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Sunday, May 02, 2021

My day started with my DIL calling to say..ROAD TRIP! She spotted a yard sale that she Had to go to! Yeah sure..I just plowed up half the yard with my head yesterday ..you bet I wanna go for a ride!! Sigh...she loves yard sales, doesn't really get to go to many ..so yeah I am ready! At least this sale was up in the mountains so it was a nice ride. Turns out to be a really good trip!
They found a window to replace one that was damaged by hail..and at a great deal less than it would be anywhere else. She found a horse statue/lamp that she loves ..so guess it was worth while to see the big ole smile on her face!
We stopped at one of the local eateries for lunch..twas yummy BBQ brisket sandwich and shoestring potatoes. This place serves up really good food so we left with happy tummies.
It got warm today..in the 80's which in my opinion is a few degrees too many on any day. I opt for temps of 75 or less thank you! Strange for it to go from cool and windy to hot and scorching ..but what is not unusual with the weather any more!!
The pups were very glad to see me home and stampeded to the door. Did their business and were back wanting in absolute record time. They don't like the heat either!
I have a couple of hens that have decided it is time to sit a nest...known as being Broody. The problem is they want to sit in the same nest..second problem is .there are no eggs in the nest.
So they stack and pile in this lil box and will peck the blood on you if you try to shoo them out.
One of them finally gave up and flew/jumped out to the ground , hit the ground grumbling and proceeded to go thru the entire chicken yard in a grumpy mood, just grumbling at anything and everything. I feel sorry for them..almost sorry enough to go find them some chicks..the key word there is "almost". We really do not need more chickens right now, especially babies.
Cheri...snake story coming up!!
When we got back from the yard sale Gene's dog was barking her snake bark. He went out back and sure nuff there was a nice sized Bull Snake right there by the dog's water pan. Gene picked it up and brought it out to show us..get real,,to scare us!! But it doesn't work anymore. Snake all twisted around his arm and really not that big of one. So Gene offers to turn it loose in my car..I had a mouse in the car and he says ..that will get rid of your mouse. Yeah would probably get rid of my car as I crash it and take off running!! Was the response he was looking for. What he got was me calmiy saying..that's ok..I got the mouse with a trap..you can let that guy go do his job right here in your yard. Even Tammy has gotten used to the Bull Snakes a bit and doesn't scream then go running anymore. Now I won't handle them and I also won't kill them..they are good snakes that take care of our yards and are welcome. I do wish they were a bit brighter color though since I have almost stepped on one more than once. They just blend in with the grass so well you don't see them. The little guy got turned loose away from the dogs and is now free to live his life .
Had a fun Zoom call with some team members..so nice to see and visit!!
A full and fun day indeed. I hope your May Day was a good one as well.
Good night to you all..here's a tee hee to finish the night!
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