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I'm extremely disappointed they are closing this app. I tried finding SparkAmerica and it leads me t SCHOOL1962 4 GEORGE815
6/8/21 3:45 P
Here is just one of the 5 bucks that were behind our house as I started preparing supper last night. COWGRANDMA 30 PWILLOW1
6/8/21 9:46 P
Morning 🌞 LOS101 17 WHYTEBROWN
6/9/21 12:03 A
Current situation . . . JAMESEVER 8 NAVYWIFESKI
6/8/21 8:21 P
I joined the new site as JanetteM, as part of the Spark San Diego Team. And requested to join the n JMAHNKEN 5 EVIE4NOW
6/8/21 10:53 P
Wow they won’t tell us how much spark America is going to cost us and their app isn’t out yet so I g BLCTLEW 8 GEORGE815
6/8/21 3:23 P
So I wilted 2 cups of fresh spinach in the microwave for 30 second. Raw spinach is 7 calories per cu SOULTRAVELER 8 GEORGE815
6/8/21 3:23 P
6-8-21 About cat poo..... thank you to so many of you, helping me with the wild cats, (these are nei SPARKLINGME176 18 FLASUN
6/9/21 2:47 A
This is sunrise in the country❣️ NANHBH 33 ROCKYCPA
6/8/21 11:20 P
the new/improved spark is not all that is cracked up about... try looking at competitor- myfitnesspa GMACAMI 1 GMACAMI
6/7/21 8:00 P
6/17/21 9:16 P
Drop It While It's Hot ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 49 MICAROO
6/17/21 6:44 P
Okay, I've looked at Nutritionix Track, Cronometer and a few others... there's a bunch of stuff avai NITEMAN3D 11 LIVINHEALTHY9
6/8/21 8:27 A
So I was spinning the wheel and giving team points. Then as I was spinning the bonus wheel I though NANCYANNE55 4 JMAHNKEN
6/8/21 2:38 P
So sad about the news of losing spark people. I use this app daily and it's very important to me. I BRANDALYNN03 7 GMACAMI
6/7/21 7:55 P
Well, the site/app shutting down is quite a surprise. I only returned a little while ago πŸ˜“πŸ˜• but SERVANTROSE5 4 GMACAMI
6/7/21 7:55 P
For all of you who have questions about the SparkPeople Site changes, here's a link to the article PHOENIX81RISING 12 HMMRHEAD5000
6/7/21 9:43 P Ugh, really? Well, I guess all good things really do come to an end... CALISAD 9 GMACAMI
6/7/21 7:52 P
I am beyond devastated by the decision to remove 13 years of support, friends and community. I have NANCYPAT1 15 PAULA3420
6/8/21 5:08 P
Wow πŸ₯Ί can't believe SparkPeople is shutting down so if you want to find me on IG: @tierrafit_ is a CANNAWRITER2020 7 LUANN_IN_PA
6/8/21 8:17 A
6/11/21 6:16 P
My brother, Jeremy, and his girlfriend, Andrea, and I went kayaking on the Cassadaga lakes today. Th LESLIELENORE 11 ROCKYCPA
6/7/21 11:19 P
A great year for iris in our community REBCCA 15 PAULA3420
6/8/21 5:10 P
Today's bloomer: Canna Lily. πŸ˜πŸ’πŸŒ» 🏡️Tiger Lili TROUTPOUT 17 TMP0418
6/6/21 9:21 A
These are the most beautiful carnations I've ever seen! ANNDIERAYA_2K18 11 DIZEIMAGE
6/5/21 6:16 P
No luck catching anything today but the weather was too good to waste. ROCKYCATSMAMMA 12 ROCKYCPA
6/5/21 10:45 P
5 years! What a differences happy life makes. #BeforeAndAfter FINDING_SANDRA 26 GMACAMI
6/5/21 5:51 P
Be the light in the lives of others. #sunrise #lilylake #nofilter #perfectlyimperfect #mindbodysoul J2002HEIDS 26 GMACAMI
6/5/21 5:51 P
Goid morning. 6mile hike this morning. These cute little guys were everywhere πŸ˜πŸ°πŸ‡ FANCYGIRL76 16 GMACAMI
6/5/21 5:49 P
My three maple trees from an odd angle. I hope we ll have a relaxing and healthy day. RUTHIEBEAR 27 LIS193
6/6/21 4:03 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Saturday!!! 🎈 πŸŽ‚ It’s my 49th birthday y’all!!! And honestly I TEXASHSMOMOF3 211 WALKRUNFUN
6/8/21 1:46 P
Where there is peace, good choices come more easily. TZAPP22 33 GMACAMI
6/5/21 1:15 A
Lovely hike this morning. Got 4 miles in after some yoga. Glad its Friday. It has been a week of Mon FANCYGIRL76 17 GMACAMI
6/5/21 1:14 A
Good morning, Spark family! On a 22 day step streak...going for 23. Scored an 87 sleep score last ni MIAMI_LILLY 26 BERRY4
6/5/21 3:29 A
Nice walk with my sister and we found some folks who have decorated their fence with all sorts of cr ZTGF04 19 GMACAMI
6/5/21 1:10 A
Nothing better then kayaking after a stressful morning....ahhh.. TANGIEMOE 12 GMACAMI
6/5/21 1:08 A
Here is a question... 75HEALTHYME 27 HICKOK-HALEY
6/6/21 3:17 A
