a lawn is what I would say - except that my yard is big-ish. It's like 7 little rooms hedged and hemmed in by forest with a house set down in a kind of junction point.

    the job belongs to my husband in the wicked hot days of summer but when it's lush and green and springtime and/or I have time I get to do it. I always show him the courtesy of asking if I might mow the lawn this week. He laughs and says "You can do it all the time." I never offer that. But the truth is, unlike house cleaning - which can be destroyed the moment you let the dogs back inside - a lawn looks good for at least a week. Long Term Gratification. Yep. Got to love it.

    Hugs to you and happy mowing.
    82 days ago
    Just saw this blog when I came over to your page.
    I hope you were able to get it fixed. We had the same problem recently.
    Fortunately DH does our mowing. I need a mask whenever anyone is mowing anywhere within breathing distance. I have very bad allergies to just about anything growing, Interesting that wearing a mask is helping. Never considered that before.
    91 days ago
    Hope charging that battery longer works! Sorry to hear you have snow on the way. How are the boys? Any new tales of their shenanigans?
    94 days ago
    I feel your pain . . . reading the instruction manual is something I usually do, but . . . not DH. LOL Hope the 24 hr. plug in works!

    97 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    When I was a kid many moons ago, my job was to mow the lawn. I had to use a push mower for a few years and then graduated to a power mower with self propel. Being a kid I thought it was kinda cool, but eventually I did not engage the drive cause it was too hard to use that way. It kept wanting to go where I did not. I actually do like mowing the lawn, but lost that job to my hubby as he feels it's "men's" work. We have a medium sized lot but because of my hubby's bad back, he uses a small tractor mower. He loves it and his lawn is the envy of our block. I still get out there and do gardening so he can have the lawn for now.

    You are also right he get's such a kick when I tell him the lawn looks good. He really does take pride in it, as a job well done.
    101 days ago
    Good luck with the mower dear.
    101 days ago
    I was lucky enough to be able to mow my lawn. I love mowing and yard work. Will probably regret it tomorrow, but today was awesome! Accomplished a lot. And my lawn looks great! And we’re supposed to get cold, rainy weather this week. But I won’t care. My lawn is done. emoticon
    101 days ago
    That's quite a story! I, like you, actually enjoy mowing the lawn. BUT, we have a very large lawn. A couple summers ago my husband was very ill and could not mow (he has a small riding lawn mower and an electric mower for the hard to get at spots). Our lawn needed mowing and my son couldn't come for at least another week so I got the mower out, put in gasoline, and pulled - nope, that wasn't going to happen. He came out and barely had the strength to pull to get started. I proceeded to mow but it took me almost 2 hours.

    Thankfully my son pitched in and mowed every week and it was like watching a marathon runner with a lawn mower in front. Man that kid could get the whole yard done in about 45 minutes! Last year we bought one with an electric start in case I need to mow. He keeps trying to teach me how to use the riding mower but honestly, I'm not that great a driver anymore and I sure don't want to kill myself or anyone else! emoticon
    101 days ago
    I've never been a fan of mowing, probably because I'm not good with mower maintenance... anyway, I can tolerate my sister liking it and talking about it, so I can read a blog of someone else who also enjoys it. In fact, I get joy from reading about the joy of others, so... hope the mower gets better with a longer charge, and you can get back to enjoying it! emoticon
    101 days ago
    A power mower is a game changer, and I don't have one! I loved mowing the lawn, joining your club.
    In a hurry I could get the 1/3 ace done in 45 minutes. If I mowed designs into my big front yard it was a lot longer...like the interconnected circles or plaid or wave. The time I wrote all our names in the grass took a looong time because I had to start and stop between names; cursive of course.

    The day I couldn't pull-start the mower any more, I called a lawn guy. We were both working 12 hour days and I wanted weekends to play with that new grandson. Sometimes I feel I should get a new mower, then I get lazy as I watch the guys do mine.

    Directions are helpful but I would have done the same thing. Maybe after sitting you need a new spark plug.

    Good luck.

    101 days ago
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