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Dog training: Private lessons Day 2

Friday, April 30, 2021

Today was our second private training session.
We worked on the following:
1. Safe spot (mat, blanket, or dog bed)
2. Loose leash walking

Safe spot:
I discovered today that Kaylee and I both have ADHD. So we fit.
We used a blanket for the safe spot. Kaylee doesn't really care for her kennel which is the ideal safe spot.
She has anxiety bad.
I had to also do the training with Bradley since Kaylee has to know what he is doing or she won't participate.
We put him on his bed and told him to stay. He didn't move the whole 40 minutes we did this.
Kaylee will lay or sit and then jump right back up to see what else is going on.
My goal is to get her to preferably lay and take deep breaths. I will work on this a few times a day.
The idea is that once she has a safe spot, thunder, etc. won't be so bad.

Bradley loved all the treats. I have these mini bones that I broke in 3. They are already about the size of a pinky but I didn't want to over feed.

Kaylee liked the treats but just couldn't calm down or stay for long. It will be a work in progress.
The hope is then to train her not to jump up or run when the gate opens to the back of the house and then the cats may feel safer.
We have one cat, "The Duck" who isn't afraid of anything. I also worked on giving him attention while Kaylee laid on her blanket. That is also a work in progress.

Loose leash:
This is really not going well. Kaylee is so anxious. I have spent hours getting the collar and harness to be accepted. She used to get so excited that she would run and cower. Now, she sits pretty while I put it on and then freezes up until the walk.

So that was day 2. It was supposed to last 1 hour and went 1 hour and a half. The trainer is really good at not rushing Kaylee. Kaylee did nip her when she tried to show me nose bop. So, trainer now must not get too close in our house. Outside is fine.

I think that I'll ask about maybe a muzzle. The really open kind where the dog can't nip people.

I have ordered her a calming collar and some calming chews. We shall see if those work.
I will post the next session. I have 3 more unless I chose to add on.

The plan is to get her happy in the harness and to take treats. Once that happens, she should do better on the walks because I can give her treats.

She also hates lawn mowing trucks or any truck with a trailer and tries to chase them. I have to sit her down and pet her back leg slowly until she calms down.
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