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Jan 6-Pesky truth
Wednesday, January 06, 2021      12 comments

I knew from how my clothes fit that I had found at least some of the Covid 15...I was just hoping I hadn't found ALL of that! I have avoided the scale as if it were a hot plate on the floor knowing it held nothing but bad news. I decided that t... Read more
Jan 5-Where'd that wind come from
Tuesday, January 05, 2021      10 comments

Today started out to be another lovely warm day with promises of temps nearing 60! I was out with the ladies ..enjoying the sun and thinking of things to do outside thru the day. I did luckily get in some wood since there is a forecast for co... Read more
Jan 4-Another lovely Day
Monday, January 04, 2021      13 comments

I got off to a good start this AM and kept the pace going for a large part of the day. The usual Monday stuff..cleaning , laundry and other fun stuff. I did around noonish decide to surprise Angela with a good brunch. So I cooked up a fruitat... Read more
Jan 3, Lovely day for a drive
Sunday, January 03, 2021      11 comments

After chores were done I got that restless feeling of needing to go ...no where special just go! I think my gypsy blood gets stirred up as hints of Spring begin to show! Now I know there is a lot of Winter left...but today was a Spring day . ... Read more
Jan 2-Whoops
Saturday, January 02, 2021      11 comments

I must have thought the New Year meant New ME!! Actually it was a matter of ...it felt so good to get outside and do!! Twas a lovely day in the low 50's with sunshine and hardly any breeze. I trotted out to feed the birds and gather eggs. Th... Read more
WOW...Jan 1!!
Friday, January 01, 2021      12 comments

Time not only flies it develops warp speed as the years go by... Seems not that long ago that the many naysayers were screaming The End has come when 2000 rolled in the door..now here we are many years later..still rocking along and the planet c... Read more
Dec 31-Good bye to this year
Thursday, December 31, 2020      16 comments

Traditions are wonderful things. I have read and heard of so many in reference to the New Year. We always used to have a glass to raise at the stroke of midnight , now tis calmer..oh heck be honest it is the zzz's that greet the New Year now! ... Read more
December 30_-Almost got the year wrapped up
Wednesday, December 30, 2020      10 comments

Today I headed to the kitchen intending to get my salad chopped for the week..some how it turned into Baked Breakfast Oatmeal,,love that stuff!! So good...then made a couple of loaves of that easy fresh bread..somehow salad never got created...... Read more
December 29- Another day logged in
Wednesday, December 30, 2020      9 comments

Why can I start the day with so many plans and end up with most of them still on the To Do List? Oh..procrastination .. I think of the joke about Women were made before mirrors and that is where they have been ever since. Well flip that around... Read more
Dec 28-Off to town
Monday, December 28, 2020      11 comments

Today was like a jump to liberty..I actually went to town and went to the store!! I think it was getting away by myself that made it special more than the "store" part. We ran out of food for cats and dog treats..a thing that just cannot be ... Read more
Dec 27-Sunday
Sunday, December 27, 2020      10 comments

Today was spent tucking away the decorations and getting the front porch cleared off. It was a bit more than I had planned on doing..but am glad it is tucked away. I think I had said before this bunch..Angela and family ..do not do much for C... Read more
Dec 26- The day after??
Saturday, December 26, 2020      14 comments

Really was it only yesterday? Hmmm now begins the sorting and putting up..yes I am clearing the stage for the New Year to come into a smooth open cheerful greeting with NO reminders or indications of the Year Past to trip over. The idea ..a hous... Read more
Dec 25-Christmas Day
Friday, December 25, 2020      9 comments

... Read more
Dec 24-Quiet nite with clear skies
Thursday, December 24, 2020      14 comments

So many thoughts and emotions. So many memories that bring joy and tears So many that have traveled thru my life over the years! Thankful for all Praise for each day And gratitude for each footprint across my path. Tonite devoted to... Read more
Dec 23- Time passes
Wednesday, December 23, 2020      15 comments

Today was one of those where did it go days..mostly cause I lost myself in Christmas feel good cozy movies. No news..no bulletins .. no breaking News Alerts..only pretty scenery..nice music and some people with very predictable happy endings and... Read more

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