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3/7/14 1:44 P

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I also take a turmeric (cucumin) supplement, although it's for an autoimmune condition, not arthritis.
I take an incredible variety of supplements - you can check my Nutrition Tracker, since I've got them all listed there, beginning with "supplement". I can't advise anyone to adopt my chosen supplements, since I'm taking them for things specific to *my* health, but it's worth researching them for your own possible use.

Primarily, my "use" is to help my dysfunctional immune system to heal itself, and to reduce symptoms of Raynaud's and leaky gut. My autoimmune condition is "limited scleroderma sine"... which most no one has every heard of. It's fairly rare.

As to your mom... I agree that functional medicine would probably be a good option, if you have a practitioner locally and can fund it. Typically, insurance companies won't pay for anything but traditional Western medicine. I wholly believe in the more complete approach of FM... and in traditional Chinese medicine as well. Any therapies of that nature see health as a more complete picture, and augment the body's own ability to heal itself, if we can just quit meddling and disrupting it. If you Google™ "functional medical practitioner" for your locale, you might find one close by. Be prepared to possibly be put on a wait list! We're on one now.

If you want some informative reading in the meantime, there's a book I'm reading now called "Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution", and I'm finding it very useful. It's ©1998, so it's not right on the current cutting edge... but it's still chock-full of great possibilities to consider. You might even find one in your local paperback trade store or library.

Good luck helping your mom with her pain.

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8/12/12 12:07 P

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I'm a turmeric fan as well. I have been seeing good research on the benefits of a supplement that increases our body's production of superoxide dismutase, sold and developed by Joe Mccord who has done a lot of research on SOD...

The website for the Peer-reviewed studies is:
-You can type in "Protandim" to see 11 studies

The product is called Protandim and contains Curcumin, Ashwaganda, Bacopa, Tea. It has signficant measurable results in reduction of oxidative stress which is measured in increased free radicals (see article written by Dr. Henrotin in 1992) compared to joint fluid in individuals without inflammatory joint disease.

I;ve been taking it for 6 months and I dont sell it... :)

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7/29/12 8:13 P

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All good idea- you might try Topricin as well. which is an over the counter cream available at most health food stores.


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2/29/12 11:21 A

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I have had really good results using Organic India's Turmeric Formula. If you do some research on Turmeric you will find it has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties!! It cuts the inflammation in your body so joints move more freely. I found relief after taking it for only 5 days. It is really important to use organic herbs and spice so you aren't exposed to pesticides. Hope this helps :)
Have a great day!
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1/11/12 10:59 A

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I know a few people who have had relief from acupuncture, homeopathy (classical), massage therapy, and dietary changes - eliminating nightshade foods, increasing good fats, flaxseed and flax oil in particular, and alkalinizing he body's pH.

Hope that gives her some things to look into!

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12/2/11 1:00 P

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Hi All,
My mother has been diagnosed with Arthritis and is in horrible pain throughout the day and night. She has been an avid walker for most of her life and a few years ago when her canine companion of 12 years died she stopped walking. After a few years realizing her health was declining she started to walk again, but unfortunately she got knocked down to the ground by a dog and hurt her knee. This lead to her overusing her other leg...and well it's been a ongoing issue now for almost a year. Basically it seems, the injury combined with a year or not exercising has left her with pretty sore knees and she wakes up in pain ad has trouble walking now.
I know she wants more than anything to reclaim her health and get walking again...any ideas? The doc's say she won't get any relief from the arthritis without drugs, but she really wants a more holistic approach. If this is the wrong spot to ask I apologize:)

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