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Bought protein powder and discovereda new nutritional fact re fiber!
Tuesday, October 15, 2013      5 comments

Protein powder is 130 calories 4 carbs n 30 protein w 5 fiber; according to the trainer I can deduct fiber amount from the carbs! I haven't read anything bout that here, but I may not know where to look, either. It's hard to eat anything... Read more
Tuesday, October 15, 2013      2 comments

Awake early, 13 month old grandbaby happily goo-goo-ing into the wee hours; my 23 yr. old daughter, gladly meting her every need! Breakfast, house work, shower ... Read more
today a day to begin again
Sunday, October 13, 2013      4 comments

I have not cheated, I have STAYED BETWEEN THE SUGGESTED AMOUNTS of carbs, cals, FATS, ETC. I HAVE EVEN DONE MY BEST AT LIFE STYLE CHANGES LIKE EXERCIZING! But, I am losing my enthusiasm for the spark plan. So, I am beginning a new today to... Read more
all is good
Friday, October 11, 2013      6 comments

Every day is better than the day before lalalalala emoticon... Read more
I blew it~ not my diet.....
Thursday, October 10, 2013      6 comments

I forgot my appointment! I have areas that need to be brought back under my control, ... since my daughter is here I'm so busy, but she can't be my excuse. I have got to find a way to keep my mind on what/s best for me. End of discussio... Read more
I'm eating too close to the top of my calories!!!
Wednesday, October 09, 2013      1 comments

I repent~ It sneaks up as I prepare or make changes to my food plan. Its too close for comfort....... Tomorrow will be better! I did walk up a fairly steep hill today but ...? it was planned, too. If I want to loose weight, I think I f... Read more
At a plateau for a week now......
Tuesday, October 08, 2013      4 comments

not too discouraged about it, though. I will take my measurements now. I know I'm losing inches because my clothes fit much better. I was looking forward to 199, still 3 pounds away! I'm exercising, by riding my bike and walking. Dinn... Read more
today: stationery bike
Monday, October 07, 2013      3 comments

I discovered I can ride the 'bike' and do many other things, as well. It was a good experience on my 2nd cardio exercise in my off days of 5k training, too. I'm liking it!... Read more
I bought a pedometer!
Sunday, October 06, 2013      10 comments

I love it. I can see how each thing I do adds fitness and burns a few calories, at least. I read a few blogs that let the light shine on my lack of fitness and they encouraged me. I tried to forget them, but the blogs left a lasting impre... Read more
Hectic is best~
Friday, October 04, 2013      2 comments

Yes! It's good to be busy, even a bit 'out of control' busy as compared to be in a dormant lifestyle, like I was before my daughter came. Busy with housework, my granddaughter, my daughter, making plans, and acting on them! I like a control... Read more
Power in knowing why I choose to gain
Thursday, October 03, 2013      2 comments

Yes, sadly, I understand and forgive myself. I was 'raped' and when I lose weight, even 2-3 years ago, I would cower in fear if a man said anything 'troublesome' to me. I've been in counseling for years. Hopefully at 60 years of age, I won... Read more
Adle Idle widdle waddle
Wednesday, October 02, 2013      3 comments

Today has been a great day. I'm thankful for those days that everything gets done, no one gets angry, and all you meet are polite and loving. Even family members! No one brings up those 'things' that could become a stumbling block and cau... Read more
Do I really think I'm super woman?
Wednesday, October 02, 2013      4 comments

My emotions lie to me~ or is it my mind? Either way, I still think I am capable of mounting tall buildings in a single leap! Not literally, of course. Still, at 60yrs. of age, I forget I can't do what I did 30 years ago. I can't stay u... Read more
The need to find balance with our TIME
Tuesday, October 01, 2013      6 comments

TIME is an interesting concept. We are all given 24 hours each day to do with as we must or as we chose. I believe GOD looks down on us and the 'clock' is beneath His realm! Though it's true that He created the world in 7 days and created... Read more
Obesity a disease?
Sunday, September 29, 2013      9 comments

Before YOU READ THIS BLOG, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I WEIGH 204 TODAY. I'm NOT JUDGING ANYONE, EXCEPT MYSELF! Is obesity a DISEASE, OR A SIN THAT LEADS TO A DISEASE? (Sin is missing the mark, ROMANS 3:23 For all have sinned and come shor... Read more

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