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Posted a photo PATTYSPENCER 16 GEORGE815
5/7/21 3:57 P
Good Monday morning! I am a newbie (somewhat). Haven’t been on SparkPeople in many many years. I r RORO6366 24 CHERRYZMB60
5/3/21 8:26 P
So Happy today was weigh in day, I have loss another 2 lbs, Praise The Lord. MSJOSIEFOREVER 46 WHITECAT19
4/24/21 11:29 A
I would love to walk under these trees - it would be magical. (not my picture but it's of Mt Fuji in PATTYSPENCER 9 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
4/20/21 8:27 A
I am stunned, heartbroken, and bereft... KC, my best friend of 22 years, died last night. She had wh MIMAWELIZABETH 304 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:39 P
Happy Sunday everyone - hope everyone has a great day - kick back a bit maybe as we're always so bus PATTYSPENCER 15 GMACAMI
4/11/21 6:04 P
3/31/21 12:42 P
We had to say goodbye to Fergie yesterday. She was a rescue so we only had her a little over 4 years HAPPYCPA1965 33 GEORGE815
3/18/21 4:44 P
38 years ago today, My husband and I went on our first date. MSJOSIEFOREVER 22 GEORGE815
3/17/21 12:01 P
Back again... BEZZA56 4 PATTYSPENCER
3/15/21 8:31 A
Things that end in ING CHRISTINEBWD 30 MILPAM3
3/18/21 8:39 P
Words that start with the letter J CHRISTINEBWD 18 PATTYSPENCER
3/14/21 10:55 A
Good Monday morning all - hope everyone has a great week ahead Not my picture but it's of a music PATTYSPENCER 18 KAYDE53
3/8/21 3:16 P
Celebrating with JOY my 9 months alcohol free (AF) milestone (soon to pass my longest stretch of 277 HEALTHY4LIFE360 195 GRANDMABEAST63
3/9/21 4:27 A
Good morning on this awesome Wednesday. Make someone smile today and be blessed. What we give out a BANEWLAND 19 BARBARAROSE54
3/3/21 8:46 A
So here is the friendly orange cat trapped recently, playing hide and seek with me. He would pop out MIMAWELIZABETH 37 SLIMMERKIWI
3/3/21 4:36 A
I hope you have a happy, healthy SUnday filled with smiles. RUTHIEBEAR 47 LIS193
2/22/21 3:58 A
It's cold out - it snowed a bit again - just thought I'd post a pretty picture lol Not my picture b PATTYSPENCER 22 LITTLEFLOWERTC
2/18/21 10:26 A
For everyone who celebrates Valentine's Day I hope you celebrate it in the best way possible! PATTYSPENCER 12 EVIE4NOW
2/14/21 8:16 P
2/13/21 6:37 P
Posted a photo LUVS2BIKE101 18 75HEALTHYME
2/12/21 10:16 P
Snowed again last night - just needed a to look at something that wasn't white lol Not my picture bu PATTYSPENCER 21 STEVE4476
2/9/21 11:23 A
I lost my sweet little max this week. He was almost 16. He’s so missed here. My sweet little buddy. THE_FAE 176 JEN-JENG
2/5/21 9:38 P
Happy Friday 🌞 "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be aliv WBASSETT2003 63 GMACAMI
2/5/21 3:31 P
But first coffee...I agree, Mr Groundhog. I cant function before coffee either, especially on a cold SOUTHERNJAVA 36 ALLYLIZZY
2/2/21 1:41 P
February - wow - January went fast!! Hoping everyone has a great week! Not my picture but it's cal PATTYSPENCER 17 NYARAMULA
2/1/21 8:45 A
Take time to stop and smell the roses and really see their beauty! Have a perfectly rosy day! HOLLYM48 36 ALLYLIZZY
1/30/21 1:47 P
1/31/21 4:35 A
Message Removed CD26508743 86 PWILLOW1
1/26/21 6:59 P
Good Monday morning - cold where I am and got a bit of an ice storm late yesterday - I don't mind th PATTYSPENCER 44 GMACAMI
1/25/21 8:03 P
Just stopping in to say good Sunday morning to everyone (not my picture but it's titled A lynx Mom PATTYSPENCER 19 PWILLOW1
1/24/21 3:26 P
Not my picture but it's pretty and I call it sunset over the rocky mountains Happy Friday PATTYSPENCER 13 GMACAMI
1/22/21 4:36 P
Good Sunday morning everyone! Looks like another cloudy day were I live - I think we've only had 4 PATTYSPENCER 12 GMACAMI
1/17/21 2:11 P
Posted a photo JAMESEVER 18 CHERRYZMB60
1/12/21 10:16 P
Good Saturday morning - hope everyone has a great weekend (not my picture - it's a picture of rime f PATTYSPENCER 16 GMACAMI
1/9/21 11:27 A
This is usually what happens! MIMAWELIZABETH 27 MOMMACAT57
1/5/21 11:23 A
up early--I have lost 2 lbs LEANJEAN6 65 GRALAN
1/5/21 1:11 P
Hope everyone has a great Sunday and a good week ahead! (not my picture but it's of a female leopard PATTYSPENCER 10 GMACAMI
1/3/21 3:04 P
