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Hair cut 💇‍♀️ today, after that we did our 2 hour cardio session. We’re cleaned up and heading out AKPIPER 10 ALLYLIZZY
6/13/21 12:32 P
Worst thing about the change over is because I don't have Facebook and do not want Facebook I am exc BOMBCHELL23 13 JANS-JOURNEY
6/13/21 1:11 A
Dinner with my new love😍... Dave! Cleaned out the fridge... a little of this, and a little of that. CATWMNCAT 20 BECCAWEBB123
6/13/21 7:47 P
I went food shopping today and what can I say the deals were fantastic 🥴🤪 I bought shrimp, scallop TMP0418 68 ISNESS
6/14/21 11:27 P
Chat Thread - ask questions & general discussion GOULDSGRANITE 461 PITRPATR
6/21/21 7:25 P
Went hiking today!! These were a challenge, but I DID IT!! We hiked for an hour, granted I am very s DIANEDOESSMILES 41 PATRICIA-CR
6/4/21 1:17 P
Garlic Roast Pork drizzled with SF Lemon Herb Mari CATWMNCAT 26 ISNESS
6/4/21 7:26 P
An hour and 20 minutes active time today. 30 of those mintues was a six mile bike ride and the rest OPTICALXILLUSIO 22 OPTICALXILLUSIO
6/4/21 11:39 P
Hope you all had a fantastic day 😊 crushing your goals 💪 Sorry I haven't been on here to much thi TMP0418 39 EVILCECIL
6/4/21 6:24 A
I Joined the Summer 5% Challenge KALISWALKER 91 HARRIETT14
6/22/21 4:23 P
All this only 358 calories... with another cup of coffee☕☕😊! If you like the taste of coconut thes CATWMNCAT 21 IMNOTSTOPPIN
5/30/21 2:53 A
Said no to the chips, hotdogs and fatty burgers... TMP0418 17 -POOKIE-
6/1/21 5:46 A
6/15/21 12:21 P
Today was an emotional day. Thinking about finally signing myself into detox and starting recovery. OPTICALXILLUSIO 20 TARATARA47
5/15/21 10:10 A
Here we go again, Monday! After a cheat day evolved into an entire cheat weekend, I need to get back MIAMI_LILLY 28 CD3802882
5/11/21 8:27 A
I really didn't think I'd get back up to the 2's and here I am 224.8 on May 6th so I'm posting these TMP0418 41 HOLLYBARKER1
5/10/21 2:03 P
Honey Mustard Panko Pecan Crusted Salmon, Forbidden Black Rice and Roasted Asparagus😋... Hope You L CATWMNCAT 30 JANS-JOURNEY
5/9/21 12:57 P
Happy Mothers day to every being that nurtures another. which could be human, feathered and furry, CHERIE38 8 JANS-JOURNEY
5/9/21 12:54 P
Oh how I love these sweet heads!! My heart is fair to fully BURSTING when observing my mother with m STILLSPARKLEIGH 50 BARBIEE52
5/11/21 11:12 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Sunday!! Y’all know what I did yesterday when I get in from work TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 CD3802882
5/11/21 8:31 A
So grateful for our sons! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! My sweet mom is in heaven and I miss t TOMSGAL85 18 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/10/21 7:00 A
Happy Mother’s Day to all you fantastic women with the hardest job you never retire from! ❤️❤️ MIAMI_LILLY 40 CD3802882
5/11/21 8:29 A
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's... some gave birth, others stepped up and gave love... whethe CATWMNCAT 20 JER-BER
5/10/21 3:13 A
Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who fulfills that role. We did 60 minutes on the stairstepper, 30 min AKPIPER 11 CLICK50
5/9/21 8:17 P
Very tough trying to get close to my Marcos and staying in a 1200 calorie range......this will do I' TMP0418 18 TMP0418
5/10/21 7:30 A
Girls being lazy and refused to get up to make me Mother's Day Breakfast so I made my current favori CATWMNCAT 31 SPEDED2
5/9/21 10:24 P
Mother’s Day means a delicious breakfast bake, fil MIAMI_LILLY 31 NGCHILD
5/12/21 12:41 P
5/9/21 12:35 P
Magnificent May Challenge WINDMILLS18 50 SMJTELLER
5/31/21 10:38 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Friday! Yesterday turned in to one of those cry-ey days! Work we TEXASHSMOMOF3 25 TOMSGAL85
5/11/21 7:12 A
Good morning my sweet wonderful sparkies 🌼🌻🌷⚘ H TMP0418 26 ALLYLIZZY
5/8/21 12:14 P
Just opened the Sparkleigh Kitchen 👩‍🍳 for the morning! Besides Hot Cawfee and Tea.... I am servin STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 TROUTPOUT
5/9/21 11:30 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Saturday!! Yesterday was a pretty good day! Me and my coworkers TEXASHSMOMOF3 44 TOMSGAL85
5/11/21 7:17 A
Pushed myself today at the gym. Burned 1275 cal. Tomorrow is our laundry day and also our rest day. AKPIPER 18 JANS-JOURNEY
5/6/21 9:55 A
I thought this was profound this morning and wanted to share with our teachers who all work so very BOMBCHELL23 8 MOMMACAT57
5/6/21 11:20 A
Happy Thursday, friends! Just some thoughts on leaving the past where it belongs, and moving forward MIAMI_LILLY 30 ADVENTURESEEKER
5/8/21 8:59 P
Thankful for my special trail.... spring is a BEAUTIFUL time of renewal here where the greening and STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 BONNIE1552
