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5/8/21 3:54 P
Some sights from my walk today! #walkitoff KRISTIN1868 13 LYNMEINDERS
5/8/21 3:40 P
Happy Saturday! Perfect weather for the beach. Plenty of space. Come on down ⛱🌊🌴😎 CARLOSLAKELAND 23 LITTLEFLOWERTC
5/8/21 3:53 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 19 LYNMEINDERS
5/8/21 3:38 P
Happy Mother's Day Weekend. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 DXTECH 11 KAREN_EDMONDS
5/8/21 3:53 P
Jumping for joy! My new tumbler came in todays mail. YAY PAYNENA 9 SPINECCO
5/8/21 3:54 P
Making my husbands strawberry juice today. Not sure how many pints I will get, but I've got 3 gallo PAYNENA 9 SPINECCO
5/8/21 3:54 P
5/8/21 3:55 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 7 SPINECCO
5/8/21 3:54 P
Posted a photo ELISEP5 8 JOSALEE1
5/8/21 3:55 P
Blackened chicken salad. So proud of myself for stopping when I was full. A year ago I wouldn't ha PAYNENA 17 BECCAWEBB123
5/7/21 7:36 P
I see mule deer almost daily as I walk the dogs. The big dog struggles to maintain good composure- h MRSLAURAKCRAWFO 16 LAH1222
5/7/21 7:31 P
Very late lunch cause I took a snooze 😂🤣 400 calorie grilled chicken salad with the works and so TMP0418 27 NAVYWIFESKI
5/7/21 7:37 P
20 minute walk around job in the sun👟🌼 RAINSTORM17 9 KATHYJO56
5/7/21 4:49 P
My kind of “Magic Kingdom”...the tiny local nursery! I’m so glad I went today, I got to walk aroun GO_GAL_GROW 34 GO_GAL_GROW
5/8/21 2:02 P
I have just started over today.. Need friends DAGGETT22666 8 SES823
5/7/21 4:59 P
♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨)♥ ♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥-* People inspire you, or they drain you – pick them wi 1CRAZYDOG 4 JWINKSLLC
5/7/21 9:41 P
Posted a photo KATIEKATIE869 4 ELRIDDICK
5/7/21 5:20 P
#BeforeAndAfterHello everyone. Hope you are all well. I'm recovering from spine surgery and strugg LEWOODS55 21 COUNTRYKID3
5/7/21 6:12 P
5/6/21 3:55 P
Hi all! Will post pics later to keep up my momentum. Today, didn't take one. Had air fryer bacon, e CLIMBOVERARIES 5 MJ7DM33
5/6/21 6:56 P
Walking today. Have a great day!!! #fitnessfeats STARGLOW77 9 SPEDED2
5/7/21 7:57 A
Posted a goal REDMAIL123 11 GEORGE815
5/6/21 5:59 P
All my health trackers have arrived!! Sunday I can begin in earnest and stick to a solid routine. KATARINA-IN-TX 9 KATARINA-IN-TX
5/6/21 9:19 P
Tomatoes and cucumbers are in. Planted some lettuce seeds. Sage and chives are doing great. Our red TROUTPOUT 21 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
5/7/21 7:57 A
Boy have I been missing these low cal fulfilling meals 😋 360 calories Grilled chicken salad with t TMP0418 48 TDSIMOES67
5/7/21 5:52 A
This quote is so true! RGOCEAN 17 DAP1313
5/8/21 11:06 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 27 JUDYD207
5/7/21 10:04 P
Walking the Virtual Kungsleden Trail has brought me inside the Artic Circle, 124.01 of 308.31 miles SPARROW125 10 GEORGE815
5/6/21 5:59 P
Good afternoon all! The ninja kitty kicked the Cooper-dog out of his bed while I was playing with w LESLIELENORE 19 4A-HEALTHY-BMI
5/7/21 2:12 P
5/6/21 2:11 P
5/6/21 4:59 A
Today's bloomer: Columbine. TROUTPOUT 56 GMACAMI
5/6/21 9:50 P
Hope everyone had a good day! DESERTDREAMERS 17 WALLAHALLA
5/6/21 8:34 P
5/6/21 10:48 A
I made it to the gym by 8:00 am. I did 50 minutes warming up on the treadmill. Then 45 minutes of pe UASK4ITDAVE 7 _RAMONA
5/5/21 10:10 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 13 DEE107
5/5/21 8:43 P
NSV, today I got dressed in a hurry and grabbed the first top I found out of the dryer. As I head to LADY_RIANY 53 QUARTERMASTER3
5/5/21 8:19 P
Small slice of taco pizza for lunch. 280 cal. Trying to remind myself that I can eat “normal” foods JESSNOTGVNUP 14 RHOOK20047
