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Holding on....letting go...

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Good morning friends.. Started yesterday with a #cko session, substitute trainer, class was good, but I found myself throwing in some cardio and a few burpees even to get my heart rate up. Say what????? Put in a few hours of work, pulled the weeds that sprung up like a mini jungle in the my tulip bed while hubby did some of his own wrangling with the weeds that grow through our side fence.

We bought this house from my parents and they planted a lot of stuff right along the fence line.. including this rose bush that has little pink roses that was transplanted from one my grandfather grew at his and grandma's house. When we get back from Nashville, I am going to cut some stems to sprout to transplant it to another location.. At some point that fence will need to come down and the rose bush is completely become entwined with it so I am taking necessary steps to help it change and grow anew in a new location because it is too important to me to risk losing.

Holding onto to precious things, that I'm really good at. Letting go of things that aren't so special, that is where I need work. Especially hard is deleting photos from my phone. I have maxed out storage on my new phone which has mega storage.. Thousands of pictures, mostly Ryder with nature and food thrown in.

I came across a decluttering post somewhere yesterday and I read it and it spoke to me, so I reproduced it in big bullet points and printed it and taped it to the inside back panel of my work desk where I will look at it at the very least 5 days a week several hours a day until I gradually begin to dispose of some of the things I still hold onto that literally have little or no value to me..

Didn't grocery shop since we are leaving today for a week so yesterday was eat what's in the house.. so breakfast was an egg with salsa and guacamole on a light tortilla factory tortilla. Lunch leftover black bean, lentil and sweet potato soup on made for #meatlessmonday (gave the rest to my son to finish while we are gone) dinner was a salmon burger with light mayo and a tossed salad with the leftover sesame/ginger dressing I made last week.

Kickboxing this morning then shower, work and off to the airport. We're staying at an air bnb.. first time for us. There will be BBQ and biscuits this week, of this there is no doubt, so we will be stopping at the store to pick up some fruits and veggies and healthy options to be intertwined with high calorie foods. I don't do biscuits with sausage gravy often, but when I do, I'm not looking for a modified version... same with BBQ .. I don't generally do chicken but go for the beef and pork.. but the plan is anchor each day with more healthy choices than not, there will be lots and lots of walking.. I will work standing abs back into my routine this week and some arm and ab 10 minute workouts to make up for the missed kickboxing and strength training.

My plan is to have a really great time, take in some really great music, eat some really great food get in a lot of quality time in nature and listen to my body. Same thing I do every other day of the year. I may or may not talk back just a little bit though.. it is vacation after all...

Well gotta run.. last kickboxing class until next Wednesday. Ryder and I say have a fabulous day, make it fun, make it special and if something doesn't bring you joy.. let it go!


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