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Chatting and Gabbing :-) IMJETTA8 18832 CMBELISLE
7/26/21 8:09 P
Angels Team Chat KRYS210 10584 1CRAZYDOG
7/26/21 7:19 P
7/26/21 9:30 P
2021 come in to say HI! SPARKLINGME176 138 SPARKLINGME176
7/26/21 4:59 P
Dessert - Rambutan (the hairy fruit)... tastes similar to lychee CATWMNCAT 34 SPARKLINGME176
7/26/21 3:48 P
Happy MONDAY Spark Friends! Have my doctor appointment for blood work results. Yesterday my first P FLASUN 21 ROCKYCPA
7/26/21 11:12 P
Happy Monday! #mondaymotivation REDEEMED_DANCER 11 SPARKLINGME176
7/26/21 3:46 P
I know the vaccine can be a sensitive subject for some people, but this gave me a good laugh 😂 NANHBH 22 ROCKYCPA
7/26/21 11:12 P
Time for a morning chuckle - I worked for a company that gave out stress balls. They worked great ARCHIMEDESII 25 LSIG14
7/26/21 5:11 P
I have nothing on my Friend Feed since midnight. That has never happened before. Anyone else have th 7STIGGYMT 5 SPARK_MERLE
7/26/21 9:36 P
🎶 Wouldn't it be nice 🎶💃😀 if this could really happen? 🌟✨🌟 BARBIEE52 22 MELL65JOY
7/26/21 10:39 P
@CATWMNCAT Here’s another one. She’s as soft as she looks, just like a teddy bear. I wrap my arm aro ALLYLIZZY 35 SPARKNB
7/26/21 11:51 P
Here is a picture of Anna I picked out just for you 😊 @CATWMNCAT 💕 ALLYLIZZY 27 ISNESS
7/27/21 2:18 A
Help! Sparkpeople is closing down!!! WHITE-GREEN 58 SPARKLINGME176
7/26/21 3:34 P
7/26/21 2:50 P
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 105313 ZOEYBLU
7/26/21 1:43 P
Use Emoticon to show how you're feeling AUNTRENEE 835 ROCKYCPA
7/25/21 5:29 P
7/27/21 2:05 A
7/25/21 5:32 P
Happy Saturday Spark Friends✨💛✨ BARBIEE52 22 SPARKLINGME176
7/25/21 1:31 P
Rotisserie Chicken, 5 Bean Salad and Sweet Potato... Have a Gr8 Evening💖 CATWMNCAT 24 BECCAWEBB123
7/26/21 7:32 A
HAPPY SUNDAY SPARK FRIENDS!! My 600 - (would be much more but had to start over when on vacation and FLASUN 30 LIS193
7/26/21 4:04 A
7/25/21 9:28 P
Be present… NANHBH 23 CHERRYZMB60
7/25/21 9:34 P
Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life 1CRAZYDOG 13 PICKIE98
7/25/21 2:20 P
beautiful sunny day STARMONICA 23 KAYDE53
7/25/21 5:27 P something that makes your soul happy today SIMPLY_JAE 13 MADEINBRITAIN
7/26/21 5:36 A
Good thing Sunday's are made for taking it easy and relaxing... the girls got a little crazy with th CATWMNCAT 23 BECCAWEBB123
7/26/21 7:32 A
Happy Saturday! Shopping and Lunch out with Mom and Sis ! Yesterday's Walking the Mall - 11K 4.5 FLASUN 22 LIS193
7/25/21 3:46 A
We went to hear “Chicago’s Own Piano Man” band last night. They did Billy Joel & Elton John sets wit NANHBH 20 JOYINKY
7/25/21 11:56 A
Do something today that you will be proud of tomorrow. SIMPLY_JAE 15 PATRICIA-CR
7/25/21 2:58 P
SparkPeople may be ending, but ACIMPEGGY 23 PWILLOW1
7/24/21 10:10 P
Some day I hope to eat without guilt CHANGING-TURTLE 9 PATRICIA-CR
7/25/21 2:57 P
7/25/21 7:12 A
Sure feeling "ducky" after a good, long sleep! Ready to get back at it! IMLOCOLINDA 22 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/25/21 7:11 A
I slept too much last night. Today I am sluggish and headachey. Of course I have been waking up ridi LESLIELENORE 12 ROCKYCPA
7/25/21 12:42 P
In February 2020 I added plastic ring guards to my wedding bands after losing 30lbs and kept them on CATWMNCAT 35 OHMEMEME
7/25/21 5:49 P
Congratulations to our July Maintainers! 4A-HEALTHY-BMI 7 SPARKLINGME176
7/23/21 4:14 P
Stopping By To Say Hi - 2021 EDWARDS1411 178 SPARKLINGME176
7/23/21 4:01 P
SparkGuy's 10 Minute Fitness Club Group Forum SPARKGUY 18368 SPARKLINGME176
7/23/21 4:00 P
Allowing ourselves a sweet treat from Dairy Queen. They have non-dairy dilly bars that we’re going t AKPIPER 4 NAVYWIFESKI
