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April 27-Town....Again!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Well I knew I would have to go to the Lab..that is a quick in and out! They have a new automated check in system..only took 3 tries to figure it out!! Checking in took longer than the blood draw did..
Called in a pick up order to SAMs..and it went great..another in and out...liking this pick up thing! Except they picked some kinda yucky green peppers..will have to use them up quick or at least slice and freeze..but I like fresh ones in my salads!! The dangers of letting someone else do your shopping. On the other hand ..the guy that brought the food to the car was cheerful and very pleasant, nice to visit with for a few minutes. So tis all good!
OH..I thought Cubes got better mileage than what was posted in Diane's reply. My Subby gets an average of 27 MPG if I keep my foot out of it. I set the cruise control at 65 and they can pass me..I will be laughing all the way to the gas station!! I don't look forward to Summer Gas prices but indeed they zoom right up this time of year. How do folks afford to feed those big ole pickups that they are towing campers with or a motorhome!!
My day was full of what have to be called "blond moments"...just felt like I was running on 2 brain cells most of the time, couldn't get all of them engaged at the same time it seemed.
Managed to get done what needed done..and did it all safely...so that counts for something I guess.
No need to go into detail just onna those days when if you look in the mirror you would say..hmmm they look just like me!!
One of my old hens decided today would be a good day to transfer to Chickie Heaven. She had been looking a bit off for a few days so not surprised..Actually what I am surprised at is that they are still doing their job and earning their keep at their age. The entire flock will live to their own ripe old age this is a "pet flock" not a food supply. I did laugh when one of the girls asked if we ate those chickens..well not unless you wanna slow boil them for days..they would give a whole new meaning to the phrase ..tough old bird!! So I am down to 4 hens and my rooster...the geese and pair of ducks..Blue Boy , not sure how long those Lion Head rabbits live. I do suspect he is getting elderly in Rabbit Years. Seems strange for the fields and pens to be so empty...indeed life changes as time passes.
Good night to all...appreciate what you have and celebrate those magick moments..life indeed is only a blink of the eye!!
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    45 days ago
    I am not into shopping but would not want someone else choosing my food - too many dented, expired cans are placed in the front of shelves. Too much overripe bruised produce needing a home. Too many packages of meat ready to expire or full of fat.

    Our cages are all empty now. Very lonely.
    45 days ago
    Oh no I could never eat one of the girls, they are the stuff of stories not stews!
    46 days ago
    Life is so much fun, and yet, as we all seem to coming to, also fragile, so LIVE IT UP as we can!! PARTY In the DAWG HAUS????

    Glad the shopping went so well!!! I have NO CLUE how those who haul a truck/car AND Boat ever do that!! Most of them start out with ZERO experience. NOW THAT'S DANG OLD SCARY!! Cheri and I can attest to what an experinced 18 wheeler can do to ones body, let alone an UNEXPERIENCED "Driver" trying to handle all of that. When I see them I either make a stop so they are LONG GONE or if I need to and I DO I pass them ASAP and YES I'll even put on my HAZZARD Lights "just in case." I hate the taste of metal in my mouth! Oh my Nissan the most HATED CAR I'LL EVER OWN only got 12 to 13 MPH IN THE CITY!! We live ,, we learn.

    So sorry about the hen!! It's hard when they are pets and die. It hits the point where taking care of pets,, even barn yard pets, just gets to be to much. As cute and fun as they are.
    46 days ago
    Gotta love those "blonde moment" days. LOL
    46 days ago
    Awwww, little hen is in bird heaven now. Life's constantly changing, that's a fact as is that we're all going to die. And we got to adapt or die trying. Enough said. Have a great emoticon
    46 days ago
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