5/5/21 4:53 P
Slow and steady. 50lbs difference in photos. About ANNA6031 95 QUARTERMASTER3
5/5/21 8:18 P
5/5/21 5:00 P
Cleaned the house for an hour, 2 30 minutes of walking. I hurt but not bad for someone told 15 years AMANDARENFRO0 6 MIMIOH
5/5/21 7:26 A
Third harvest, so delicious, many many more to enjoy. TOMSTONE1 20 KAYDE53
5/4/21 8:01 P
This right here. (Man...woman...)but so true. #quotes DISCIPLINE1979 19 KAYDE53
5/4/21 8:02 P
This is me back in July 2020, and my goal. I'm super short by the way, so don't be alarmed by the lo ILLUSTRIOUSBEE 10 GEORGE815
5/4/21 5:56 P
Take Care of Your Body It's the Only Place You Have to Live - Jim Rohn Art Piece by John Poppleton HOT_MAMA_13 6 GEORGE815
5/4/21 5:55 P
A short 2 mile walk today while dodging rain drops. I came upon this momma duck with all these babie SALTLIFE45 9 KMILLER31
5/3/21 6:00 P
The big, bigger, biggest declutter this far. My partner in crime is enjoying clean cool cement. BCHARIE 13 KAREN_EDMONDS
5/3/21 11:26 P
Lunch: a third of a chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, snap peas and baby carrots LESLIELENORE 25 SLIMMERKIWI
5/4/21 2:57 A
New food find (for me anyway), in the frozen fruit section at Wal-Mart. 100 calories per pack, and v SALTLIFE45 18 LOLABRUG3
5/3/21 10:19 P
I LOVE these!!!! COCOAQUEEN82 11 GEORGE815
5/3/21 5:57 P
Whoo hoo it is a good day. Met my next mini goal down 10% from where I started in January. Current CUPKAKE137 12 GEORGE815
5/3/21 5:56 P
Made it over 9k steps yesterday thanks to a flower walk. It was hard to pick a shot to post, but th NITEMAN3D 21 SLIMMERKIWI
5/4/21 2:56 A
I'm happy to be back GEEKYWIFE 4 LYNMEINDERS
5/2/21 3:24 P
In today's first exercise segment, I met the minium requirement. In the next, I plan to complete an GREYGIN 10 BONNIE1552
5/2/21 9:39 P
Okay... you all know that I'm all about pretrackin CATWMNCAT 38 BECCAWEBB123
5/3/21 8:11 P
We're about to leave for our walk for today and this is what we saw yesterday about this same time. NITEMAN3D 18 GARDENCHRIS
5/3/21 1:36 P
Healthy Eating and increasing Exrrcise🦋 NEWWAVE13 14 COOP9002
5/2/21 3:54 P
Posted a photo SNAGORSKI6 7 COOP9002
5/2/21 3:55 P
Made it to Light Pole #7 today. MONIQUEDVA 11 MONIQUEDVA
5/2/21 9:40 P
Lol just a little Sunday funny 😄 VLRPRKS 19 DESERTDREAMERS
5/2/21 6:44 P
May 2, 2021 BABBLEAL 5 KATHYJO56
5/2/21 3:32 P
Got my water almost all 9 cups done for today. Went out and worked my rose bushes a bit today....bu DARLENEK04 16 WHITECAT19
5/3/21 12:06 A
3.5 mile walk with some sun and a few raindrops mixed in. Saw my usual deer friends, but met a cute SALTLIFE45 18 SNOWSPEEDER
5/2/21 7:07 P
Weight loss is like slowly climbing mountains. Lots of ups and downs. But in the grand scheme of thi KOBRIEN13 20 MJ7DM33
5/1/21 9:36 P
Met and slightly exceeded my personal exercise goal today #moveit GREYGIN 16 BILLTHOMSON
5/2/21 6:22 A
Posted a photo TZVI-R 6 FRAN0426
5/1/21 4:18 P
54 pound difference. #BeforeAndAfter PATJOONWW 25 LITTLEFLOWERTC
5/4/21 8:51 P
Trying to up my walking minutes this month. #moveit BONNIE1552 24 JUSTJ2014
5/2/21 8:33 A
Working on my water goals this afternoon. #h2whoa BONNIE1552 13 JUSTJ2014
5/2/21 8:33 A
Posted a photo TZVI-R 11 QUARTERMASTER3
5/1/21 6:27 P
Hey, Piglet, walking is cardio too! Doing my walking today with a bit of ST. #fitnessfeats BONNIE1552 13 CKEYES1
5/2/21 10:38 A
Put in 4 miles mowing the lawn this morning, then did 2.5 hours of yard work, trimming bushes, shrub SWALLIS7 21 ISNESS
5/4/21 11:06 A
So worth walking in early morning DEBSANKS 25 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/2/21 7:12 A
Lol it looks the sun was shining down just to light up my flowers 😀 (photo from last year) TROUTPOUT 11 ALLYLIZZY
5/1/21 2:48 P