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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

One thing that the isolation of the pandemic year has done for the introverts among us, is to give us extra time to identify what's going on inside our bodies and minds...

Drawing conclusions, we have a new set of insights into "what we learned".

One thing I've noticed coming out of the isolation zone is that I over-people more quickly than I used to. Or maybe I don't, I just have not been peopling much at all, for a whole year, and at this point, any increase seems excessive.

That brings me to yesterday afternoon, when the guy from the Pella Window company came out to measure and order my new sliding glass door. He's about ten years my junior. He lost his Dad to Covid 19 last year. His dad was 80, and had underlying medical conditions to boot. Dad was a runner, which is where we connected... he showed me pictures of Dad being pushed in a wheelchair in the Lincoln Marathon back pre-pandemic. I swapped him Kevin's last run story. Anyway, you'd think we'd both been on desert islands for the past year.

It will probably be July by the time that new door gets installed, but it's on order, and today I'm taking it a little easy, staying home, in quiet non-people space. Insight: pacing is important, when it comes to social contact. Because this was added on top of having re-started the personal training, the extra peopling that having Carl here engendered, and Mother's Day when I chased my son away after an hour and a half or so. Schedule quiet days, Barb!

Here's to individual insights that lead to improvements in habits that support health and well-being, right where we are now, coming out of the pandemic slump. Let's implement those improvements this one and only Wednesday, May 11, 2021 we'll ever get. Open the gift that is Today, and Live in it! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    30 days ago
    I'm adding my huzzah to you, JEANKNEE and WATERMELLEN - I have felt overpeopled as well. I find I am not particularly eager to return to anything resembling crowds or lines or hassles. And, like BROOKLYNBORN, I have been disappointed to find out where some of the folks I called friends landed, either politically, or with the vaccine. It's a sure learning curve, and I am definitely guarding my energy.
    37 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    39 days ago
    I've always thought myself to be an extrovert, but this past year has taught me how much I love my quiet time also. Now to remember to balance the two.

    The new door will be a nice addition. I am awaiting new living room furniture. It will be delivered 6 months after I ordered it. Another lesson since the pandemic...patience. emoticon
    39 days ago
    I love your blog congratulations on the new door
    39 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Moderation in all things.
    39 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Understand! I like to be with people, I'm the annoying type that will talk to anyone. However with COVID hibernation I have found myself reluctant to go out. It is like that old physics law.: a body in motion.... Well now I do not really want to go out. We still have to be careful because hubby's treatments leave him immunocompromised.
    40 days ago
    This really made me think. INTROSPECTION time.
    I am not an introvert. I like being out and about and among people.
    Yet, except for family - fully vaccinated family and a few like minded friends, I will not be returning to my former life.
    It has been a sad realization for me that so many I thought I knew turned out to be Covid denying, mask resisting, precaution ridiculing, anti vax, anti science people. I'm glad they have shared their easily debunked conspiracy theories with me. I'm glad they invited me to a demonstration to DEMAND their freedom to enter stores without masks. Now I know who they really are. This is not a matter of a difference of opinion.
    I will not confront them. They are beyond reason. I will learn to be content in a "new normal"
    40 days ago
    I need a blend of alone time/people time.
    40 days ago
    I think it was a relief in some ways for me to hunker down in the woods with the pets and the partner. Sometimes that even felt like too much company.

    I never realized how much of an introvert I really am, until last year. I think I was able to fake the extrovert thing such that I even convinced myself!

    The partner, on the other hand, has really missed socializing. He loves being around people.
    40 days ago
    Now I have always been a social butterfly and a major fomo (fear of missing out) so what this pandemic (and major lifestyle change just months before the break out that included relocating to a new state) has done for me is appreciate solitude for the first time in my life. We socialize weekly with a small group of freinds and I am forever on the phone with those back home but..... for the first time in my life I look forward to just being home. Just the two of us.
    40 days ago
  • DALID414
    I’ve found myself napping longer to recharge after over-peopled days, even the days I have sensory overload from just seeing too many people, dogs, or activities happening.
    40 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    40 days ago
    Our kids tease us that we barely noticed the pandemic coz we are "couch potatoes" and "homebodies".

    Yep ... we like people in small dosages.