7/23/21 7:34 P
7-23-21 Happy Friday, everyone! It's date night, after work. We will probably watch the Olympics wit SPARKLINGME176 11 GARDENCHRIS
7/24/21 12:24 P
Have a FABULOUS Friday! Keep Sparking till the end - and NEVER GIVE UP!! FLASUN 42 JAMER123
7/23/21 11:43 P
Posted a photo OLDSKOOL556 23 EVILCECIL
7/24/21 8:27 A
Morning stretching routine done ✔️… after I finished up I sat in the recliner and cuddled with the C LESLIELENORE 29 ROCKYCPA
7/23/21 8:22 P
Hope you have an awesome Friday. Stay steady and keep going. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 KITT52
7/24/21 3:10 P
Hello to my Spark Friends🌟✨🌟 It's scary,😧 and you're afraid 🥺 you bet it's hard to try somethin BARBIEE52 11 DEE107
7/23/21 10:05 P
Happy Friday Friends!! Sharing my first Sunflower GO_GAL_GROW 23 _RAMONA
7/24/21 10:23 A
A friend is someone who helps you up when you’re down, and if they can’t, they lay down beside you a 1CRAZYDOG 4 RALPHDB
7/24/21 12:18 A
My teddy bears and moose in jeans, onesie and shoes. I loved finding the jeans. The white mama bear CHANGING-TURTLE 11 PATRICIA-CR
7/24/21 8:12 A
Chat Room: ~INDYGIRL 2032 GWYNLEE2
7/23/21 7:59 A
Another photo from our bike ride yesterday. Those are flowers on top of that building - so pretty! NANHBH 17 ROCKYCPA
7/22/21 10:11 P
Happy Thursday!!! One of my Finds yesterday Thrift Shopping ! Isn't she a cutie!!! I do believe sh FLASUN 25 CHANGING-TURTLE
7/23/21 3:24 P
7/22/21 4:29 P
Happy Thursday! Today I'm thankful that the mother I babysit for can be counted as a friend. What REDEEMED_DANCER 20 LAH1222
7/22/21 5:53 P
Have an awesome Thursday everyone. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 26 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/23/21 10:09 A
Dad’s teriyaki chicken 🤤🤤 ALLYLIZZY 26 KAYDE53
7/22/21 10:46 P
Happy Friday Eve and Thankful Thursday! ❤️ I walked away from the coffee pot forgetting to turn on ALLYLIZZY 30 ISNESS
7/22/21 10:14 P
During the midst of chaos and sadness, I have witnessed first-hand the power of true belief. 1CRAZYDOG 6 SPARKLINGME176
7/22/21 4:16 P
A little bit of Heaven... Coffee, Cinnamon Coconut Wrap w/ Chocolate Protein Dessert Cream, Cherries CATWMNCAT 17 ALLYLIZZY
7/23/21 1:10 P
7/22/21 4:12 P
So I wasn't gonna put noodles in the soup but was a little worried how my belly would take to just c TMP0418 36 SPARKLINGME176
7/21/21 5:15 P
Taken on our 24 mile bike ride today. The 4 bikes with flowers are a decoration along the way. We pa NANHBH 22 ROCKYCPA
7/21/21 10:01 P
Happy Wednesday Spark Friends!! The "Queen of Thrift Store Shoppers" -Off to do shopping today!!! W FLASUN 29 FLASUN
7/22/21 3:11 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 28 LAH1222
7/21/21 10:55 P
Thought to start the day ARCHIMEDESII 24 GEORGE815
7/21/21 8:19 P
7/22/21 6:04 A
Dad’s Baked Pasta Ingredients: 16 oz. medium penne pasta 24 oz. jar Barillas Marinara sauce 20 ALLYLIZZY 32 DGRIFFITH51
7/21/21 8:31 P
New Members - Tell Us a Little About Yourself KRYS210 224 SPARKLINGME176
7/20/21 2:23 P
1 positive thing you did today to help lose weight IZZY216 109 AJABFUNKY
7/25/21 5:53 P
Hey sparkies ❤ hope all is well and you have a fantastic week 🌻🌷😊 I'm home procedures went well TMP0418 31 ALLYLIZZY
7/21/21 12:13 P
I’ve been absent from my garden for a few days. This morning, I discovered this 3.53 lb zucchini! NANHBH 30 HICKOK-HALEY
7/21/21 1:03 A
Happy TUESDAY Spark Friends!! Going for Blood work this morning! Our beautiful Daughter and Handso FLASUN 30 FLASUN
7/21/21 8:35 A
Posted a photo SIMPLY_JAE 37 PATRICIA-CR
7/21/21 9:31 A
When I need to relax, I enjoy reading a good book. They take me to more places than an airplane. ARCHIMEDESII 29 GRAMMYEAC
7/20/21 11:01 P