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4-23-21 Blog-Journal. A new day, with some updates from last 1.

Friday, April 23, 2021

emoticon 4-8-21 Our beloved dog, baby, LUCY, passed this morning. Thank you for all the support. This website is the MOST compassionate. emoticon emoticon emoticon We will never forget her or any of our 'pets' that went to the rainbow bridge.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

(Lucy smiling)

(Lucy & the doll my mom made for her)

(Angel dog)

My favorite photo of her, Xmas 2017)

emoticon 4-15-21 emoticon it's been a week today emoticon still trying to keep my vibes up. & remember the life all around me. There is SO much to appreciate. emoticon Hard stuff. emoticon

(LUCY last month watching me Spark)

emoticon 4-21-21 I am back to REALLY tracking EVERY bite. emoticon Down 8# in 30 days!!! YES! For me! emoticon SP works, just follow it. emoticon THIS 1 book, by founder Spark Guy, Chris Downie has/is keeping my health in check. I can't recommend it enough. There is even a SP team about it. emoticon 14# to get back to goal! I made a promise to our Dog LUCY, that I would get back to goal, for her & my DH. She has passed over, but I am keeping my promise.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Today= emoticon = emoticon = emoticon = emoticon = emoticon =working emoticon Have fun!

(LUCY's last photo, Easter 2021)

(hugs baby)

emoticon 4-22-21 A letter to SP friend, Hi! CATWMNCAT

I KNOW what you mean about the SP spin tracker. Mine didn't record 1 time. SO I use my SPARK POINTS=Bonus=every 30 days you have been active on the site= to give me the number of days I have been ACTUALLY here! Daily! I'm with you! EVERYDAY on SP land makes my life healthier! Today is day 3,324. I also SO agree with you about not jest lower calories.... BUT REAL food! I have been a "REAL" food person for many years.... now with tracking every bite, I can see where I was over doing it! Today for my yummy green drink, emoticon I thought they were 400 cals each. BUT with all the slurping & extra spoon fulls of yogurt & coco almond milk, etc. I was getting about 650-700 for this 1 drink! YES! Healthy but almost half or less of daily cals. emoticon

I am off to work, emoticon walk emoticon & play on the swings in the park & also garden. emoticon emoticon It is beautiful here! emoticon No wind, YEAH! It was 55 MPH yesterday! Happy Earth Day! I celebrate the earth EVERYDAY, but just wanted you to hear it from me! emoticon emoticon

(from a SP friend)

(my favorite tree, Red Wood)

(our pool & yard 4-15-21)

emoticon 4-23-2021 Yesterday I played in the garden for several hours. Created a memorial spot in the Fairy section of our garden for sweet joy dog, LUCY. emoticon emoticon a lovely way to spend Earth day.

(before after weeding)


(Fairy, LUCY in background)

(from above)

(LUCY with the 'kids')

emoticon 4-25-21 To WATERMELON: about your blog: WHY IS IT SO HARD.....
Baby steps for me. emoticon I AM living an amazing, fun, mostly happy life. I CHOSE it to be that way. It IS hard sometimes because of 'life' happening. But generally speaking I am excited to wake up in the morning & work & play & figure out how to bring more joy to myself & everyone in my life. emoticon emoticon Including you, reading this! With the recent passing of our sweet LUCY dog- baby, emoticon it has been a challenge to keep going. BUT I made a promise to her, several month ago, that I get back to my goal weight, so I can take care of her & DH, (he is still struggling with a reaction to covid vaccine, March 2, EXTREME pain at shot site). I originally released 50#, then 24 of them crept back up. I'm down 10# since 3-20-21 with 13# to go. For today, my baby step is to eat correctly, all day. I did a lot of fun hiking emoticon yesterday & over did it. But ate at all the wrong times. Light in the morning & then too much for dinner. I just couldn't stop feeling hungry, even after the water 'trick'. It IS only 1 day, but I NEED to learn how to balance emoticon myself ALL day. So I don't become a wilted flower in the evening. The AT GOAL & MAINTAINING, team has helped me, even though I am NOT back at goal. I STILL am living my life & love the support & teachings of this team. It helps me focus on my future health. A GREAT group of people, too! Join us, it will help you, I promise! emoticon

I'm back to my world, emoticon go out & "Be the health you want, with what you have to work with, & I will too!" (a quote by me) emoticon

(yesterday's hike)

(a beautiful day in the neighborhood!)

(my favorite 'secret' spot in nature preserve, I saw a beaver there 1 time!)

emoticon Because we ARE!!!4-28-2021 May your Wednesday bring you all the joy emoticon emoticon your heart can hold! Then share it & I will too! emoticon

(This is me at goal, playing hard to get back to it!! 13# to go!)

emoticon 4-29-21 Off to Costco today. I always get a lot of walking in, when I go there. I go around the whole store several times on purpose! emoticon Have a fun day everyone! emoticon

emoticon 4-30-21 Busy day! I walked in the park & came home & gardened for a few hours. Such a pretty day! The high on Wednesday was 68, today is 98! emoticon Almost time for the pool!

Been planning my trip, to see my Mom. SO excited! I leave next Friday. Lot's to do before then. I haven't traveled since 11-2019! Hope I remember everything! I'm off to date night & put away Costco stuff! Hope to hike tomorrow, before the heat hits!!!! emoticon Have fun everyone!

emoticon 5-2-21 3 of My recent accomplishments: Finish the Fairy Garden, spot, where LUCY is RIP. Make the decision to actually go on a trip to see my mom. It's been since 11-2019. Give away my old printer to a couple who will know what to do with it. (I've been thinking of doing this for 3 years!)

5-4-21 Today I went walking in 'our' park & swang on the swings! About 1/2 an hour reaching for the sky! emoticon

When I was a pre-teen I would put on 'shows' for the neighborhood. Singing & dancing & preforming marionettes I made. I served Fizzes & popcorn. I mostly performed 'circus' shows. Since I stared working with our family's marionette theater, when I was 6 years, this was much later. These were MY produced shows. Funny! I am still producing & performing them! emoticon The Circus theme is still my favorite! Has anyone see the movie, JUMBO? Most of the music from that movie, was in our marionette theater shows.. ALL the marionettes from the first 1 in 1968 are still in my storage units, 5 hours away. They have been in hundreds of performances, for thousands of people. Yep! I'm living a fun life, why not, I'd rather have fun, than to be grumpy! emoticon emoticon

(1975 preforming the 'floor' trapeze to song, SWING HIGH, from JUMBO i'm in my wedding dress, singing & preforming at reception)

emoticon 5-5-2021 Happy Cinco de Mayo if you celebrate! Here is a Flowering tree in "our" park, so pretty! Welcome Spring! Been working & playing & packing for trip! Lot's of details, it has been so long since I traveled! emoticon

(This is a desert Willow, in 'our' park!)


5-13-2021 It was a fun trip... I am re-grouping....

emoticon 5-14-2021 Lot's of catching up with DH business, today. Also, gardened, walked, played on swings, Sheppard Pilates DVD & getting ready for 'date' night! Busy times before & after a trip, right? Hike early tomorrow, 100 degrees, YIKES! Hope you are all doing GREAT!

emoticon 5-16-21 Mom gets to go to a horse estate, about 30 horses,almost daily! I took her on Mother's day.... talk about a smile! She's never been much of an outside girl. Usually making marionette horses, instead. It is SO fun seeing her connect to them, they love her, too!

emoticon 5-18-21 Pretty day here! emoticon I played in our Fairy Garden! Hope yo are doing good! I'm off to swim first time this year!


(after, I plant pretend flowers among the real ones!)

(looking west)

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