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10/28/14 2:32 P

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I agree with both of you. Wow!! Three Jews and one opinion!
Aim to eat healthy. Aim to eat a healthy lifestyle which you can maintain for life. Forget diet.
Do exercise that you like doing - some of cardio and strength building.
Everybody's body is different. See what works for you.
It is hard work no matter what you do. You can't get out of that.

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10/17/14 7:12 A

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Deena, I agree, nice to have something to talk about!

Moshiah, find a way that works for you. When it stops working, try something else. That's life. I find it easier to try and track my foods either before or after every meal. Especially on the days that are problematic - like Shabbat and chagim. I have my "standard" Friday night dinner in as a group. I put it in on Friday morning - it's there - including the dessert and the challah and the wine! Then I know what I have to "play" with the rest of the day. I tried low carb but was dizzy till I realized that the low carb was making me dizzy. Now I just try to eat sensibly without the garbage. Ultimately, the one thing that usually works is eating less. I was in OA for a while and one of the things I heard there was someone talking about how the brain trigger to tell you you're full, isn't working. That hit home. I don't ever remember being able to say "I'm hungry". I don't know that feeling. I've tried but even after hours (like 6, during a work day) I don't "feel" anything. So, maybe that's it for me. And that took me to a different place - so I don't feel hungry and I don't feel "normal" full. I just need to watch amounts (combined with calories and fat) because if left to my own, I would continue to eat and continue to gain. This is a bit long winded, my apologies. In the end, it's an adventure - some parts will be easier than others and some times you just have to go back and then go forward! Shabbat Shalom.

10/16/14 2:14 P

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How fun to get a little life into our posts!! Thanks for writing, and welcome.

Personally, I would recommend you find a program and stick to it. After all the fads I have tried, I still think that the best way is just to eat healthily. Unless you are allergic or a vegan/vegetarian, don't ban any type of food -- especially the nutrients, i.e., dairy, protein, carbs, fruits/veggies. G-d wouldn't have created them if He didn't want us to eat them. Just eat within your range and get exercise. Drink lots of water. And allow yourself to have treats within reason -- and smaller amounts of them.

Best of luck.

Deena from Jerusalem

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10/16/14 12:55 P

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My wife (yaelonfire) recommended that I join. Can I cry on everyone's shoulder? Here is my dilemma, Dr. Laura. I have about 30 extra pounds (of fat) that I don't need. My wife says I sound like a seminary girl sometimes. I would like to get to 15% body fat, lose the unnecessary fat, build muscle back up so that I could be asked to be an underwear model and decline for reasons of tzniuyut.

What I find frustrating is that there are all sorts of people out there offering "the" healthy way of eating. And they are at each other's throats. One says that protein is the answer. The other one says that the protein guy's diet will kill you. Another guy says stay away from coffee, the other guy says coffee is not a problem. Beans. No beans. Whole grains only. Chas veshalom, grains are the cause of all evil.

Today I wanted to line 'em all up and throw things at them. But I won't. For a year or so I was doing Fireman's thing (Engine 2) and lost about 25 pounds on that. Then I got lazy and gained about 10-15 pounds back. Then I went through a short phase of various other plans, that escape me at the moment including Tim Ferriss's thing (protein, beans, veggies but no grains and be sure to cheat once a week). But I am getting sick of stuffing myself with egg whites and beans. So I think I might go back to Mr. Fireman (even though he villifies fish, with no explainable reason other than they stink and they are not ecologically friendly according to him). I appreciate all of these people trying to help others be healthy, but all of them are slightly full of it, or in a more respectful way, have elements of their theories that may not be Torah Min Hashamayim.

So, after a few moments venting to my DW this afternoon, I told her I would join and see if I could find others with whom this rant might resonate.

The current bottom line is (I think) I'm moseying back over to Firehouseboy's eating style, with some modifications (allowing myself eggwhites and fish in moderation so I can get enough protein) and adding some sort of effective work outs and daily walks to that, so that I can get to the aforementioned goal.

If anybody would like to comment, or critique, or encourage me, it would be appreciated. I need encouragement. I had a stinky day at shul today during hakafot. A 13-year-old family friend who I really like confided in me that I can't dance. Like I didn't know that already. I had been going around in the circles of the other guys, most of them doing the obligatory Litvish Yeshiva Shuffle, trying to put a little more life into it, and envying the teenagers who seemed to be able to jump and run in circles with great enthusiasm without getting tired.

I told him I know I can't dance and that I suppose I should start watching YouTube videos to get some good moves. He said "no, just go in the circle and dance". Which is hard to do after someone tells you that you suck at it. I still think the YouTube videos is a good idea. It could double as cardio....

End of rant/intro.

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