    But being sequestered is different.
    40 days ago
    i am a mostly introvert but can do public speaking and can hang and have fun in a crowd if i am in the mood, but lately am losing my eye sight i cant drive. I have to sometimes say no to stuff i would normally love to do unless i have someone near who can lay out the terrain for me and few want to be bothered to help someone out. i sometimes feel like i am being closed in hard to type hard t read hard to watch tv, so i guess its all about enjoying life your way no matter what life throws at you , Hugs
    40 days ago
    I enjoyed my solitude before and now. As much as I love people, I love my quiet time!
    New door will be fun
    41 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Yep, I get it

    ~ Introvert here
    41 days ago
    I'm with you and JEANKNEE!! Oh yes, I "can do" the extravert thing fairly convincingly as needed: but really I need lots and lots of time to "refill the well" after such efforts: whether "in person" or by Zoom etc.

    And I don't think that's necessarily changed with the pandemic: but rather, I'm just more aware of it and more accepting of that in myself too.

    41 days ago
    Barb I understand you like you were my closest sister! Becky (Thoms1) and I went out to breakfast with her two daughters and their children I think that was 4 too many. 'nuff said.
    41 days ago
    Not an introvert, though I live alone and like being alone and am never lonely. More an extrovert as I love meeting new people and nurturing my relationships, knowing I can return to my solitude. I left my last job because I didn't really like working in solitude aka remote.

    And I didn't go completely into a year of isolation. Bought my own supplies (masked and sanitized), did my own errands (socially distanced and masked and sanitized) and kept in touch (live and in person socially distanced with a small circle of neighbors and friends). I zoomed a lot (too much) with my volunteer activities, I worked the election polls and I started puppy raising with a co-raiser.

    Inside events are limited though I am outside with some small (under 20) groups of vaccinated people now. Did dine inside (a first time since once in June) last Sunday with my circle of friends, with one young person not vaccinated who was in my group previously. Hygiene remains important and I don't balk at wearing a mask when required or for the comfort of others. Hugging once again, but only to people I know. Will be visiting family again, first time since November.

    Of course my comfort level really peaked last fall when I volunteered for the Moderna clinical trial and pretty much 'knew' I had been given the 'real thing'. Social contact should always be subject to how one feels...if I don't feel like seeing someone or anyone for that matter - I DON'T.

    Here's one thing I learned during 2020 - we would all be better off if we labeled less, avoided tribal instincts and embraced humanity for both its diversity and its commonalities.
    41 days ago
    I know exactly what you mean! I've been in contact, electronically, throughout the past year and I'm grateful for that, but I get over-stimulated very quickly when I'm back [safely] visiting with dear friends. It is a gradual process, isn't it? I have to rebuild the strength of my Peopling Muscles; they've gotten a bit soft and flabby. I'm only socializing in very safe situations with vaccinated people and masking when I absolutely must go amongst the general public. But how wonderful it is to have more contact and more hope!
    41 days ago
    I was invited to attend a gathering of church volunteers for this Sunday. I debated...really debated. It's outside at a park so there'd be no need to mask. Honestly I'm more extro- than intro-, but just didn't feel I could justify it. I might've said yes if DH was willing to go, but I know he would say no... Oh well. Not yet. I'm still hosting the online service at 11 on Sunday's. We think it was a God-thing when the pastor called and asked if I could be on every Sunday instead of every other. We were giving serious though to going back inside. Not yet, Lord!
    41 days ago
  • COOP9002
    41 days ago
    Insights of an Introvert! I HEAR YOU!!! LOUD & CLEAR!!!

    I, absolutely do not share the push to break free of pandemic restrictions. Honestly has not felt all that restrictive to me at all.

    The extroverts in my family have truly suffered. Me? No.

    Take care of yourself, Barb. Glad you're recognizing the need to pace, when it comes to social contact.

    Well, the door has been ordered. Decision made. Will await the report in the coming months. Anticipating that you'll be pleased.
    41 days ago
    YES! I think because of the isolation of the last year, over-peopling happens more quickly. I am an ambivert but . . . this isolation has really shown me how much introvert I have in me! That's not bad. Just an observation about me that surprised me.

    Good luck w/your new door.

    41 days ago
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