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Busy week
Sunday, February 23, 2020      1 comments

It's been a busy week with doctor's and dentist appts for my mom, my husband and myself. No workouts this week and ate out once but managed to lose 2 lbs anyway. My mom's getting better about not pushing the cookies anymore and is instead exp... Read more
Week 2
Friday, February 07, 2020      4 comments

It's day six (?) of being back on Spark and week 2 of healthier eating habits. Having retired in August hasn't really slowed life down any but I have found myself being far more sedentary since then. In addition to the unwelcome weight g... Read more
Life in general
Saturday, February 01, 2020      1 comments

So I'm back. Life has been chaotic over the past few years. Eye surgery in Jan 2018 to have a stent put in. No more eye drops for glaucoma but had lots of complications; not allowed to exercise or bend over or even do too much house work... Read more
Getting there
Wednesday, April 20, 2016      3 comments

Today is the first day I didn't feel like I was starving... YAY..... my belly seems to be getting used to be comfortable with smaller meals and I'm getting used to the feeling of being comfortable rather than stuffed.... It's a good feeling. ... Read more
Wednesday, April 06, 2016      4 comments

Ugh… Diets Diets suck; no other way of putting that. I have to get myself kick started to get back into healthier eating as trying to do one thing at a time just isn’t working for me. So I decided to give Slimfast a try… I don’t kn... Read more
Life and my technology conundrum (long blog)
Wednesday, March 18, 2015      2 comments

Life nevr really seems to slow down very much anymore given the advances in technology. Technology is such a contradictory thing in my life. It is on the one hand, great for keeping up with busy friends and yet at the same time, I spend so... Read more
Life goes on....
Friday, April 25, 2014      2 comments

It’s late April now and I’m grateful the weather is getting warmer. Life is settling down a bit since my stepdad died and my mom is starting to get her bearings back. We’ve spent a lot of time with her going up every other weekend for awhil... Read more
Life rant
Tuesday, February 18, 2014      4 comments

Gosh life can sometimes get in the way of exercising... got diagnosed recently with fibromayalgia. Apparently went through a flare which knocked the stuffing out of me, after a year of being treated with dementia, turns out my stepfather did n... Read more
Friday, October 11, 2013      2 comments

It's Thanksgiving this weekend... for us Canadians that is... and I've so much to be grateful for... My family... my friends... a strong relationship with my daughter, son in law and grandkids.. the best husband ever ... a job I love... a su... Read more
Busy weekends, reno's and work outs
Monday, October 07, 2013      1 comments

I love the results of a reno.. there's nothing like a fresh coat of paint and a new look to make you feel great but the journey there is such a disruption! My husband is putting in hardwood floors in our bedroom and because I made a bad c... Read more
Weddings and shopping
Monday, September 16, 2013      2 comments

Well my husband's nephew's wedding is fast approaching (Saturday) and I had found the perfect dress and now am finding out not only is the service outside but the reception is going to be held outside too and it's further north than we are.....B... Read more
Blah day
Thursday, September 12, 2013      1 comments

Okay...woke up today 4 pounds heavier than yesterday....a sign I should have gone back to bed... figure it's water weight... sodium up yesterday... second day in a row with a migraine..another sign to go back to bed.... feeling blah... wea... Read more
Slow days
Wednesday, September 11, 2013      1 comments

It's a seriously slow day at work.. while it's frustrating, I'm also grateful as I have a migraine... and while the medication has taken the edge off... it's still very distracting and hard to think... it's likely the hot and humid weather we ha... Read more
Dress shopping
Tuesday, September 10, 2013      3 comments

Yesterday I went dress shopping for my nephew's wedding at the end of next week. I just couldn't put it off any longer... had hoped to wait til the last minute to lose that extra pound or two but saw a beautiful dress online and it was marked d... Read more
Food and iron challenges
Monday, September 02, 2013      4 comments

Food is challenging... eating the right kinds of food not so much but trying to get enough iron in my day is difficult. For whatever reason, I just can't seem to get enough iron in my diet... I've looked at iron rich foods but even addi... Read more

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