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Back again!

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Sunday- new day, new week, new beginnings. I made it through the week, and decided I needed electrolytes! For now I am adding bone broth to my daily routine. I love my Juicy Nuggets! I have had more energy this week than I have had for quite a while. Of course, when you only have 3 spoons and you get 2 more, there is still room for improvement. As I age, and remember what I used to do, I realize that I need to bring the things back into my life that bring me happiness. One of those happy times was living in Alaska, raising my family and participating in the Women of the Moose. This was a big part of my life. So I found a lodge that is very close to my home, and joined. COVID has made it a little trickier. But the amazing part was that I have found neighbors and my hairdresser, also belong. I am excited! This lodge doesn't rely on the women to cook on the weekends, and I am sad for that. But they do fundraisers for good causes and I am happy about that. Another thing that I miss is gardening. When I lived in Palmer AK, we spend a lot of time in our yard. Now I love my yard, but it isn't Alaska! Instead of trees, I have an amazing saguaro cactus, and a cranky palm tree. I am grateful that I have found someone who will keep this 65' beauty trimmed up. I also have an orange tree ( which when blooming smells magnificent) and a grapefruit tree that has seen better days. Today I ordered a leaf blower so I can tidy up around here. I have been collecting Tidy Cat containers, a friend dropped off a huge bag of compost, so I am ready to start my "Red-Neck Garden". I am planting KETO friendly foods, which are leafy, cruciferous veggies. My champagne tastes envision a gorgeous yard with garden towers, flower beds, automatic sprinkling systems etc. My beer budget ( absolutely not KETO), will settle for recycling containers and using my creativity. Actually that might turn out for the better! Today I also ordered a new chlorine resistant swimsuit, water shoes and water aerobic dumbells. One of my joys was participating in water aerobic classes. As things open up around here in the park, Marcie is starting classes again. This will support my goal of getting 1/2 hours of exercise daily, give me social time with my neighbors and lots of Vitamin D from the sun! Lets talk about Bullet Proof Coffee. As most of you know I am a coffee lover. Black and strong! I am going to try the BPC. It seems to be a basic of KETO, and I will get over the idea of having "stuff" in my coffee. After all it is only one cup, right? More later. Love you all
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