Posted a photo KATHYSCOTT6764 21 EOWYN2424
6/5/21 2:43 A
Still do not feel good. I am recovering from what I call a drug problem. My DR had me on a med that OUTDOORGIRL-76 2 GMACAMI
6/5/21 12:38 A
My Garmin went dead and so went back to Fitbit... getting used to it again... easier to use than Gar GMACAMI 1 GMACAMI
6/4/21 1:21 A
It was a hot day today and my body was tired (not specifically related!). My plan was to run after w THE_JENCH 17 GMACAMI
6/3/21 10:28 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!!! Well I can’t lie my crummy mood followed me all the w TEXASHSMOMOF3 37 AQUAGIRL08
6/4/21 5:05 P
First thing to go when I feel sick or a little str CLEARLIGHTCLARE 13 GMACAMI
6/3/21 10:25 A
Heading out in the morning to catch a ferry to Cape Lookout, got all my camping gear and a bunch of DLBEASYRIDER 31 1STBUCKETITEM
6/4/21 12:33 A
Here's hoping. We planted some tomatoes, basil and rosemary. Let's all choose healthy today. RUTHIEBEAR 31 NGCHILD
6/9/21 2:21 P
That morning sun just feels so good πŸ˜„πŸ₯°πŸŠ FANCYGIRL76 10 WHITEANGEL4
6/3/21 11:15 A
So my sister and I did this thing. Been wanting to do it for years. Finally lost enough weight to do FINDING_SANDRA 155 FRAN0426
6/3/21 5:40 P
Introduce Yourself Here! ROCKMAN6797 4246 GMACAMI
6/3/21 2:48 A
Walking around campground with these cuties today. Thank goodness for the indoor pool LJBOWSER1 10 GMACAMI
6/3/21 12:29 A
6/3/21 12:28 A
Pretty flowers on the nature walk yesterday 🌸🌼🌷🌹🌺🌻🏡️ OPTICALXILLUSIO 14 GMACAMI
6/3/21 12:28 A
I got a video of this sweet fawn in my backyard this morning. It’s the little things that make us sm NAVYWIFESKI 25 NAVYWIFESKI
6/3/21 8:07 A
Took the girls for a hike today. It ended up being 4 miles and they had a blast walking in the strea LIGHTANDLEAN 16 CD27711231
6/3/21 1:09 A
My short walk today will help pump up an otherwise lazy day. Steps to be determined. Here's a shot NITEMAN3D 20 GARDENCHRIS
6/3/21 1:03 P
Got my 9 cuppers down...getting everything in order for Friday's procedure. UGH. Thanks again for t DARLENEK04 15 1CRAZYDOG
6/3/21 8:05 P
This is my dog, gazing after her new boyfriend and his bike riding human going the other direction. AMYINTHEWILD 19 LT3AG4S
6/4/21 8:28 A
6/3/21 1:02 P
Have a great evening! GARDENSFORLIFE 25 HICKOK-HALEY
6/4/21 5:08 A
Happy Wednesday! Sunset picture taken from our house in Colorado a few years ago. REDEEMED_DANCER 11 GMACAMI
6/2/21 12:09 P
Lots of steps yesterday. I had a good workout and then I walked the dog for a little too long in the GRACEANNE46 11 GMACAMI
6/2/21 11:45 A
Saw this majestic osprey catching some rays this morning while i was out hiking. He was being harass FANCYGIRL76 11 LAH1222
6/2/21 3:54 P
Enjoying the cooler, rainy weather this long weekend. Nori and I went out for a run, which was mean AMYINTHEWILD 13 OPTICALXILLUSIO
6/3/21 11:11 P
Spent my day off working in the garden and laying out straw. Also reset up my chicken coop and washe MOUNTAINGARDNER 7 GMACAMI
6/1/21 4:56 P
Today's bloomer: Clematis TROUTPOUT 40 GMACAMI
6/1/21 4:53 P
Take time to stop, reflect and listen 223DAISY 13 GARDENSFORLIFE
6/1/21 10:20 P
Message Removed CD25353535 7 GMACAMI
6/1/21 4:49 P
Beautiful sunrise on my morning hike. Great way to start the month of June! HAPPYGIRL2532 9 GEORGE815
6/1/21 5:58 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!!! Work went well yesterday! I was kinda in the zone and TEXASHSMOMOF3 22 TARATARA47
6/3/21 12:46 P
Good morning! Love my deep purple rhododendron!:) πŸ’œ Much more vibrant than the ones I posted yester NAVYWIFESKI 36 GODS-PRINCESS
6/2/21 9:18 A
Today will be my start day to be more accountable for my goals. BABSBUNNY 8 GEORGE815
6/1/21 5:51 P
🌿Garden is coming along. Harvesting herbs and chives. Much more to come.🌿πŸ₯’πŸ§…πŸŽπŸ“ #eattherainbow TROUTPOUT 30 GYNGER12
6/2/21 8:56 A
On of my Japanese Maple trees. I hope things are looking up for you today. Let's make good choices RUTHIEBEAR 41 AQUAGIRL08
6/2/21 10:35 A
Healthiest Fast Food I could find: Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette. GREEN-EYED-LADY 26 GEORGE815
6/1/21 5:33 P
6/1/21 5:12 P
My garlic, black eyed Susan's and the cowcumber tree in bloom. PAYNENA 3 GEORGE815
6/1/21 5:13 P