5/8/21 7:47 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday was a good day! Work went well. I had an a TEXASHSMOMOF3 47 TOMSGAL85
5/11/21 7:08 A
Good morning my beautiful family ❤ First I'd like to thank each and every one of you for all the bea TMP0418 141 TMP0418
5/7/21 2:57 P
Weekly Landing Bonus Information!!! HICIM705 137 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/30/21 2:39 P
Peppermint Mocha Overnight Oats🍭🍫☕... it was good but needs some tweaking. Happy Humpy, Windy, Wi CATWMNCAT 13 SPEDED2
5/5/21 8:20 P
Simple is best! Two #eattherainbow🌈🌈 servings in a flash ⚡️ Can’t beat a #foodfeats win early!!! # STILLSPARKLEIGH 30 AZMOMXTWO
5/6/21 9:21 A
No wonder I feel better with this much off! SISSYFEB48 37 CHIP8790
5/5/21 1:40 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! Girls ‘weekend’ was a total blast y’all!!!! We had TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 NVRGIVINGUP
5/5/21 8:04 P
International kinda day... Asian for lunch and Mexican Pizza with Whole Wheat Spaghetti Crust for di CATWMNCAT 28 GINNABOOTS
5/5/21 5:41 A
It was a stormy day here, so I chose to make my own ☀️ and elevate snack time with a tropical theme! STILLSPARKLEIGH 34 BARBIEE52
5/5/21 5:42 P
“I GET to....” is the key part of this quote to me ☺️ Today (and everyday) I CHOOSE to have a sense STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
5/5/21 6:50 A
Happy Tuesday, y’all! Yesterday was a long day! The pics are of my hibiscus I planted last week, wh MIAMI_LILLY 34 75HEALTHYME
5/4/21 10:50 P
Scrambled Eggbeaters w/ Cheddar, 2 Ingredient Bagel w/ Greek Cream Cheese, Strawberries, Avocado and CATWMNCAT 31 SPEDED2
5/4/21 9:28 P
I just want to thank all the teachers for the year they have had and all they give to the students. BOMBCHELL23 7 JANS-JOURNEY
5/3/21 10:16 P
Happy Monday! I saw this motivational quote, and it bothered me. Love fails all the time. You can’t MIAMI_LILLY 14 JANS-JOURNEY
5/3/21 10:15 P
Posted a photo CHERIE38 16 HOBBESIS49
5/5/21 4:07 A
Redeye flight to the States tomorrow. Having a little trepidation about my Spring 5 percent challeng WIMSONFLOWER 4 JAMER123
5/4/21 10:33 P
Sipping that cup of MONDAY Motivation and enjoying the smell of POSSIBILITY in this morning and week STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
5/5/21 6:50 A
Message Removed CD26054030 21 JANS-JOURNEY
5/3/21 10:11 P
I struggle to drink water. I don't like cold water. I don't like plain water. This is how I manag MANSTE13 37 TRAVELGAL417
5/3/21 6:57 A
Blessings Sparkers✨ Got a whole lot of Sunday in my Soul!!! Hope you make time for self care and for STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 AZMOMXTWO
5/3/21 8:06 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Today is the day!!! After work I head out to pick up my sil and then TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 TOMSGAL85
5/6/21 8:20 A
Yogurt with Berries & Pecans and Cinnamon Dusted Tofu... Have a Wonderful Day🍍👑💕 CATWMNCAT 18 JANS-JOURNEY
5/2/21 11:06 P
Cardio today, 61 min 601 kcal 9.33 km. Happy Sunday, friends! 🌼✨💫💪🏻🤗 ISNESS 18 JER-BER
5/3/21 6:40 A
Richard Simmons Video today #fitnessfeats JUNETTA2002 6 MIMIOH
5/3/21 7:42 A
60 minute hour long cardio session done this morning, burned over 1,000 calories. Then we tested out AKPIPER 5 JANS-JOURNEY
5/2/21 11:04 P
The splits for my long morning walk. About 21 min/mile for 5 miles. Not many hills so it wasn’t as c LESLIELENORE 11 ROCKYCPA
5/2/21 11:11 P
Okay... you all know that I'm all about pretrackin CATWMNCAT 38 BECCAWEBB123
5/3/21 8:11 P
If you are feeling like nothing much is is one stick of butter....4 ounces. ONE p SISSYFEB48 9 JANS-JOURNEY
5/2/21 12:08 A
I saw this at Walmart yesterday... and, as cute as I thought it was, I wasn’t willing to spend $10 o ALLYLIZZY 19 ISNESS
5/2/21 12:58 P
Message Removed CD24069739 7 JANS-JOURNEY
5/2/21 12:02 A
It was a TWO Sheet Pan Night! Butternut squash and broccoli on one pan, and bbq salmon and green bea STILLSPARKLEIGH 44 BECCAWEBB123
5/7/21 7:20 A
Mindset MAY✨ It ALL starts in the mind! Are you meeting the new month with a positive mindset?!? Mai STILLSPARKLEIGH 50 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
5/5/21 6:52 A
Finally broke the 160 plateau! HOLLYSTORMCLOUD 101 JANS-JOURNEY
5/1/21 11:51 P
Enjoy the brand new month. Have a marvelous May!!!! #fitnessfeats STARGLOW77 7 JAMER123
5/2/21 11:00 P
Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 13 STEVENTHEFIT
5/5/21 8:20 A
My brother and I went for a walk… 3.6 miles in just over an hour LESLIELENORE 21 GARDENCHRIS
5/2/21 11:54 A
I helped my brother plant herbs and veggies in the second tier of his garden this afternoon. Not sur LESLIELENORE 23 GARDENCHRIS
5/2/21 11:53 A
Dinner tonight...blackened mahi-mahi with pineapple salsa and a mojito. MIAMI_LILLY 24 PASTA3
5/3/21 12:13 P