Hope this year is better than last year PATTYSPENCER 8 TRIMNUP
1/1/21 12:43 P
Good morning ☀️ M33624 29 HARROWJET
12/29/20 8:14 P
Good Monday morning everyone - hope you all had a great weekend and were able to do Christmas (or so PATTYSPENCER 14 GMACAMI
12/28/20 8:16 P
I slept in later than usual. I went for my run later than usual. But it feels OK today. SWEETENUFGILL 35 LIS193
12/28/20 3:58 A
Merry Christmas Everyone!! PATTYSPENCER 20 BRENDAS55
12/25/20 3:06 P
Good Monday morning all - I hope everyone has a great week and a merry Christmas and for those who c PATTYSPENCER 9 GEORGE815
12/21/20 2:47 P
Hope everyone has a great weekend! (not my picture but it's a picture of Iceland) PATTYSPENCER 14 GEORGE815
12/19/20 10:31 A
12/19/20 2:51 A
Sign of the Times #100 SPEDED2 68 LOVENHWOODS
12/18/20 10:41 A
Message Removed CD26670582 4 PATTYSPENCER
12/15/20 10:01 A
Ok Spark friends!! 176.8 and a picture of me taking a picture of myself. Things are going to change. QSIESUE1960 21 GEORGE815
12/15/20 4:50 P
Morning meditation with company LIS193 47 SPEDED2
12/15/20 10:49 P
Hope everyone has a great Monday and a good week ahead! (not my picture - it's called 3 whale rock PATTYSPENCER 7 NENEBFIT
12/14/20 11:15 A
Early morning walks have multiple rewards! HEALTHY4JEANNE 26 ALLYLIZZY
12/14/20 12:13 P
Words that start with “D” CHRISTINEBWD 28 CHRISTINEBWD
1/4/21 11:38 P
Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all have a great weekend! (Not my picture but it's of the Hangin PATTYSPENCER 13 ZTGF04
12/11/20 1:47 P
Happy Wednesday! Here's a picture I took while hiking at Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs whe REDEEMED_DANCER 31 GMACAMI
12/9/20 5:02 P
I HAD A BAD DAY yesterday. I jogged tripped and fell. 6 fractures in the wrist, and both forearm bo ISNESS 164 HOPPYGAL67
12/10/20 3:04 A
I hope everyone has a great week ahead (not my photo but it's of a sunrise over Tumpak Sewu in Java PATTYSPENCER 16 GEORGE815
12/7/20 4:08 P
Good morning spark friends. we are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary today. I am so blessed CARLOSLAKELAND 204 KYMCCOOL
2/13/21 1:31 P
Good morning on this awesome Sunday. Relax, chill out, and enjoy the day. Be blessed! BANEWLAND 37 GEORGE815
12/6/20 1:22 P
Scottish Highlands Way 175.52 of 201.50 miles 87% finished. It's another foggy day on the virtual tr SPARROW125 23 NYARAMULA
12/5/20 9:27 A
I hope everyone has a great weekend! PATTYSPENCER 7 ERIN_POSCH
12/4/20 3:12 P
Good morning on this glorious Friday. Make it a great day and weekend too. Be blessed today and ev BANEWLAND 12 GEORGE815
12/4/20 10:50 A
TGIF Sparkers!! DM2020 28 PEGJW111
12/4/20 5:40 P
I think this works best when we also love ourselves - if we don't then it's hard to love others - ki PATTYSPENCER 9 CHERRYZMB60
12/3/20 7:17 P
A New day! Be open enough to see the opportunities. Be wise enough to be grateful. Be courageous eno GRANDMOTHER20 27 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:20 P
Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! Not my picture but it's of a black beach of Reynisfjara PATTYSPENCER 10 GEORGE815
12/2/20 2:25 P
I started my weight loss journey in March 2019 - 50 lbs down as of October 2020 ALYLEVY 159 KAYDE53
12/1/20 9:48 P
Another photo of my helper. He was so proud when he got to try one. Isn't he just adorable? 😍 TALULAHLES 18 TLV106
11/30/20 10:47 P
Not a great pic, but my new favorite dessert.... frozen berries. Hubster has iced cream every night. TALULAHLES 15 PURPLEMOON1
11/30/20 9:10 P
Not my picture but this is a picture of tulip fields in the Netherlands Not to say I'm an optimist PATTYSPENCER 25 GEORGE815
11/29/20 3:43 P
This is my new baby (to be) Benji! I will get him around Christmas! A present from me to me! JUDY1676 44 CD4114015
11/30/20 4:44 P
I'm the only one at the fitness center. Have the entire walking track to myself. BIRDLOVER-CJ 34 DBEAU57
11/25/20 10:55 P
Good morning... Have a wonderful day BRENDAS55 27 GEORGE815
11/25/20 4:22 P
Good morning spark friends. My grandkids.😊 So blessed! Have a wonderful day #letyourlightshine CARLOSLAKELAND 71 KYMCCOOL
2/13/21 1:33 P
I like this quote - everything in the world seems to be focused on time - maybe if we shifted that f PATTYSPENCER 10 GEORGE815
11/24/20 5:01 P