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crazy week, dog sitting, grandson, Pfizer shot #2

Saturday, May 08, 2021

I had a normal long work day on Monday and Tuesday. I swear that I have a whole week in just those two days. I tend to work 10-12 hours each day. It is exhausting.

My son asked me Tuesday morning if I could keep his two dogs for the week and his oldest son.
I was like um, I hadn't planned for grandkids so I don't have food that he likes.

He came over Tuesday night with all. I was still working. I took a break and said hello. He put up the dogs crate, dropped off their food and then went to get our grandson some food. Our granddaughter chose to hang out while they shopped. She likes to put on some music and jump on the bosu or the step 360 in our fitness room. It has a wall of mirrors so that makes for extra fun.

The first night, the dogs barked (a lot). They are a basset hound and lab mix. They are sisters. One is slim and black. The other is chubby and beige and white. I noticed that Bailey (the black) one gets distracted and Lulu the beige one will steal Bailey's food. I tried to separate them while they ate but my Kaylee is a very slow eater and both would steal her food then she would get mad. Kaylee is food obsessed but she just likes there to be food in her bowl. She is not a big eater and will only eat until full. She came this way so we are not sure why. Her nieces also stole all her toys and destroyed them. Kaylee was very stressed.

I had ordered Kaylee a calming collar. It puts out a lavender smell. It came in on Wednesday. After that, no one barked at night. Wow, when you get up in the morning, my living room smells very lavender. Bailey and Lulu barked a lot during the day. During a zoom meeting, I discovered that if I put them in their kennel, they would stop. That was a relief. I also put a blanket over the top of the kennel to create a calming space.

My grandson would wake up early and help feed the dogs then go back to sleep until noon or later. I felt bad because I worked long hours so we didn't get a lot of time together but I didn't expect him or I would of tried to get some time off. We did have a walk and some chatting at the park but not our normal walks. Hubby was injured so no running.

On Thursday, Hubby and I went and received our Pfizer shots. We were both fine on Thursday. We woke up miserable on Friday. He had the day off but I didn't. I was grouchy and my arm hurt so bad. I slept almost 10 hours Thursday night. I had such a hard time getting up on Friday.

I worked out, then had breakfast. I always drink 24 oz of water during or right after my workout. After breakfast, I felt a little better. After lunch, I felt fine. My arm still ached but not so tired and grouchy. I did cancel Kaylee's training session. I was grouchy and sore and she was stressed to the max. There was no way, we could have done the training. I thought they were all leaving Friday morning, but nope.

On my breaks, I tried to work on their manners and their barking. It was so hard. I always go out with the dogs unless it is raining. Kaylee hates to be outside without a human.

Hubby discovered that if you let one in and one out, then neither bark. They play a lot so they get plenty of exercise. Bailey was so surprised to be out alone. Kaylee and I were out but we were on the other side of the yard. We have a fence down the middle of our backyard to split it up between a dog side and a people side. Kaylee will not pee or poop on the people side. That is for play time and chasing skinks or pacing with mom. It is funny because I normally leave the gate open but with the girls here I kept it closed. Kaylee would jump the fence, do her thing, play a bit with the girls then jump the fence to come back with mom. It is a 3 foot fence.

My daughter picked them all up at 5:30pm on Friday. Kaylee didn't relax until about 8pm. Poor thing. It was just too much socializing.

My son and DIL closed on their house Friday morning at 10:30am but didn't get the keys until almost 5pm. In SC, the title has to process with the courthouse before they will give the keys to the new owners. They had to just hang out all day. Their home is 40 minutes from the courthouse.

My DIL's mother had the other two kids and she and her hubby drove all of them to SC last night too. They had a full house with everyone camping out in their living room. We will wait and go see the house later. That was 9 people and two dogs.

I woke up today and feel wonderful. Even some aches in my hips are not bothering me.
Kaylee received a Bark Box last night. She loves her new crinkle crab. Good thing since all her toys were destroyed.

We are all looking forward to a quite weekend. Even Bradley who would bark right along with the girls. He thought it was a competition to see who could be the loudest. He won. The girls are not cat friendly either. That was another problem. Even The Duck was not happy and he is one tough cat. Frank (grandson) actually spent an hour in the bedroom with The Duck and calming him down with love and cuddles. Frank did a lot of that with the dogs too.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've diffused lavender at night, but recently picked up a roller ball. Was shocked at how sleepy I got very soon after using it a little before I was going to bed--plus it seems to help with sounder, more refreshing sleep. Interesting on the collar!
    29 days ago
    Wow...no wonder you're tired.
    40 days ago
    Wow I'm tired just read about all you've done. Sounds like you have a fun grandma's house for kids and doggies. Lots of energy to handle it all too. Good for you!
    41 days ago
    Sounds crazy busy! Great job serving everything at once. We just left our dog for 2 days with a friend and it was rough for both. Have a great day!
    42 days ago
    @1crazydog Kaylee's trainer suggested the calming collar and some calming snacks. Overall, it is still a work in progress but she is sleeping better or I just don't hear the whinning.
    43 days ago
    Wow! Great tip on the calming lavender collar! Wonder if that would work on husbands! JK Am going to try thatFor our Miss Lilly! Sounds like you have your hands full w/grandkids and granddogs.

    Sorry you were so miserable from the shot. BUT glad you’re better now.

    Good luck to your son and DIL with their new home.

    43 days ago
    Glad you got your second shot!
    43 days ago
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